The Blessed

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Sam frowned as he dodged another Hammer swing; Sam leaped onto the railing and delivered a swing kick to the man's face. Mabush lost his footing on the stairs as Sam landed quickly slamming his fists into Mabush's face. The man pulled his hands up to block kicking the younger man with a massive boot. Sam twisted down the stairs catching himself on a small square that separated the stairs. Sam looked over the railing about five feet up and minimal space to move. Mabush stood to his full height as he suddenly leaped at Sam. Sam's face feel as the shadow grew larger, quickly leaping back as Mabush landed swing wildly at him. Sam frowned,

"Well nice fighting with you," Sam waved as he proceeded to dash down the stairs. Mabsuh stood there a moment in confusion.

"Coward!" He roared as he leaped over the railing, Sam raised a surprised eyebrow as the man almost missed him grabbing onto the outer rail.

"Not the most brilliant position you put yourself in," Sam frowned as he sliced at the man's hands. Mabush released grabbing Sam's uniform Sam spun his knife around cutting the uniform as Mabush dropped down three stories. Sam fell back slamming into the wall as a red scarf dropped beside him. Sam frowned as he picked it up, a small blue skull; he frowned as he shoved it back in torn uniform.

Sam looked over the railing to see Mabush standing on the ground, "Come down and fights like a man!" Mabsuh demanded. Sam frowned,

"How does a man fight?" Sam called down,

"With his fists!" shouted Mabush, Sam frowned in though as he took a step down,

"Seems a little one sided, your fists are armor plated," Sam replied commenting that Mabush had the upper hand.

"It makes no difference you need, braver, Vaylor, and most importantly the drive to keep fighting even when everything is falling apart around you," Mabsuh shouted slamming his fist against his armor plated chest.

"That's easy for you to say," Sam muttered to himself, "but I got to come down sometime," Sam muttered he drew his knife as stepped over the railing and leaped down at the man. The knife found flesh as it stabbed into Mabush's upper arm. The man grabbed Sam and tossed him into a wall, Sam slumped to the ground as Mabush got up picking the smaller man of the ground. Sam grabbed the plasma knife dragging it threw the man's arm,

"Bastard!" Shouted Mabush as he swung his arm at Sam, The smaller figure pulled his knife out leaping under the blow. "Fast little bastard, but your weapon leaves no blood, and no pain," Mabush frowned.

"Yeah, not one for needless pain," Sam frowned, Mabush charged Sam tried to move but he was herded into a corner as his chin was slammed upward. Mabush brought to hands down slamming into Sam's back. Sam dropped to the ground.

"To bad I have no such reservations," Mabush frowned, as he picked Sam back up. Sam couldn't feel the ground under him his body was warm, and his head swimming as he saw blurred images of the giant holding him. "To bad I was hoping for more from you," Mabush frowned,

"Oh but I think you know I can," frowned big Mama as her knuckles were cracked,

"I think you got bigger problems than me," Sam smirked as he slammed his palms onto the man's ears. Grabbing the man;s head he slammed his knee into the man's chin. Mabush dropped him to the ground as Sam rolled between Mabush's legs. The man shook his head and when he looked up soon was punched strait threw the stone and metal wall. Big Mama stepped outside crushing the rubble underneath her steal toe boots.

"You okay Sam?" asked Big Mama as she looked over at the bruised and beaten man. Sam grimaced thru a squinting eye and gave her the thumbs up. She nodded as she held up both fists as Mabush recovered from the blow. The two sides were clashing against each other but had enough mind to give two brawlers space.

"Finally a rematch," Mabush frowned as he held out his hand on of the troops on the side formed a long hammer and tossed it to him. The man looked down at his weapon before slamming it into the ground. The two stared at each other a moment as Sam looked back up at the gate tower. Big Mama nodded back at him and Sam went back to the hole in the wall. As he quickly dashed up, Mabush charged quickly using his longer reach to hit her in the face. She skidded back as Mabush charged again, she grabbed the next blow and using her strength and his momentum tossed him back at tower. Mabush slammed cracking the stone as he dropped onto his head, Big Mama charged her first ready to cave the metal in. Mabush twisted his legs around and took the woman's legs out from under her.

