The Blessed

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Chapter 35

Daean blinked as light was shinned in his eye. The doctor was moving back and forth checking every bit of his body for any lasting damage from his sudden disappearance. She took out a scalpel and pocked him in the leg.

"Ouch," He winced as she pulled back his leg; He looked over at Darius who had his hand on his shoulder. Daean winced as he felt needles prick at his brain,

"Everything checks out, he reflexes everything," Br. Eyes frowned."No strain, and if I didn't have Darius here confirming your story I wouldn't believe it myself," She frowned. Darius shrugged, as he pulled his hand back. Daean winced as he watched the man walk away, the group was now stationed at the bottom of the gorge the area was incredibly crowded and that's was only a small indication of the rising emotions. They had a good hundred on the open area and all caves were cleared and everyone was waiting for the pin to send everyone down them.

Daean stood up as he pulled his uniform tight and smoothed out the wrinkles. He nodded to Dr. Eyes and he chased after Darius.

"Darius," Called Daean as he slowed to walk as he approached him. Darius looked over but didn't say anything. "Were do you want me?" he asked,

"Honestly I would rather you sit this one out, we have no way of knowing how much damage was done," Darius admitted as he twirled his finger in a wide circle to gather up the other heads.

"You heard Dr. Eyes I am fine," Daean smirked as he patted himself.

"Yes but that's not what I am worried about someone could have done anything to your head in two days," Darius frowned as he tapped his own skull.

"But, you checked me out, if you can't find anything than nothing is there," Daean nodded confident in Darius's skill.

"I may be strong telekinetic, and I do appreciate your faith in me. You however need to realize my skills as a Psychic are very poor," Darius frowned. "You need to be careful and stick close to me or Lucius at all times," Darius smirked. "If you feel uneasy or anything I need you to stop and find someplace to hid and wait for me," Darius instructed.

Daean frowned but nodded in agreement, as Lucius and the others convened at his position, The group circled. And Darius clapped his hands together. "Now then this the last battle if we can help it, from what we have information wise Adam will be at or near the top of the tower. Are mission is to take him, as well as the other Angels down. Everything else is second priority; anything you can do to cut power and eliminate fallen Angels is encouraged. Also each of you will be given a secondary objective to do as well. Elleana and Phylor are flee on sigh enemies, for skill and personal reasons," Darius instructed.

"Okay so what do you want us to do?" asked Big Mama,

"Okay we need two heads to lead the charge, Lucius has already volunteered, there job is to get Chrest here," she raised an open palm to her. "To the main gats so she can get them open, any volunteers?" Hope explained. Nicholas stepped forward,

"My stone skin will be more than enough protection, we will take point," Nicholas offered,

"I will be holding back and providing covering fire before I move in with Dr. Eyes," Sam added as He let his voice be heard.

"Me and my team will follow them in to provide cover and we will take the blunt of the fallen Angels initial attack with the doors are open. If that is acceptable," Justine offered. No objections were voiced.

"Okay then each of these files has a task that needs completed, get your men together and start to Fallow Darius he will open up the main gate and we will see if Lucius can get everyone thru or not," Darius finished as Alicia stated to pass out vanilla folders. Every one nodded and quickly moved away as Daean decided to head to the front as well.

"Hold up, Alicia," Darius called as he placed a hand on her shoulder. Her right hand twitched for her staff but she turned around to face him. Darius frowned as he pulled out a palm sized gun, and he held it out for her to take. "This here is a special tranquilizer dart gun, a big version is used by some prisons but this. Shall take care of the task, I need you to stick with Daean at all costs during this fight and if he starts to go crazy. Well I want you to put him out of the fight," Darius frowned. Alicia glared at him,

"Why would you ask me to do something like that, he would hate me if I used this," Alicia frowned.

"The mind is a hard place to find things and easy to hide commands or hide memories. I can't have him going off on his own or going metal during this battle. If he exhibits any strange behavior I need you for his sake as well as anyone's around him. Please, you're the only one I can trust to see the difference," Darius pleaded. Alicia looked him for a hard moment before closing her eyes and sighing.

