The Blessed

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Chapter 37

The jeep skidded to a halt at the base of the tower as each person pilled out. Darius kept his shoulder down as the group walked to the main door. Surprisingly it opened as they walked to it, the room was clean had a blue rug lining up to some stairs and the group noticed large machines on both sides sounded by a few glasses.

"What is all this?" asked Daean as he looked over all the shiny new equipment.

"If I were to have a guess the whole place is one mass computer. You see Adam has the ability to control electronics however his power is limited to what is connected around him. That would mean he would need un-paralleled amount of processing powers to keep a steady connection between the soldiers to keep them following his orders," Darius smirked.

"That mean he is controlling all of this at one time, that seems beyond what any normal human being should be capable of," Daean frowned as he looked around at the computers.

"In a world where man can bend thoughts to his own gain is it really that hard to believe?" asked Lucius. "We are wasting time, we have people to meet, do we not?" asked Lucius Darius nodded in agreement as the two walked side by side to the stair case. The group quickly raced up the stairs Daean looked back a moment wondering how the rest of the group was fairing.

Sam stood up to move out of the bed as another soldier was rushed in bleeding and busted but still alive. Dr. eyes started to hand out orders as the room was slowly filled up. Sam moved outside even with his warn arms he was still in decent enough shape to move. The roads were all cleared as the people had moved into the buildings to protect themselves. Sam closed his as he started to search for the others. Nicholas, Zack, and Justine were about half way to the main tower, he concentrated on the three to find out how the group was fairing.

Zack smirked as another head rolled to the ground; Zack allowed himself a small measure of satisfaction. He drew his sword and sung it hilt over edge stabbing a fallen Angel Justine had been grappling with. Nicholas moved over quickly snapping the figures neck the body dropped.

"You know you really like to snap necks a lot," Zack frowned as the group was face by another dozed Angels.

"Well, I find that my hands hold up better than sword, but who are two judge you use your fists to," Nicholas smirked as he clamped his rocky hands over an enemies blade bending it before grabbing the figures face and tossing the man into a wall and out of the building. Justine clipped a grenade and tossed it out the window as he diverted a blow with his shield.

"Yeah, I know just wanted to know if that's your preferential way of dealing with opponents," Zack shrugged as he knocked a man of his feet, then stepping over the man created a hole in the wall. Justine let another grenade fly as the explosion rocked the support of the building.

"No usually I am a little more civil than this but a war isn't something you can afford to hold back.

"Agreed, this was the last thing I figured I would get caught up in, I hat getting my hands dirty like this. I can't wait to go back to bounty hunting; still even normal mercenary work isn't this bloody,"

"Oh well, I better learn to control my fist I figured all work was like this,"

"It usually isn't," "It is sometimes," The two said at the same time both glanced as each other but said nothing.

"I am so confused," Zack frowned, The two older men rolled their eyes as they both punched another soldier at the same time.

"Please focus," Justine frowned as he looked back at Zack, "We have things to do, and people to kill," Zack nodded as he flexed his shield arm.

"God why, do they have so many stairs," Daean complained,

"Just be thankful that the whole building is air conditioned, imagine how much harder it would be in 100 degree weather," Lucius chuckled at the group turned another corner the group quickly dashed down another hall way as they looked up. The storm clouds were looking black as ever outside the window.

"So planning something?" asked Darius as he looked back at Daean, The young man nodded a evil little smirk gracing his face.

"If I can't win I will fry this building the best I can, and with everything destroyed the Angels will shut down and we can end this once and for all," Daean smirked. Darius nodded,

I have a question how come we never tried to free those how are trapped by the fallen Angels?" asked Alicia as they turned another corner and up another set of stairs. The group,

"Two things it's all or nothing we would have need to be here to shut them down, however in doing so we would have about so much time to get them out of the suits before they suffocate. We would have neither the time nor equipment to get them out safely," Darius frowned.

"So the suit is a death sentence under anyone but Kami?" asked Alicia Darius nodded as they reached the next stair only to see a man standing in their way.

"Looks like this is my floor," Darius frowned as he stepped forward. "Any way you can shut the device off?" asked Darius as he looked back at Daean. The boy closed his eyes a moment and bolts appeared.

"Its connected to a life support system I can't shut one of without shutting the other off. It would kill him instantly," Daean frowned as he looked over at his friend. Darius nodded,

"The I guess this is the final fight," Darius frowned as he returned his attention back to his dead mentor. The figure nodded in agreement,

"You will have to find another way up," Phylor spoke up. Daean shivered a bit, the man's voice devoid of any emotion, not to mention the fear from his last experiences with the man.

"That's fine by us," Lucius smirked as a spike shot up from the ground and into the ceiling. "We can just take the elevator," The Knight smiled as the earth lowered down and the group stood on it. The group moved up and disappeared to the next floor.

"Why didn't you stop them?" asked Darius as he drew his blade keeping it close to defend against any sudden attacks.

