The Blessed

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chapter 33

Daean was in his bed the sun was up, but he still lacked the will to get out bed despite being awake. Stretching his arms finally sat up looked around his room. Nothing it was a grey old prison cell his hold room was made of busted wood, his blanket was warn and raged but he still missed it. Finally getting out of bed he put on his uniform. Patting out the wrinkles he finally walked out and marched down to the cafeteria.

"Daean," Sarten greeted as he looked up from his bland tasteless oatmeal. Daean smirked waving at him as he sat down. "Well, You and Hope are the only heroes still hanging around, Just about all the other higher up have vanished," Sarten explained, looking for an answer in the person sitting across from him.

"Yeah the next fight isn't looking to hot, necessary but everyone took some time to, well look over things you know," Daean explained as he took a bit from his breakfast.

"I was there, I mean do know where they went?" Sarten asked, Daean shrugged not really concerned,

"Not really I am heading home, well, to what's left of it anyway got someone I want to see at least one last time," Daean admitted.

"Plan on taking a truck?" asked Sarten,

"Yeah, you got some were to go?" asked Daean a little curious,

"Probably going to keep working my family lives in Europe so I can't just drop by," Sarten frowned. "I thought about calling but it won't work over such a distance," Sarten frowned.

"Pity," Daean agreed. Not sure he wanted to say that had no family at all. "The last thing I need is to look like I need pity myself," Daean thought to himself.

"I never was close with the family, most aren't these days," Sarten shrugged.

"I hear that," Daean smiled, "Most my dad ever talked to me is when I was screwing up some way," Daean chuckled

"Sounds like fun," Sarten commented, bemused that Daean was laughing at the memory.

"I was messing around with an old car battery and almost burned down his shed. Oh boy did I get a chewing I wasn't allowed back in for a good week," Daean smirked as he thought back.

"I here you seems the only way to get attention back then," Sarten started,

"Was do something stupid," The two finished at the same time both nodding their heads. The two finished their meals sharing a bit of small talk between the two.

"Well I got to get moving I only have two days to get home and back," Daean admitted as the two shook hands.

"Well hope to see you again then," Sarten smirked as the two released the other. "Well, the Keys should be in the garage, so you shouldn't have to much trouble getting out," Sarten answered. "You may need this as well," Sarten added as he handed him a small map.

"What's this," Asked Daean as he unfolded it,

"Small map of the area, Sam made them back when you went to the second base. Said he didn't want anyone getting lost," Sarten informed as Daean looked on the map fining an X over a small unnamed village to the south.

"Thanks, I will be back soon," Daean smirked as he walked away. Walking out of the cafeteria he walked around to the inner wall gate. All the important equipment was kept in the inner are around the center tower. The Garage was originally empty but with the recent raids it was now filled with trucks, and jeeps as needed. Daean looked over to see a bag with a note near the entrance to the door. Daean picked it up and quickly read over the note.


I was sure you were going to head home, I wanted to see you off but I figured I would want to get moving as soon as possible. All the same you have enough food and water for the trip back and forth and I filled up the Jeep. A1 I parked it out back and the keys are in the bag. Good luck and hope to see you soon


Daean smirked as he folded the paper and put into one of his pockets as he took the red bag and tossed it over his shoulder. As the keys fell into his hand, walking around he was surprised to see Hope leaning against the wall waiting for him.

"Well, then here to see me off?" asked Daean as he glanced at her with a rather neutral expression.

"Well I wanted to join you to be honest," Hope shrugged as she adjusted her hood. "I know you not the best with directions and wanted to make sure you got there and back on time. Besides can't have vanishing on us," Hope shrugged as she stood up.

"Thanks for the concern but no thanks, this is something personal I would like to do on me own," Daean admitted as he reached into his bag. "Besides I got all I need to find my way home. I map a compass and an empty stomach," He smiled as he walked past her.