She landed as Mabush brought his leg down slamming into her gut. Placing his hands on the ground above his head and pushed back onto his feet. Mabush stood over her as he slammed his foot down on her again. Bi Mama frowned catching his foot as it came down for a third blow. Twisting the man's leg she brought both feet up kicked him off.

"you've gotten better," Big Mama remarked as she stood up, as she tossed her hat to the side, Mabush smirked as he stood back of wincing a bit but stood at his full height.

"I am nothing if not a quick learner," Mabush smirked, "Sadly I can't keep this up, the fun is gone and you intruders need to be killed," Mabush frowned, "Any other time I would happy to keep this up but I got orders," Mabush frowned as he lifted his hammer up.

"Well if that's the case mind if I cut in?" asked Zack as he slammed his fits into the man's back. Mabush rolled strait at Big Mama, who tackled him and brought her fists down on his face, Mabush drew his arms up to protect from the blows.

Sam frowned, leaping over the hole he had created as he dashed up the stairs entering the room he frowned. He felt Chrest surrounding him but not a bit of her was seen, covering his mouth he bowed his head in respect.

"Thank you, for everything," Sam nodded as he walked out of the door taking one glance to see drops of water falling of the lever. He quickly dashed down the stairs when he sensed Big Mama was sent flying to one of the upper wall.

Sam dashed to one of the windows and grabbed her hand, "Sam," She all but shouted surprised she had been caught. Sam nodded, "Is Chrest all right?" she asked as Sam pulled her into the window. After letting the woman stand on her feet Sam shook his head.

"No she is gone or worse blown to bits," Sam frowned as he looked up at the stairs, the two dashed down quickly. "How's things with Mabush," asked Daean as if talking about friendly relationship.

"Oh the usual, he's been beating me, throwing stuff at me. You know the usual," Big Mama smirked.

"That's nice," Sam shrugged as the tower shook the two looked down to see Mabush in a pile of rock and metal below them. "Well shall we take the express route?" Sam asked only for the Latina woman to jump over the railing. "I'll take that as a yes,"

Big Mama dropped to one knee as Zack appeared behind her, a mild smile on his face as he charged another punch. Mabush frowned as he looked at the two,

"I think it's time to get rid of this extra weight," he frowned as he took of his armor, "This will make me a little harder to hit," he smirked as he stood up, twisting his body.

"I don't see how that metal was doing anything besides protecting you," Zack frowned,

"All armor no matter how organic restricts moment, and my armor no longer works to peck capacity. It restricts my flexibility and movement restricting speed not to mention the weight can becoming draining after a while," Mabush smirked as he rolled his shoulder.

"Let's find out," Big Mama frowned, the two charged as Mabush grabbed both power fused fists and slamming them back into their respected faces. Zack held his noise as Mabush slammed a knee into his chest. The giant man grabbed him by his uniform and threw him out of the tower. Big Mama recovered swing a hard right only for ambush to snake his arm into hers and with a surprising level of flexibility kicked her in the head.

"Your strong I will give you that but sadly, while wrestling your strength is as useful," He smirked as the two charged each other Mabush grabbed her by the waist and bending over slammed her into the ground behind him. He rolled to the side and lifter her torso up and quickly put her into a sleeper hold. Big Mama struggled as she felt her mind go blank,

"If I was twenty years younger," she frowned as she went limp,

"It would make no difference," Mabush smirked as he lifted up a large rock to smash her head in. Sam tacked him from behind the rock was dropped narrowly missing big Mama as Mabush tried to grab Sam off his back. Mabush finally got a good grip on him tossing him off his back Sam rolled into the ground but in mid roll planted his feet and kept his balance.

