The Blessed

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Chapter 34

Alicia blinked she had a good night's rest as had just gotten up, she quickly looked around and finding nothing to disturb her she got up. She was wearing a short red night gown and didn't want to be spotted as she stepped out into the main area.

"Nice legs," Sam complimented as he got into his fridge. Alicia started to yawn when her brain finally woke up.

"What are you doing up here?" Alicia demanded, as she quickly leaped back behind the red curtain.

"Making breakfast," Sam answered a little uncertain, as he looked at the now reddened woman still wrapped up in his red curtain.

"I honestly thought you would stay down stairs until I got dressed," she frowned hotly at him, Sam frowned,

"What and not make you breakfast?" asked Sam as he held a hand out to the table pancakes, she blinked.

"I will leave if you want me to, I didn't mean to startle you," Sam offered as he looked at the cave entrance. It was a long walk up and not something he wanted to do again but if he needed to.

"No its fine," She sighed, "I have been rude enough and to be honest you haven't done anything wrong. It's my fault for being so jumpy," Alicia frowned as she let go of the curtains.

"Understandable after your walk back I can see how would be touchy about being around a guy; one I might add you know very little about. I guess I have been a bit to forward in my coming up this morning but I wasn't expecting," He paused to find the right words. "Such a complimenting outfit for sleep wear," He finished. She turned red again as she looked down at her new clothing,

"My old night gown was very warned so I asked Big Mama, if I could make one," She answered her voice losing itself.

"Well, that's impressive," Sam admitted, "I could never make my own cloths," He pulled out a chair for her and she walked over. Sam had to fight himself from staring at her toned legs as she sat down.

"Me you live in cave cook your own meals and are damn self reliant," Alicia commented as she grabbed the syrup. "That's not something I could do,"

"You would be surprised what you can do, if you need to," Sam replied as he started to eat.

"You really should slow down I have never seen a person eat as fast as you," Alicia frowned not bothered as Daean was a slob eating as well but Daean almost choked once as well.

"I appreciate the concern, but I wouldn't worry about it too much, me and my brother were always eating fast always trying to outdo the other," Sam chuckled as he grabbed a glace of milk he had poured earlier.

"You had a brother?" she asked,

"Yeah, he and I were twins looked exactly alike. Always trying to outdo each other at every turn; both of us wanted to replace the current leader and well in the end I won sadly I don't think it was worth it in hind sight,"

"Why?" asked Alicia, a wondering about what Sam had been before she met him.

"Well let's just say it didn't end without our blood on the ground all the same I would rather not talk about Mark," Sam frowned in disgust. Alicia almost dropped her fork,

"You fought your brother?" Alicia asked, not sure what she would do if he told her he killed his own brother.

"Please it's not something I want to talk about," Sam frowned not wanting to talk about himself at all.

"Oh, okay," Alicia frowned not liking the idea of ending the topic but felt she had pushed enough.

"If I may wager, an orphan correct," Sam asked, "Small town if I had name a area, I would say south east of here," Sam mused.

"Um yeah, pretty close," Alicia blinked, "What gave it away?" Alicia asked as she raised an eyebrow.

"I cheated, nothing as fancy as an over the top deduction. You were around Darius a lot and I had been keeping tabs on him," Sam admitted.

"I never told Daean, but Yeah I was left there at Sheriff Toms and was passed from home to home on who could feed and house me. However when a lot of the boys started growing up I was expected to marry. I wanted nothing to do with any of them. Well the families didn't take it too well. Then I started to hang out with Daean, his family still being new, had nothing to do with raising me. So I had to start earning my keep," Alicia explained. Sam nodded,

"And you never told him did you?" asked Sam,

"No, I knew if I said something Daean would be up in arms, he is a nice guy but he overacts when I am involved," Alicia frowned.

"Which explains why he didn't find out about the trip until recently," Sam realized.

"Exactly, he doesn't seem to understand I have been surviving for a long time and I don't need his help. Even now I am at least able to defend myself now," Alicia explained. "It's just so suffocating," she folded her arms,

"Yeah that would get on my nerves to, but I bet he like all people have good points," Sam shrugged. "Like me, I am a professional killer more or less but I can still whip up a decent omelet," Alicica chuckled as he took another bite of the food.

"Well you'll have to make on for me sometime," Alicia smiled as the two started to eat a bit more comfortable around each other.

"Boy," growled a voice as Daean felt his foot being poked; Daean kicked whatever was poking him as he turned in the back seat of the jeep. The sound of ammo clicked as he felt a gun press against his temple.