"Fine," She frowned as she looked at the weapon, it was a basic wooden handle a short barrel and a small grove fro aiming. "If this anything to harm him I will get you," She frowned as she opened up the top part of her uniform and slide the gun into a small pocket. Darius nodded in approval as he looked over to see the soldiers gathering up in lines as Darius and the others pushed to the front. Daean stood at the front with Hope next to him. Darius got up as well as Lucius and Alicia. Darius glanced over at Alicia the two nodded at each other as the group turned and walked back to the caves.

"I am not too keen on this, I still have nightmares from the last time we traveled underground," Daean shivered.

"That's why we avoided them up until this point," Darius frowned not wanting to recall the worms that had attacked last time. "Set word around anything starts glow shot scream and get everyone moving," Darius ordered. A few soldiers nodded and started to spread out.

"Anyone have a location or a set point?" asked Zack not being around for the first trip down. The group looked over at Sam and Darius.

"I have a decent idea," Darius nodded and Sam nodded as well, Darius clicked on his flash light quickly took point.

"You know my pops always told me stories of crazy shit living underground," Zack frowned as he looked over the cave walls. "Always said crazies lived her, and all kinds of monsters," Zack added not to sure he liked the idea of being underground.

"Not scared are you?" asked Lucius giving Zack a playful nudge,

"Me scared, not on your life I am," Zack started as he frowned, looking over at the knight, "Well maybe a little," Zack admitted.

The group finally got to the door as Darius took out the thumb drive and inserted into a USB port. The door opened up as everyone winced, Darius opened one eye realizing nothing went off he looked to Chrest, Lucius, and Nicholas. Zack step forward as did Daean and Sarten.

"Daean you stick with Alicia, Sareten, you and Zack know what to do," Darius nodded as Lucius formed a long cylinder around them.

"If something does go off do you think this part of the cave will collapse as well?" Alicia inquired as she looked up at the ceiling.

"I would rather not find out," Darius frowned, as he waited for Lucius to return.

"We might not be able to wait," Sam frowned as he started to the cave,

"Wait you don't mean," Darius frowned, as he looked back a faint yellow glow started to grow behind him.

"Well Risk the cave or the worms?" asked Sam as he looked over at Darius,

"How about possible death over certain death," Darius frowned he looked at the others, "We got WORMS everyone run forward. Double time!" Darius shouted as everyone seemed suddenly alert as the troops started to dash into the cave.

"Well anyone got the balls to stay and delay these bastards?" asked Daean as he pulled out his rapier as people started to rush past them. Darius glanced over at Daean with a look of surprise, then he smirked.

"First one to a hundred?" Darius asked as he drew his katana.

"Well didn't want to start showing how bad you tow are so early but, I can't resist a challenge," Sam smirked as he pulled out sniper rifle.

"Your going to eat those words," Daean smirked as the last of the troupes ran past them the glow was now recreating daylight. The rush swarmed past the corner twisting into the wide open cave. Daean Charged up his hands as he started to fry the advancing worms,

"Take it easy, Daean we need to conserve are strength," Darius warned as he watched the younger man go nuts.

"I don't hear any explosions we should started moving," Sam pointed out as they started to side step backwards after the Liberation front. The yellow worms continued to surge as Darius and Daean blasted them back. Sam took out a grenade pulled out the pin and lobed it at the ceiling. And pulling up his sniper rifle blasted a good chunk of the worms and the ceiling, the rocks fell smashing the worms under it. The damage was short loved as the rock was suddenly overrun with worms as well.

The worms were starting to close in around them, as the three looked at each other. Daean fired off another round as the fried worms were suddenly replaced with more. "I think we have out lived are welcome," Daean frowned as he drew his rapier, lighting crackled around the thin blade.

"I agree," Sam nodded as he started to twist himself for the cave,

"I wonder if that door would hold them off for long," commented Darius, as the three moved into the door way.

"Rather them not dig around it and set of the charges," Sam frowned, bring up rather cruel possibility.

"Good point," Darius frowned as the three quickly turned to run. The Darius pushed the door closed and tossed some bolder enough to slow but not enough to dissuade pushing.