"This getting annoying," he frowned as he looked back at big Mama, Daean drew his plasma knife in the reverse grip. "I swear it like the world is preventing me from doing my job," he grunted. "No matter you want to have a second go than fine," Mabush frowned. Mabush charged as Sam closed his eyes. Mabush was now looming over him as Sam's eyes snapped back open. Sam side stepped doging a falling arm leaped under the air avoiding as sweep to the legs. Sam held out both hands dispersing the power behind the blows by pushing it to the side.

"It's amazing I can sense and fell just about everything around me, However when I block all that out and focus just on what is around me I know every muscle you can use," Sam informed as he twisted the man's arms slamming him into the ground. "I now the right place to hit to cause the most damage," Sam smirked as he Mabush doubled over form a blow to the guy. "And best of all, I know any dirty trick you might try to pull," Sam smirked as he grabbed the wrist and with a quick snap the hands dropped the hammer. Sam caught it with his foot and tossing it into the air caught it and smashed the hammer into the man's ribs," Mabush caught up blood as he dropped back.

"That explains it, you wanted room, you weren't running away you were fainting to get both of us in a better spot for you to fight," Mabush realized.

"That and your lack of armor means I won't hurt myself as much with hitting you with my fists," Sam added a slight smirk. Mabush smirked,

"I really do need to stop underestimating people," He chuckled, the smile linger as it fell into a frown. "I really wish we could keep this up but sadly we don't have the time. Adam is getting mad your friends have cut of singles and electricity in the area and they need to be stopped so I am going to end this," He frowned. Mabush moved fast Sam blocked a blow from the knees but it was too late he was in the air. Mabush planted his feet as Sam braced himself; the punch sent him flying he felt rock shatter as he rolled into an old church. He spotted the pews and the red carpet under him as he slammed into a small pair of stairs before stopping. Sam blinked as he looked up his knife was deactivated not too far from him. He reached out but pulled back as a boot missed his hand.

"Now you die," Mabush frowned, Sam ignored the terrible amount of pain he was in grabbed the boat to stop it from crushing his body. Sam reach out and activated his knife stabbing the man's leg over and over again. The weight was released as a hammer fell at his face; Sam sliced it in half as he pulled his self up using the man's arm to do so. Sam released a fury of stabs in the man's other leg. As he slammed his fist into Mabush's face dropping the man to the ground. Sam raised up the blade to end his life but stopped. Mabush opened one eye to see Sam was staring at the cross not too Far from where they were fighting. The man swung his fist and Sam slammed underneath the cross. Mabush stoop up his legs shaking but moving all the same.

Mabush raised what was left of his hammer when suddenly the cross cracked; Mabush looked up to see the supports holding the cross suddenly break from behind it. Mabsuh felt his jaw go slack as the metal crucifix fell from its support and collapsed on the man's head. Sam blinked in surprise ambush didn't move the man laid under the cross. Sam raised his head to see if the man was still breathing but he couldn't move anymore. Sam closed his eyes and slumped,

"Thank god," he smiled as he drifted into darkness.

Daean quickly drained the computers of their remaining electricity; he pulled back as he watched the monitors dim. Then placing a small C4 explosive he tapped Alicia on the shoulder to get moving.

Alicia frowned as she felt the pistol slap against her as the two ran out of the building, Daean took out a small detonator and clicked. The explosion brought up more dirt and sand as Fallen Angels charged into view. Daean blasted the group with one large lighting blast the bodies fell limp as they stated to move farther into the tower.

A purple haired figure loomed behind them and dropped down. The warrior had four swords strapped to her back two along the back of her waist and two diagonal from her right shoulder. Daean stopped and turned to see the woman standing in the road behind them.

"This is bad, we need to run," Alicia frowned as she looked at the cat woman. Daean shook his head.

"She would have a re heads on the ground the instant we turn are back," He frowned as his hand went for his rapier. The woman gave a light twist of her lip but said nothing as the two stared at the larger woman.