"Well here we are again," commented a nagging and familiar voice. Daean blinked as he looked up and saw Cid standing over him a pistol to his temple.

"Any reason, you are alone?" asked Daean as he looked around noticing that the leader was now lacking any support.

"Well, seems my boys are not here to rob so much as survive and are last meeting proved I couldn't keep them out of trouble. It's amazing how one wrong judgment can screw you up," Cid mused out load. "I don't really think much of their loyalty, after I deal with you I am heading west to find a new crew,"

"Glad I didn't dissuade you, sadly there is a problem," Daean smirked as he sent a bold of electricity into the gun. Cid dropped it as Daean kicked the man from his position in the back of the jeep. Daean rolled out of the van, as Cid quickly crawled over to the gun as Daean quickly moved over him kicking it out of his reach. Daean quickly grabbed Cid's collar,

"I think this would be the part where you reevaluate your original plan," Daean frowned as he looking very annoyed at him.

"Sure thing pal," Cid smiled his lips twitching, as he started to worry about his own judgment.

"You really should have shot be buts not really an option at this point now is it?" Daean frowned at Cid.

"I agree, and taking your advice I decided to skip to the last part and head east now," Cid quickly rectified.

"Whatever, Daean let go better head home if I ever want to get some sleep," Daean frowned as he hoped back in the van. HE quickly drove of leaving side behind him. Cid quickly dashed over to the pistol and started to shoot. He frowned as he realized the ammo was missing.

Daean smirked looked at the gun lip in the passenger side. "Oh I must have looked so bad ass back there," Daean smiled. "That was so fun," Daean clapped his hands together, as he looked over at the map. "I still have no idea where I am," Daean frowned.

After about an hour of driving he saw a figure walking in the area, "Darius?" asked Daean as he slowed down next to him.

"Well this is a surprise," Darius admitted as he smirked, "Mind if I hop in?" Darius released his grip on his sword as he relaxed his posture.

"If you can give me decent directions," Daean admitted, "To be honest I don't have a clue as to where I am suppose to go," Daean admitted as he set his head against the steering wheel.

"That explains why you are so far north, I figured you would have headed to your parents graves which is why I didn't expect you here," Darius frowned as he walked around the front of the jeep.

"Yeah I was down that way bur I tried to drive back at night, not a good idea when you are using a compass. I didn't have enough light and instead I headed north," Daean admitted as he got up and moved to the passenger seat.

"It happens I get confused to, with no roads in the area it's impossible to get a good feel, unless you can use the stars and sun. Sadly I am not much for astronomy," Darius admitted.

"Tell me you can get us back to base," Daean frowned,

"But of course," Darius smirked as he revved up the jeep.

"What what happened to your jeep?" asked Daean as he remembered Darius had taken his own. Darius looked over to see a purple fist slam into his head.

"Well who is awake," purred a voice, "Well if I remember which I do you were hanging out with the fallen Angel from earlier. "Odd if you were with them they would have given you the suit it has been some time since we last met," Daean shook his head as he realized he was in a very dark cave. Underground if he had to guess. He looked up so see the purple cat woman Shiva kneeling down to eye level.

"Shiva," Daean gasped as he tried to pull back, she seemed un concerned with his reaction as he tried to move but found he was chained.

"If I wanted you dead I would have killed you already, and since you seem to be able to talk without screaming your bloody head off. You will stay that way, for now,"

"What do you want?" Daean frowned, as he started to feel the locks holding him in place.

"Something I need to get a hold of, information. Now then boy are you willing to give me what I want. I needless violence but I hate ignorance, especially my own, even more," She frowned as she raised a claw to his neck. "Now then I can wager from the environment I am in the dead lands, where exactly I am not sure, care to enlighten me?" she asked.

"Near the red sea, but I never bothered to learn exactly were," Daean admitted. Shiva nodded in approval.

"Good it seems I finally found someone reasonable to talk to," Shiva nodded. "Okay then what our your little friends planning?" she asked,

"Nothing to do with you," Daean admitted not wanting to spill his guts or get his guts spilled.

"Seems likely you haven't been trying to track me down, so I guess you have something against the Fallen Angels," Shivia theorized. Daean hid his emotions but was surprised, "Yeah surprised I am not your common every day monster huh?" asked Shiva. "Well let's just say I really don't care what you do, and part of me encourages your actions. So think of this as a favor," She smirked revealing a single fang.