Lucius frowned the group slowed to a stop at the end of the cave Lucius quickly raised his hand as rocks grew out of the ground creating cover everyone dived down as sniper shots started to echo. Nobody spoke as everyone quickly took cover among the rocks.

"Okay I am heading back, so don't try anything. Anyone got a sniper rifle," Lucius frowned as he looked up at the wall. It was impossibly large. The Walls could fill one's entire perspective and even higher up was a single tower shaped like a stretched pyramid.

"We got to fight are way thru that?" asked Zack as he looked over At Luycius. The Green knight looked into his fear filled eyes.

"The legends they will tell of are Glory," Lucius smirked confidently.

"More Like Gory," Nicholas muttered, Lucius looked over at him, "Hey, just saying," Nicholas frowned as Chrest poured out one of her bottles and out poured a sniper rifle.

"Perfect opportunity to practice my aim," She smirked,

"Don't get yourself killed," he turned back to see a light flash down the cave. "Um guess there a little impeccant," Lucius frowned as he raised up as much cover as he could to keep anyone from being snipped.

"Worms, we got attacked we need to move forward," Big Mama shouted as Lucius nodded.

"Looks like I will have to wait to practice my aim later," Chrest shrugged as the small group formed up and charged with a mass of dirt hovering over them.

Sam leaped over a pile of rocks when an explosion went off behind them. "Here I thought this wasn't going to be exciting," Sam joked.

"Not the time," Darius frowned as he raised his hand behind him blasting some more worms. Another explosion rocked the cave as Daean pushed Darius out of the way of some rocks. Sam moved forward taking point.

"My money is on the worms," Darius frowned,

"Or they are blocking our escape," Sam added, as he took out his plasma knife and slashed away a fist sixed rock.

"Does it matter," Daean snapped at the pair, as explosion rocked above their heads. Darius raised his hand about his head and tossed the rocks away as the group spotted the back line of the army.

"Run, they are catching up!" shouted Daean not licking the idea of ebing trapped between his men, worms, and explosions. Darius frowned he raised both hands and gave the back row a gentle push.

"Double time it that's an order!" Darius urged as he started blasting at the roof.

"What are you doing trying to cause a cave in?" Sam shouted, not wanting more things to worry about.

"Shut up I know what I am doing," Darius frowned as he gathered up all the ruble and tossed it all down the cave quickly barricading the cave up behind them.

"Well that might work," Daean smirked as Darius stopped to hold the rock in place. Worms started to pop out of it their yellow heads popping up like daisies.

"Might the key word," Sam frowned as Darius shot him a dirty look. "Start frying them Daean, I'll," Sam was cut off by more explosions. "I will try to get the area cleared as best I can," Sam nodded as he dashed off.

"Why do we keep him around?" asked Darius as he felt sweet drip from his forehead. Daean opened his mouth as he blasted more worms. "Rhetorical question Daean," Darius cut of as more rock fell down above the. Darius started to block more and more of it up.

Sam, fought to and Nail with group, pushing his way thru the panic stricken men and woman. "One side, excuse me," Sam repeated as he pushed to the front of the line to see a small gap before the end of the cave.

"Snipers," Frowned Eyes, "We have cover but as you can see Lucius is already moving ahead with the plan," Dr. Eyes pointed out as she pointed to a small turtle like shell of dirt floating down the path.

Sam frowned as he drew his sniper rifle diving into the dirt; Sam pulled the trigger empting his ammo as about five bodies dropped from the top of the wall. "Well?" asked Sam as he looked at the troops behind him. "I can keep these guys of your back start finding cover we got enough rock to keep your heads under move it," Sam ordered a few of the braver men charged out to find cover keeping their shields up as Sam reloaded and started another round.

Darius frowned as more and more worms started to pop out of the dirt, his frowned depended when some dirt fell onto his shoulder. Darius looked up to see more yellow glow in the dark worms above him. "Shit," Darius swore, "We need to move," Darius frowned as suddenly some C4 still wired dropped down with a pile of worms as well.

"No need to tell me twice," Daean shouted as he sent one last blast back and started to run as well. The rocks finally started to pour around them and the two started to dash relieved that most of the army was now out of the way.