"Get a good look, you may not get to see it again, one way or the other," Hope warned as Daean stopped momentarily.

"I know the future is not set in stone, I don't think I am immortal, I just know that I am important enough to keep around. See you around Hope," Daean waved as he turned the corner and tossed bag into the back of the jeep. Leaping over the door he started up the jeep and drove to the main gate vanishing in a cloud of dust.

Alicia blinked as she rested on a warm leg, ignoring the bumps in the road as she curled up in the truck seat. She felt his elbow bump into her side as he turned the wheel, when she was jarred from her half sleep from a rather large jump. Alicia groaned as she pushed herself up to a sitting position,

"Sorry," Sam apologized as she looked in the mirror, a small imprint on the side of her face. Smirking a bit,

"Not your fault," Alicia smirked, as she slapped the mirror back up.

"That will hardly keep me from feeling guilty about it," Sam admitted a sly smirk on his face.

"I bet," she smirked as she noticed a large man made mountain start to rise in front of them, "Your place?" She asked,

"Yeah, I am not one for company too often," Sam admitted a little embarrassed; Alicia looked over at him and notice his face was turning red.

"You're turning red," Alicia commented, Sam turned even redder at that comment,

"Am not," Sam denied as he turned away from her. She gave a victory smile as she grabbed a hold of his right hand. Sam looked over to confirm her action but didn't say anything, as he pressed a garage door opener to a secret gate blending into the rock. The truck parked inside as the gate felled as she looked around.

"Smells like oil," She realized as she looked over the area, car pats lined the area as well as oil stains and sand.

"Sorry, I would have cleaned up better if I knew I was giving company," Sam's smirk twitched,

"It fine, you really are nervous I never heard you apologize so much. You've never taken a girl on a date before have you?" she asked Smirking in presumed victory.

"Okay you caught me, what little I do know has been picked up here and there," Sam shrugged as held a hand to a wooden stair case. "But I thing you will enjoy yourself all the same," he shrugged.

"So what do you have planned?" Alicia asked her hand gripping onto her staff.

"Well dinner, of course not much else I can do, but we could enjoy the sun set as well," Sam offered, as a sliding door opened up into a makeshift bed room.

"And one bed," Alicia frowned, as she looked at the corner of his eyes,

"Which you will be using and I will be sleeping in the back of the truck, which I might add I put my mattress in for this current occasion," Sam admitted. Alicia blinked as her hand left her staff,

"Well I am presently surprised," Alicia admitted, "And here I thought this was some scheme to get me alone with you," Alicia smirked,

"Well internal or not it is just you and me," He smirked, "I have some things to gather together, my books are yours for the reading. As well as the radio," Sam pointed out as he returned to the stair case. Alicia nodded as she was left alone once he was gone from sight, she held her hands under her chin,

"This is so exciting I have never been on a date before," She freaked, as she quickly regained her composure. She looked over at the book case when she noticed one of the books had something stuck in the pages.

Lucius dropped of his floating gravel as he dropped down in the old oasis. The trees were wilting and he looked over to see most of the water was gone. Without the twins the dead lands are going to get harder to live in very soon. He reached into his armor and pulled out a small necklace, it was a wooden piece sign on a rather warn piece of string. Closing his eyes he looked back to his rather amusing child hood.

"I am going to be a hero!" Declared Elleana in a rather squeaky voice, being only 12 had that effect on people. "I am going to have the coolest uniform, and great green cape. "I will save the world and everyone will want to be just like me!"

"Then I will be you witty and very popular sidekick!" Lucius declared, "Love and peace!" Lucius shouted.

"You two have fun with that," Goliath rolled his eyes even at this age he was still a giant. Goliath was wildling away at something with his pocket knife.

"You can't be the side kick, you got to be the," She paused as she glance had with an over the top smile. "The Villain," She announced,

"Um, Hate and war?" Lucius asked not really feeling it. "I don't think I will make a very good villain," Lucius frowned.