Daean blinked as he found himself back in his jeep. "What the hell?" thought Daean as he quickly looked around. "First dead parents and now giant purple cats I am going nuts," he frowned, when a truck stopped behind him. Alicia jumped out of the truck and quickly dashed to him.

"Daean what happened to you?" Alicia asked as she grabbed a hold of his neck.

"We came looking and soon as you started to move east instead of west," Sam frowned.

"What when did you get here," Daean asked as his hand inched for his revolver.

"We met after Hope lied to you about Alicia's death and I warned you about taking everything at face value," Sam quickly explained. Daean pulled away from his revolver,

"Why did you?" asked Alicia as she looked over at Sam,

"We was put under an illusion, I don't know who but he was showing signs of great paranoia. What worries me is the eclectic current in his body should have, should have been impossible," Sam frowned as he tried to figure out what could have captured or fixed Daean.

"So you have no idea what happened to me," asked Daean,

"I got alerted when you moved way south for a brief time, we agreed to meet up in gorge Daean you have been missing for almost three days now," Sam explained.

"That's not possible I remember waking up and heading home it couldn't have been more than a few hours," Daean frowned "I mean I saw, I don't know what I saw," he frowned.

"All the same we should get going, but we should let Daean get some rest," Sam frowned. "I have a bed in the back, I will drive, and Alicia please try to stay close," Sam ordered as he looked down at Daean. "Can you move?" Daean shift but he suddenly felt drained. He shook his head as Daean grabbed him by his arm and raised him out of the jeep. He grabbed him by his legs and carried him bridal style back to the truck.

"Say anything and I will kill you," Daean frowned, Sam smirked a bit,

"It's not me you will have to worry about," Sam looked back at Alicia who now seemed a little ticked. "Oh boy," Sam swore as his eyes shifted, "This is going to hurt but bear with me," Sam whispered. "Shit," Sam swore as he leg twisted inward and dropped Sam. "SO much for acting bad ass, Alicia can you get this guy's head, it weighs a lot for being so damn empty,"

"Hey, butter fingers it's not my fault you have no muscle," Daean shouted back, as Alicia quickly dashed over and picked him up from under his arm. The tow put him in the back as the two quickly turned on each vehicle. Sam quickly accelerated as Alicia tried to keep up with the older man's lead foot.

Daean closed his eyes but the combination of the sun peeking thru the top of the canopy and the constant jarring bumps made it impossible. Throwing of the covers he forced him into a sitting position looking around he noticed Sam's sniper rifle but paid it no mind as he stood up and tapped on the window separating him from the front seat. Sam slid the door open as he slipped inside.

"Never happened?" asked Sam as he kept his eyes on the road.

"No idea what you are talking about," Daean denied as he reached over to touch the radio, he felt a bolt enter his body as the truck stalled for a second. Daean shook his head he felt a bit more active now. "I think I just got some juice back from touching the radio," Daean realized. Sam looked over at him a moment but didn't say anything.

"Well congratulations you just drained the battery," Sam frowned as the care slowed to a stop. "Remind me not to take you any were ever again," Sam smirked mildly amused. "Go talk to Alicia while I check to see if a jump will do us any good," Sam frowned as he got out of the truck.

"What happened?" asked Alicia,

"Delays, delays," Sam muttered, "Damn it I don't have time for this," Sam frowned not even hearing Alicia in his own frustration. He pressed his earring as he clicked open the hood of the truck.

"Oh the battery found itself suddenly fry," Daean shrugged, Alicia sent him a glare,

"You did that on purpose did you," She frowned,

"Well it was sit next him in awkward silence or silence the truck and talk to you," Daean shrugged. "Besides we haven't talked much at all," Daean frowned not liking the fact the two hadn't said a word lately. Alicia sighed,

"That was still rude, he volunteered to come out and help you. But then again I doubt he has much to say," Alicia frowned as she end talking more to herself than Daean.

"Looks it been a weird couple of days is it too much to believe that I want to talk to a good friend over a guy I haven't had more than two conversations with?" Daean asked as the truck started back up.

"Never mind," Sam frowned as he glanced over a Daean but didn't say anything; He walked over to the pair. "Well outside of the weird," Sam stressed, "Car trouble, Darius wants to check you out when we get there. Make sure there is no lasting damage. Outside of that we shouldn't be too concerned they are still finalizing the battle plans," Sam frowned.

"Now then let's see what you learned," Sam smirked; Daean was a bit surprised as his hand went for his rapier.

"Now is hardly the time," Alicia frowned, as she drew her staff ready to cut this off. Sam frowned but relaxed his guard.