"NO time to waste I can give you some cover but everyone out!" shouted Darius rising up his hands and tossed as much dirt and rock into the air. Sam and the others got up and dashed out into the open. Alicia stuck with Daean as the slammed into a rock wall coughing from the dust.

Lucius looked back a moment as he noticed the cave finally caved in stirring up dust and rock. "looks like one way to go now," Nicholas frowned as he looked up the walls to see it spotted with laser turrets.

"I wonder what happens if something walks off the path?" asked Chrest,

"Let's say we did and don't," Nicholas frowned as the group finally got to the main gate.

"Well here goes nothing," Crest frowned as she turned to water and slide under the door. The wall was easily a house thick as she squeezed out the other side, shaking her head the woman. She shook her head to the area was filled with lime stone buildings.

"Intruders," Shouted Mabush as he drew his hammer, the woman looked to see him up a flight of stairs. Her lower half turned into water as she drew a sword and shield quickly snaking up the stairs. Mabush growled swinging his hammer as she activated her shield with a light tap.

"You again," Mabush frowned, "Damn it all it had to be you," Mabush frowned in disgust. "Why is it always the ones I can't just bash into the ground I always find in my way," Mabush complained.

"Just your luck I guess," She smirked as she leaped at him we sung his hammer the weapon splashing threw her body but she was undisturbed as she quickly formed a bubble of water around his head. He punched at her face only for the water to reform over and over. She suddenly felt her body boil turning she saw a few fallen Angels wielding flame throwers.

"Or mine," Mabush smirked as the bubble started to shrink in from the heat. Chrest frowned as she leaped up from him turning the shield and sword into water to keep from being boiled alive. The walls were plated with stone at the least as she quickly turned her hand into water slicing down three fallen Angels in her way.

She went about ten flights of stars reaching the top of the wall she got to large door as she splashed against it. Chrest shook her head as she formed into water slamming into the sealed door again again causing a slight dent. She turned her sight to the left to see windows to the side of the wall above her. "There was to be another way in," she frowned as she shot up to the window like a geyser. She looked along the wall and spotted a few holes above. "Vents, just what I need," she smiled.

"I wouldn't if I were you," Mabush warned a small smile on his war like face. " To get small enough you have to turn to pure water and let's just say we keep it really well heated. You would evaporate faster than you can say water cycle. We made just in case you tried to get in, we figure you would have some kind of plan like this, now this reservation comes to an end," Mabush smirked as group of flame throws appeared behind him.

"Well it's either one way or the other," She shrugged, a small smirk on her face. Mabush frowned, as the troops started to pour on the heat. She leaped out of the window, Mabush frowned leaping up after her to see her tail end funnel into one of the ventilation holes.

The heat was like an oven as she quickly snaked through the pipes. She could feel bits of herself slowly vanishing into the heat as she spilled into the room. A simple lever in the middle of the room, she quickly tried to reform her legs but the water was to hot and she slipped back to the ground. Breathing heavy she started to crawl.

"Where do you think you are going?" asked Mabush as he grabbed her leg. He swung her had one of the walls, water splashed everywhere. She re-gather herself as the flames started to lick at her body.

"Stop!" she cried as she felt her body slowly melt away.

"So ends this failed rebellion," Mabush frowned, "How disappointing," He frowned as he watched the woman slowly lose her color until she was nothing but a human shaped buddle of water, then vanish. "Return to your positions," Mabush ordered as he motioned for everyone to leave when suddenly the gates started to gown open. Mabush spun around to see Chrest floating like a ghost,

"Mist," she smirked as slowly faded away, into the air. "Maybe I will see you again," she smiled as she looked down at the floor. "This is a brand new adventure for me alone," Mabush swatted her form away as he grabbed the lever to keep it from opening.

"This bad," Zack frowned as an explosion rocked the dirt protecting them. Lucius winced as he tried to keep the dirt steady as the fallen Angels slowly started to chip away at the cover head had created.

"This is bad if she doesn't think of some way to open that gate we might as well submit are selves to lasers," Nicholas frowned.