Alicia was panicked now her eyes darted to every possible place they could run to, her heart was rising a mile a minute as she tried to figure some place to run to. "No," She frowned, "No," She frowned as she spotted different buildings she was turning up blanks. Nothing would work Shiva was too fast and too strong to be fought. "Were is an arch angel when you need one," she frowned.

"Demon," she spat as she charged the pair the two jumped to the side and twisted only to see Shiva was not after either of them.

"The man in black," Daean frowned, he felt his body shrink remembering the fight the man had put up and now worse he was caught in the middle of two power houses. The man had drawn both his rapiers and easily moving his torso out of the way of Shiva's attacks. He raised his fingers above the hilt and Shiva went crashing back words.

"Impossible," Alicia frowned, the domed helmet turned to those to as Shiva appeared behind him her claws aimed at the back of the man's neck. The man raised his sword as the blade changed in mid swing into a broad sword; the claws were meet with steal as the amount of energy created from that single blow shattered the window's in the area and sent the two flying. Daean twisted grabbing Alicia as he felt his back slam into a wall.

Lucius blinked he looked over at Dr. Eyes and nodded having noticed that mass explosion, "Don't tell me Darius found his target already," He smirked.

"I haven't found anything," Darius frowned as he quickly dashed up next to the pair. "I think we may have a guest," Darius frowned realizing that there may be more than Fallen Angels and rebels.

The monsters had planted their feet neither moved as claw met claw. The man in black was now wielding to brood swords with almost in human skill blocking each of Shiva's attacks. The Cat woman was no growling showing all her teeth, as each hand grabbed a sword. The blades all crossed as the man in black pushed back sending a blast of energy so powerful in created a three inch ditch down the road.

Shiva dropped down to her feet, not a speck of blood on either of them. "Just how, how are tow people this powerful capable of existing?" asked Alicia he body was now shaking in fear. Daean was locking down at his sword wondering if was holding a similar weapon in his hand.

"Target Shiva, the creature is not to be taken lightly, full force is authorized," commented the Ai. The swords grew in length and he swung at Shiva. The woman dogged the attack but a building suddenly slid into the street cut clean in half.

"Incredible," Daean mouthed his eyes in capable of being torn away as he watched the two giants square off again.

Hope blinked as she stood on the wall, she looked over to see two building collapse inward, "Well that's new, never seen those to fight before," She shrugged making a metal not to look into it at a later date. Surrounding her were the dead bodies of the fallen Angels, it was hardly a fight. She looked down to see Big Mama and Zack moving back into the fight.

The restoration army was still spearing into the forces, with little resistance. Justine and Nicholas were still at the tip doing an impressive job. Hope smirked a bit as she watched Nicholas nock a man down and decapitate him before quickly defending himself from three more fallen. She looked down at the church Sam had vanished into it had been almost a half hour and she hadn't seen or heard any movement. She blinked and founder herself in front of the church it had one large bell tower and had a long addition she entered in threw the whole and after looking down a few empty halls found the last one. The carpet was nice green color with about 12 rows of pews on both sides. And straight down Sam was lying under a discolored part of the wall shaped like a cross. Mabush was under said cross not moving either.

"Well you really out did yourself this time," she smirked as she looked down at Sam. The young man didn't responded as knelt down next to him. Her memory flashed back to see Sam standing much taller he had three scars on the right side of his face, however he was smiling happier then he had been when he was younger. "I miss you," she smiled as she leaned down and kissed his forehead. She scooped him up as she stopped looking down at Mabush. She looked down at her cloak tempted to finish the man off. Frowning, she shifted Sam in her arms and decided to get him to a safer place. She vanished from sight.

Darius stopped dropping to the ground he spotted Daean and Alicia huddled together in the now demolished street. Darius blinked as he rolled to the side Lucius and Dr. Eyes were not too far away as the man in black crashed past him. All three were stunned into silence as Shiva leaped at the man only to suddenly stopped in mid air and slammed backwards.