"Have at the," Elleana shouted as she grabbed a stick from the court yard ground. "Fight you coward," The little girl demanded as she hit Lucius on the head. Lucius quickly started running around with Elleana striking at him.

"Ouch," Lucius cried out as he clasped his hand over his head. "I don't want to be the villain," Lucius frowned. Elleana stopped as she then looked over at Goliath. Lucius stopped when he realized he was no longer being swung at.

"Now wait a minute," Goliath frowned as he dropped what he was doing and Elleana started to swing at him. "Ouch, stop it that hurts," Goliath cried out, "Help, help, Elleana's hurting me,"

"Weakling warriors do not run from battle," Elleana declared as Lucius grabbed what his other friend had dropped. It looked just like a peace sign,

"So cool, look there is one for every one," Lucius shouted holding them above his head. "Love and Peace," Lucius shouted as he chased after Elleana.

"That's enough children," ordered the Seeker as she walked into the court yard,

"What," frowned Elleana, "We were just having fun," The little girl defended,

"No, we weren't, No, we weren't," Goliath quickly repeated as he nursed a bump in his head. He quickly dashed behind the seeker hiding behind her green robes. She patted him on the head,

"High, grams," Lucius waved one of the peace signs above his head. She gave him a kind smile and gave him a peace sign in return. "Victory!" Lucius shouted, as the Seeker chuckled in amusement. Before hushing them,

"You need to be quiet," The seeker informed as she messed with Goliath's hair.

"That's no fun," Elleana frowned as she kicked at the dirt.

"Sorry my little Amazon, but some of the old people around here," she looked over to see a few hooded figures grumble something. "Don't like the noise too much," The Seeker winked.

"So you're not old why won't you let us make noise," Lucius frowned,

"You're such a flatterer, Lucius," The seeker giggled. "Oh but that's just part of your charm," She smiled as she kneeled down next the three. She held out her hand and after a moment Lucius gave her the peace signs in his hand. "Thank you," she smirked as she took out a ball of string and quickly made a necklace out of each. "I am afraid that I getting rather old, my children so I have to ask you," she started as she draped on around goliath's neck. "To keep things in order when I am gone," She continued as she gave the second to Elleana. "Can you do that for me?" she as she put the third one around Lucius's neck.

"Yeah," Golaith and Elleana answered as Lucius grabbed her in a hug.

"No, you got to do it, you can't go anywhere," Lucius pouted as he buried his head in her robe.

"Sorry dear something's need to happen I can stay here with you forever little one," The seeker smiled. "Now then I believe you have classes to get to," She smiled as she stood up.

Lucius chuckled as he flipped the wooden object in the air before catching it,"Love and Peace, what could anyone in the world want more than happiness?" he asked himself as he held it up to the sun.

Darius walked into the main gate he adjusted his old trench coat. Today he was not here as a soldier but as an old friend. The walls were still standing after everything was stripped but the base was a ghost town now. Bits of blood still stained the walls and bits of rust were accumulating near the hinges on the main gate. Walking swiftly he quickly moved into the third base the group had raided. On his back lay a metallic tomb stone and his desire simple. He got to the elevator at the base of the main tower pressing the call bottom. Tapping his foot, he got no response and after a moment slapped his forehead.

"Duh powers out," HE rolled his eyes at his own forgetfulness. With a motion of his hand the elevator door opened. Looking down he was surprised to see the Elevator itself was missing as well. "We were bit more thorough than I thought," Darius smirked as he pushed his hair out of his eyes. Taking a step forward he slowly descended stopping in front of the bottom door. With a second wave of his hand the door opened as he stepped onto the bottom floor. He listened to his boats echo in the hall as he slowly walked into the room for a third time. He looked at the old marker he had made.

"In memory of the man called Michael, may his soul res even if his body walks forever," Darius echoed as he closed his eyes. He got down on his knees as he started to carve a whole into the ground to place the tombstone.