"Well so much for revenge," Sam muttered, "Fine let's get going," Alicia frowned as she hit him in the back of the head with her staff.

"Ouch," he complained as he glanced back at her,

"He rides with me the last thing I need is you trying to beat him up in the middle of the trip," Alicia frowned. "Boys," She frowned. Sam frowned as he walked back to the truck grumbling to himself.

"He does that a lot," Daean frowned as he pointed over his shoulder at him. Alicia glared at him as she hit him in the shoulder. He frowned as he rubbed his now bruised limb,

"I swear you put two men together and they both start acting like idiots," She frowned as she leaped into the jeep. Daean smirked a bit as he glanced behind them, no sign of anything but he had this funny feeling he was still being watched. "Well hurry it up," Alicia rushed as she banged her hand on the side of the jeep. Daean chanced a glance over at Sam who seemed to be holding onto something in the back of the truck. Daean shrugged as he got in and Alicia started to roll forward again.

"Now then if there are no more interruptions we got a date to make," Alicia frowned as she drove around the truck Sam was right behind her. Daean looked back at him noticing that Sam now had the sniper rifle in the front seat with him. He lowered his eyelids as his hand went to his revolver as well.

"Sam seems worried," Daean pointed out,

"What makes you say that?" asked Alicia, as she looked in her rear view mirror. She mouthed an 'oh' as she noticed the weapon. "Not good that's the last thing we need is more trouble. She glanced Back as Daean looked forward to see a black cloaked man standing on the side of the road. He quickly spun in his seat but the helmeted man had vanished.

"The sooner we get out of here the better," Daean muttered. "I don't think the dead lands are as safe as they use to be," he closed his eyes and tried to relax but with Shiva, and the man in black running around he began to wonder if he left on his adventure in the past more for survival then desire.

"You feeling okay?" Alicia asked as she looked over at him, He frowned,

"No really I just found out I lost two days and I swear I keep seeing things," He frowned. "My nerves are all shot to hell, I am worried I am losing my mind," Daean admitted.

"You'll be fine, okay I wouldn't take it to hard we will be back with friends soon enough and then Darius can see if there is anything wrong," Alicia smiled trying to calm her friend down.

"That's just it his face was used to get to me, I might be a little jumpy when I see him again," Daean frowned he felt her hand touch his shoulder.

"If it helps I will be right next to you every step off the way," She smiled. He felt some weight remove itself from his body.

"Thanks, you know it would be fun to have a race with him," He smirked at her, she shook her head,

"Listen I am still touchy about this damn thing as it is, I do not want to race him of all people," Alicia frowned not liking this idea at all.

"Well it may help him loosen up he keeps swerving back there," Daean pointed out as she looked back to see the truck swerving like Sam was drunk.

"Your both idiots," she frowned as she pressed down on the case a cruel smirk on her face. "I bet I am an even bigger one for playing your stupid games," She smirked as the jeep took off. Sam followed fast. Daean turned in his seat egging the two on.

"Yahoo!" Daean shouted as he threw both hands in the air, She Alicia laughed in amusement as she tried to pull him back into his seat.

"Would you get down your going to break your neck," She frowned as she pushed her hair out of her eyes as it whipped around her face.

"No need to be such a kill joy, come on if anyone has the right to be a stick in the mud it's me," Daean shouted over the wind. He smiled as he tried to push his troubles away.

"Let him have his fun," Fuzzed the radio,

"Lucius," smirked Daean as he grabbed the device. "So did you miss me?"

"Like a hang nail," Darius butted in, "What the heck, you vanish for two days and that's the best you can come up with on your trip back. I expected better," Darius chuckled over the radio.

"I'll tell you all about it first I need to see a doctor and get my head checked," Daean laughed,

"Finally I have been telling you to do that for years now," She smirked, "Why the sudden change of heart?" she joked.

"Listen in all seriousness we should get this looked at this is troublesome and as much as I like all this joking around. We need to be more careful in the future," Darius replied his tone returning to the military style he was known for.

"I understand," Daean replied his voice dropping back to a more collected tone as well. "Any ideas on who it was?" asked Daean a little concerned.

"Not a one it could be anybody or anything," Darius replied. "All the same get back to base and we will see what we can do, over and out," the radio clicked of as Daean laid back in the seat. He rubbed his forehead.

"This world is a lot more dangerous than I first believed," he realized. "Maybe I should talk to hope about protecting my mind," He wondered as he put his hands thru his hair.

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