The dome figure crossed both blades as streams of metal shout out like tentacles at the cat. Each sharp enough to cut a hair the raised at the woman, Shiva started to dash backwards slicing at the needles hissing all the while. The man in black raised his hand and Shiva's feet suddenly stopped before getting impaled by all the metal blades. Everyone tried to move but the shock that one man was capable of downing an army killer was impossible.

"ARGH!" Shiva roared breaking the metal of she quickly spilled red blood over the ground as she lowered herself to all six. Her hands started to glow as she turned into a purple blur, the two figures clashed as steel met claw again. Shiva started to force the man back garbing the man's helmet before smashing her head into it. Again and again, until the helmet started to crack, She was blasted back as another ditch was formed the figure placed a Hand on the helmet and decided it was time to leave before vanishing from sight again.

Shiva turned to face those on the ground as she glared at the group. Daean stood up facing the woman but didn't draw his blade. Shiva flared her nostrils, The cat woman charged at him, and for Alicia time slowed down. She watched as Daean stood his ground his hand wasn't moving for his weapon or anything. She drew her staff and quickly batted away a claw, she felt time slow down even more as she swatted away each claw. The staff rung threw in her hand as feelings and emotions vanished Daean fell back as Alicia kept up her speed.

Darius was stunned, Alicica's hand and staff were like a blur she was speeding herself up to beyond that even the greatest of martial artist. Shiva was tossed back as Alicia charged, the woman's cat like fast was slammed up and down in flash's of steel and red ash Alicia slammed her staff into the big cat's jaw. Shiva was thrown back and rolled into a building as she dropped to the ground tired. Shiva stood up again as She glared at Alicia who was no panting on the ground Daean drew his rapier, Lucius leaped in as well drawing a Spartan shield and sword alongside Darius how had leveled his Katana at the woman.

Shiva leaped over them and instead chased of in the direction the man in black had gone. Daean dropped to the ground. Lucius released a breath and Darius wiped away some no existent perspiration. "Glad that's over," Darius frowned as he watched the purple speck vanish into the sky. A jeep suddenly raced around the corner and skidded to a stop.

"Hardly," Hope frowned as she came to a complete stop. "Dr. Eyes the fighting is moving more to the north you should head south and see if you can keep some people alive," Hope ordered. Dr. Eyes nodded and quickly left the destroyed area.

"Right we got some unfinished business to attend to," Darius frowned as he looked back at the tower. The group sobered up as they realized the day was far from over. "So you taking us to are destinies?" asked Darius as he looked over at the woman.

"Something like that, this is something that needs to happen how it is resolved is up to you," She smirked as she looked over at Darius. Darius nodded as the group pilled in Daean helped Alicia over to the jeep as she promptly slumped over onto Darius's shoulder and went off like a light. Daean pouted but he stared up at the sky, he blinked in surprise to see clouds forming above them.

"Well it looks like I got something to do while I wait," Daean smirked as he folded his hands and closed his eyes. Everyone else promptly closed their eyes to rest up as well as Hope revved up the jeep.

Adam frowned at the monitors watching as his hard work was slowly bitten off bit by bit. He looked at one screen a man covered in rock he recognized as one of the mercenaries. The weapons his troops formed splinted as the man charged like a berserker crushing a man with his bare hands. In another man was latterly melting the armor of his troops reforming new and fresh weapons.

"This is not good," he frowned, as he got up from his throne feeling the gear like marks as his finger left the arm rests. He started to pace his mind systematically working the troops under his control. His head started to pound, as he flinched, "Of all the times to get a migraine,"

"If I may point out, your power takes large amounts of concentration, your powers are becoming taxed beyond what you are capable of," Phylor reminded him.

"Silence," Adam snapped as he walked over to a wall and with a slight tap a pill bottle opened up. "Just one will help take care of this problem I can't afford to stop now," Adam frowned as he sat back down he looked up at one of the screens to see the source of his migraines driving to him. "Looks like I may have found some entertainment," Adam smirked as he sat back down.

"Sniper," Darius shouted as, a shot deflected of one of the bubbles. The group flinched a bit but to be honest not many were concerned. When a plasma knife was thrown on of the shields popped like a balloon.