It took him about an hour but he had carved a small triangle grove in the metal and with a wave of his hand he put the stone into the ground. Standing at his full height he looked down at the metal stone, slipping his back to his hand he took out a potted flower a single Daisy.

"I will never understand your interest with these flowers but it only seems fair you get one on your grave," He smirked as he set the flower down. "That's going to need some sun light as well as water," he mused as he rubbed his growing facial hair.

Darius got back in his jeep as he looked back the tower that once stood tall was now bent jagged in half. "Now then let's get those twins back to work so that flower can grow," Darius smirked as he started the jeep and headed for home.

"So what do you think?" asked Sam as Alicia bit into her pasta,

"Amazing," She responded after her first bite, as she quickly helped herself to the meal, "So what is this?" she asked,

"This it's a rather simple alfredo, nothing serious I am not a really good cook," Sam smirked as he took a bit off his plate.

"And what's this?" she asked as she held up a piece of meat on her fork, Sam had to bite back a laugh.

"Its chicken," Sam answered trying not to be mean since chicken wasn't something a lot of people had in the area.

"Okay," She frowned as she took a nip at to test the taste. Satisfied she finished the bite off. "So, you promised me some answers,"

"Well, what are your questions?" he asked shrugging a bit,

"Who is this woman," she asked as she rotated a picture in her fingers to face him. The face had a similar stricter to her own, hair lined up the only two major differences were the eyes and skin tone, being Caucasian with blue eyes. Sam blinked as he looked back at the book shelf,

"Well it seems you do I didn't really think would have enough on me to make any questions," Sam admitted feeling a little beaten. "But I am a man of my word if nothing else, She was my commanding officer she died about three years ago in the area. We were, moving Shiva into the dead lands to keep her away from our current civilization. The situation fell apart," Sam took a deep breath, "Shiva escaped and she took down most of the team I had to walk all the way back. When I got back I was public enemy and the whole team was disbanded. After that I took her advice and I have been out here keeping an eye on Shiva ever since," Sam answered.

"Oh," Alicia replied not really expecting a straight answer, "Is it possible that she is," She started but Sam stopped her.

"Impossible she was commander for well over thirty years one of the first to join in, and with her leadership came the loss," Sam paused. "The Loss of child bearing, equipment, well longer than you have been alive," Sam explained.

"How would you know you're not much older than I am?" Alicia asked,

"I know what you are doing, and I can understand that, but trust me she couldn't have had children," Sam frowned looking at his empty plate.

"How Would you know!" she shouted "You don't know what it's like, not to know where you came from!" she accused standing to her full height and glaring at him.

"I was from a single parent home and even that didn't last very long," Sam frowned, "I said I understood, cause I have gone thru experience of my own, while not the same leave similar marks," Sam responded his head was still facing down but his blue eyes were focused on her giving him a rather hollow look. Alicia released a breath as she sat down,

"I think it is time for bed," she responded as she walked away from the dinner table. Sam didn't respond as he set his food into a bucket.

"Well not the best first date but, good night," Sam inclined his head as he vanished downstairs.

"Is it too much to ask, for even a little direction?" Alicia asked herself as she looked at the picture. "Then again she is dead not much direction in a corpse," She frowned as she flipped the photo over. She was about to walk away she looked down at the back seeing a small tab. She pulled it back to see a small letter.

Dear Sam and Mark

This will be my last mission after thirty years I will be retire sadly I will not have a say on who succeeds me both of you have done amazing jobs and despite being taken away from you family at the age of five. You each have adapted and have put the mission above all things. My two twins please take good care of the other and help the succeed at what is chosen for them.

Love your mentor and leader


Alicia set the picture down and re set the fold back, she now felt a little guilty about not understanding. She went to the door and stopped, she glared a bit and not wanting to admit how she her change of heart was created walked away to the front of the cave. She sat down and silently watched the sun set.