"We are not done yet, if this doesn't work we will bring this gate down another way," Lucius frowned never one to give up. Suddenly the gates started to open everyone leaped away as the large gate slowly opened to its fullest.

"The power of positive thinking," Zack smiled, as he looked over at the green knight.

"Quick Daean, shut the power of keep that gate open," Shouted Darius having been watching the gate waiting for the right moment. Daean nodded and his eyes flashed with lighting as he spotted the electricity and switched the mechanics off.

Lucius smirked as the army roared in approval gripping both hands he started to gather up the particles of dirt and with a large heave the road was suddenly in gulped in a make shift cloud.

"Nows are chance!" shouted Justine, "Charge," He ordered as the army finally started to rush the gate. Zack charged up his right and as the small group already there started to push into the army. The dust blew over the fallen Angels that had started to pool at the gate as Justine and his troops rushed in swords drawn and shields raised.

Lucius frowned as Sam appeared next to him, "Have you seen Chrest?" asked Sam, Lucius nodded.

"I would bet she took those stairs," Lucius pointed as he noticed the long stair case. Sam nodded, as he turned to head up them.

"I will check on her you guys know what to do," Sam nodded as he quickly dashed up the long stairs. Lucius nodded as he pulled out his helmet and put it on, raising the earth below him he decided to start looking for any power stations or anything thing that could cause some serious damage if lost.

Daena and Alicia quickly moved in as well, both nodded as they moved to a building. Daean quickly blasted a Fallen Angel as he over his mouth and squinted his eyes.

"We should find a satellite dish in the area we need to destroy those things it should disrupt orders and keep the Fallen Angels from getting too organized," Alicia instructed. Daean nodded as he watched big Mama enter the fight alongside Justine.

Darius drew his blade reinforcing it with his physic powers as he charged into the fight as well. "Reinforce the right side we are losing ground spread out and don't let them surround us," Darius ordered. "Hope I need you to teleport to the wall start clearing out those snipers," Ordered Darius as he spotted Hope appear next to him. Hope nodded as she vanished from sight. Darius smirked as he drew his pistol and leaped over his own men stabbing a fallen Angel in the head before head shooting the ones around him.

Hope appeared banishing a hooded staff as the snipers quickly realized their position had been compromised. She reached behind her cloak dropping the staff and taking out a long sword and rising her shield.

"Its been a while since I had to dirty my hands," She smirked, "This could be fun," She joked as she pulled her hood down and vanished. Quickly appearing behind one and cutting the head off, she vanished from sight as the body of the dead was shot to bits. Before appearing in front of another stabbing her sword into the visor, she quickly repeated the process cutting down anything that moved on the wall.

Sam watched as a body dropped from the tower nodding in realization that Hope was above him. Reaching out he knew Mabush was above him but he couldn't get a lock on Chrest. Curse my desire to bring as many troops as I can back," Sam frowned as he quickly moved up the stairs. He looked over to see building suddenly cave in noting that Lucius was moving quickly to cut the power off as best he could. Another building started to billow smoke as Daean and Alicia moved away from the main armies to cut down communication signals.

"Well, well, well," Mabush chuckled from up the stairs, "Worried about you little friends well, she has gone up in smoke, and soon you will be joining her," eh smirked as fire blasted at Sam. Sam quickly pulled out his throwing knifes. Making a mental note of his grenade count, the flames licked at him as he pulled out a pin and tossed it at Mabush. The man swatted it away as Sam tossed a grenade setting the thing of prematurely and blasting the man pushed forward crushing his own men as the stairs fell down cutting the man's ability to retreat off.

"Looks like it's just you and me," Sam smirked as he quickly cut down the remaining fallen angels.

"You may be more fun than I had hoped for," Mabush smirked as he glared down at Sam.

"Happy to oblige," Sam smirked as he brandished his knife. Mabush charged at Daean tow hammers in hand as the first two generals crossed weapons.

Adam frowned as he looked up at the screens surrounding the inner walls of his throne room. Phylor stood impassive not too far away. "This is problematic but not impossible to deal with, Phylor head down and wait you and Elleana will be having company soon enough. The drone nodded as Adam turned away failing to notice two more figures enter into his walls. One purple the other dressed in black

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