"Shit," Swore Lucius as he docked back a bullet deflecting of his armor. "Only so much of the jeep is protected, over there!" pointed Lucius as Hope quickly turned the jeep down a much less open road. The group turned to see five fallen Angels leaping from building to building,

"That's not fair!" Daean shouted as he looked back at the ninja like enemies, he looked over at Darius giving him a funny look.

"Boy this is nothing, I bet Adam is focusing in on us, which is good and bad at the same time," Darius smirked as he pulled out his pistol.

"I can see the bad how is this good?" Daean asked as he drew his revolver, Darius held his hand back, as the two waited for the ninja like Angels to close in.

Sam stirred both his arms were splinted and his back was wrapped up in bandages, "Ouch," Sam winced as he realized both arms were sore but not broken.

"Take it easy," Dr. Eyes frowned, as she walked in washing her hands. "I have to admit you have lived a busy life, your arms are so you so being broken they repair faster than anyone's I have ever seen that and the healing water helped. A good night's rest and you should be fine," Dr, Eyes smirked. Sam gave her a small node as he stretched his sore legs.

"Three walls, I have to admit, Sam your made of tough stuff," Justine smirked as he walked into the room. "Thanks for the fix doc," Justine smirked as he flicked his wrist. "Good to see one of our fearless leaders is still alive and functioning," Justine smiled but the grin did not reach his eyes. Sam spotted his knife as he flexed his toes.

"That's nice, I can tell the battle is going well, I believe are friend Adam is focusing his time else were, it's only a matter of time now," Sam shrugged as he relaxed in the metal frame bed. He stared up at the stone ceiling not needing his eyes to watch Justine,

"Well I was on my way back out hope to see you on the battle field soon," Justine nodded as he smirked and with a sudden turn walked out of the room. Sam frowned half expecting something from the man.

"Odd Hope said to keep an eye on him, he seems legit all the same," Sam shrugged not bothering to worry about what some half crazed old woman thought was a threat.

"This is pointless," Darius frowned as he re holstered his pistol.

"No a Wheel is," Daean started but got a glare, "Never mind, just trying to you know insert some humor," Lucius rolled his eyes,

"Good idea, poor execution," Lucius smirked, "How about I deal with these nut cases?" asked the green knight,

"Fine but I am not slowing down for anything," Hope commented back she looked over at Lucius who gave her a thumbs up.

"Come on you should know me a million times over by now, when It comes to travelling nothing is faster than having your feet," He smirked as he jumped out of the moving jeep. Darius and Daean turned back to see a trail of dirt, "to good old dirt," he smirked as he ground quickly pushed him up reaching down to his mount he drew a claymore and quickly slashed at a Fallen Angel in mid jump. The Fallen Angel sent out a spike of metal into a nearby building stopping his movement. Lucius counter quickly moving up to the sitting duck, as the dirt rose up. As he slashed the Angel in half, the body fell down as Lucius felt a pair of feet slam into his side. Lucius smirked, grabbing the fool and tossing him down followed by a hail of rocks from under the pile supporting him in mid air. The figure landed and was crushed before he could move

"And then there was three," Darius smirked, As Lucius moved through the air leaving a small trail of dirt supported by seemingly nothing. All three quickly ganged up on him as the three leaped against the walls each keeping to different heights perfectly to keep from jumping into each other. Lucius smirked as he flexed his fingers and a pillar shot out of the ground meeting the rock he was standing on. Spike shout out catching all three at once the spikes dropped off as did the rest of the pillar crushing the reaming three. Lucius leaped somersaulting in the air as he landed back in his seat,

"So what do you think?" Lucius grinned as he looked back at the three,

"Amazing," Smiled Alicia, giving the Knight the thumbs up, the other two looked away.

"Show off," they both muttered as they looked at the outside of the jeep. Lucius chuckled as Hope rolled her eyes trying to fight back the small smile on her face.

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