Daean was leaning against the jeep looking over his parent's graves. He had been there for almost an hour now and the sun was starting to set in the distance right behind the two graves.

"So you may be joining us huh?" asked his dad who was sitting on the other side of the jeep his hat pulled down over his eyes. Daean slide down sitting on the ground like his dad.

"Yeah sadly I don't think I will be buried in such a nice place," Daean chuckled as he watched the sun. Hints of orange red and green pained the sky.

"This land is worn but trust me boy there is a lot more than the dead lands out there," His father smirked. "I hear Britain is forever frozen, and it sparks in the sun,"

"Sounds nice, I may get to see it someday," Daean answered as he leaned his head up against the jeep. "I could take Alicia I hope along as well," Daean smiled.

"You doing a good job, but I don't think she appreciates it too much," His father answered.

"I know, but I can't face her I can't admit I am too weak to protect her, so long as I need someone else help how can I, face her?" Daean asked.

"If she was a real friend you would know it makes no difference to her," His father reprimanded.

"I mean's something to me," Daean lowered his head "It's a matter of principal what kind of man can't protect those he cares for?" Daean asked.

"The mass majority, look at me am I any less a man in your eyes cause of your mother's death?" asked His father.

"Never, but dad, I am not normal," Daean frowned,

"So different rules apply to you?" asked His father,

"No, my own standards apply to me, I can't fight illness, birthing problems, or even natural disasters," Daean admitted. He looked at his hands lighting streamed between them. He flexed his fingers and it vanished. "Nut that's doesn't excuse anything that comes at her with a knife," Daean glared at the shadows.

"Seems my boy has a much better grasp of the world than I thought," His father smirked.

"Well, you and mom gave me a lot more than you realized," Daean admitted,

"So what are you going to do about Sam?" asked his father,

"Sam?" Daean repeated a little confused, as to why his father would bring him up.

"Yeah I seen him, he's got an eye for Alicia and she seems to be interested in him. That's bad news if you want to date her yourself," His father pointed out a small grin on his face.

"Sam with Alicia, not my watch, know way she deserves much better than that emotionless prick," Daean frowned, as he hit the side of the jeep with his fist.

"What she wants she gets boy, and she will find herself someone to love," His father pointed out. Daean frowned at the implications,

"Well that's her choice I guess can't be there for her all the time," Daean admitted as he frowned at the ground. "I just want her to be safe,"

"What about you?" asked his father, Daean blinked but didn't answer. "You two have been around each other. She maybe your best friend but face it you to you only got each other at this point,"

"I don't know if I want to stay here dad, but I am almost certain she will," Daean admitted she had been the most driven along with Darius to find a new home.

"So what are you going to chose then?" asked his father as the man stood up.

"I am, I chose," he stood up and spun around but his father was gone. "I chose, what I can no longer have," he admitted as he grabbed the jeep and looked down at nothing. He felt something his leg he looked down to see a black and slightly stained hat. Daean blinked as he picked it up and he noticed something. "This was dads," he frowned as he quickly looked around he ran to the edge of the cliff but saw nothing indicating a person. He turned the hat over and there was no mistaking it the hat belonged to his father before his death.

"How, this should have burned the day he died," Daean remembered as he remembered the house going up in smoke; "Sorry about that," Daean apologized as he looked over at his father's cross. He put the hat on his head a little lose but a good fit. "Not really my style," Daean admitted as he looked down at his nearly all red uniform. He walked over to the jeep and tore off a sleeve of his back pack and using some black thread poorly tied in a red band around the base of the hat covering up the most notable stains.

"Better," he frowned as he pulled the brim down. He looked over at the two crosses as he smirked under his hat. "One way or the other I will not let anyone down," He declared as he hopped back into the jeep and started it up. The jeep drove off and he looked back a small glance and he could have sworn he saw a happy younger version of his father next to a very beautiful woman holding his hand.

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