"I must fallow all the words of my master, I so I fallow them to the letter, I was told they could not pass me, and they did not,"

"Fair enough, you always fought till the end," Darius smirked; the smirk fell from his face he cut off his emotions. "Let's hope for a miracle," he frowned to himself "because that's all that will be keeping me alive,"

Phylor allowed to Katana to from one of his wrist quickly grabbing them and then held behind his arm. The crom man charged swinging at Darius's head, The MRF soldier slid under the blade, as the other swung down at him, a simple side step the blade harmlessly missed. Darius used the opening to and blasted Phylor in the face slamming him into the stairs. Phylor raised a hand as the broken pieces of stone shout at Darius. Darius swatted the stone dispersing it into dust, Phyor appeared blasting Darius back. The man skidded back as the glass window shattered behind him, Phylor raised his palm again blasting away as Darius was psushed farther and farther back. Darius looked down his feet were at the back stairs now. If he fell we would easily be thrown out the window. Walked forward as energy rippled in his hand, Darius quickly mirrored the move as the two attacked each other at the same time. The glass around them shattered around them as Darius felt his feet slipping his heel was now suspended over the top step. Darius braised himself and pushed back, moving forward he pushed of his feet swinging at the man's torso he leaped back cutting of the attack as he landed on the stair case. Darius charged both hands on his blade as metal met metal. Darius deflected to blows and pushing them of slashed the armor open a bit of blood dripped out, as the armor resealed itself. Darius then felt a kick to the chest his uniform being torn by spikes from the shoe. Darius grabbed his gut, not feeling any blood he ripped of the acess cloth. Phylor leaped down at him as Darius used the opportunity to blast the man up the stairs the glass shattered as the body flew out the window.

"Looks like that's that," Darius frowned. "I don't know of anyone who can survive a fall from fifty stories high," darius frowned as he started to move up the stairs to catch up with his friends.

"Not so fast," commented Phylor as Darius looked up to see Phylor floating with the glass fragments levitating in mid air around him.

"Shit," Darius frowned as the glass flew at him, he guarding his face and neck as blasted at the glass, protecting his torso and head from the glass only his arms got minor scratches. Darius frowned as he caught the glass stop behind him from the corner of his eye. Darius quickly grabbed the bits from the stairs and used it as a makeshift shield the reaming glass was shattered into harmless dust. Darius quickly tossed the rock at the floating Angel. Phylor raised his hands and over powering Darius's grip sent the rock back. Darius pushed himself back with a blast of psychic energy as the stone created a mass of craters into the floor. Darius frowned as he reached out trying to read the man's mind as he dropped to the ground. Darius dodged under a thrown katana, he could read his intents his mind would send out instructions seconds before it was done.

"Which means I can predict his every move," Darius smirked. "Wait if I can do it he can as well, so why has most of my tricks and attacks connected to well," Darius pondered to himself as he leaped to the side as needles stabbed the ground he was standing on. "Wait that mean's he isn't planning on using that knowledge he doesn't want to win," Darius's eyes shot open. "If that's the case, he can't stop fighting me either so what is he planning?" Darius mussed too himself Darius grabbed one of the computers and tearing it out of the wall he Tossed it up at Phylor. The man flexed his arms as the object was thrown back crashing back at Darius the machine landed exploding violently as a small fire was started.

"Come on boy," Michael frowned, "this isn't biology," The man thought to himself as he body raised a hand the ceiling started to crack as it tumbled down at his old comrade. "Bring the place down on me!" he shouted to himself.

Daean and the others raced along the stairs quickly moving higher and higher when the fire alarm went off.

"Oh what are they doing down there?" Alicia frowned, as everyone stopped a moment, Alicica about doubled over panting. Daean was resting up against a rail as well, trying o catch his breath.

"Come on you two we don't have time for this," Lucius frowned not even winded yet the two glared at him for a moment before forcing themselves to their feet.

"I swear if I ever see another set of stairs it will be too soon," Darius growled as he pushed himself back to his feet.

The room rocked again the two crossed blades as Darius easily dodged blow after blow, as the armor was sliced repeatedly. Phylor leaped into their firing of a few more blasts when the floor under them gave way. Darius tumbled to the ground landing on his feet. He frowned as he drew his sword fending against a falling Phylor. Darius felt the floor under him give way as the pair fell down another flight of stairs. The windows shattered as stone, wood, and metal scattered away from the two. Darius held his left arm around his face as he squinted into the dust. Darius felt Phylor behind him he ruled to the side dodging to swipes from the sword. The man had vanished from sight again as he tried to read the man's mind to find his location but only got dust. Darius frowned when re remember the spike Lucius had created, leaping up he moved up and out of the dust. Looking around he suddenly spotted Phylor below him as the dust started to clear up.

"You have gotten better, Dar," Phyor praised, "You learned to read my intentions and you seem to have picked it up quiet soundly to be honest. However you seem to have misread something important," Phylor pointed out; Darius frowned in confusion but didn't voice it allowing the man to speak his peace. "My loyalty was to the MRF was grand but it is just a place, a plot of dirt, my loyalty was to what the MRF stood for, more than anything the protection of the people. What was done to me be it by Kami's will or not happened and this is what has become of it. Finish of your last mission if you must but never give up protecting those who need," Phylor frowned.

"What do you mean?" asked Darius his confusion boiling to a peck,

"You already know more than you realize, that's why you call this your last mission you know if you go home it will be the end. You suppressed it well, Dar but I am your superior it's my job to keep you from falling apart,"

"I overheard someone's thoughts they wanted us both dead are powers are dangerous.
Darius admitted he slumped his shoulders in defeat. "They sent me out here to kill you and Adam or be killed. It didn't matter to him," Darius swallowed. "I didn't want to think that Kami would allow it to happen but I was sent off anyway. I one of the best everyone said I would go far be the next leader, but instead I was thrown away, along with my dreams," Darius blinked back forcing himself not let anything slide. "I knew this was the end when I walked out here," Darius frowned.

"You never know Kami may have a plan for you. I met him once, and I couldn't read him not once," He Phylor admitted. "Whatever he is he is not human in any scene of the word. Darius nodded finding that last bit of Hope to hold onto. "I think it's time we ended this," Phylor frowned.

"Good bye my mentor it was fun while it lasted," Darius smiled, as he braised himself. Phylor raised his hand one last time and destroyed the rock Darius was standing on Daean leaped away diving over the broken glace into the machines being housed to the side. The ceiling came crashing down as did the rock Lucius had used the dust clouded up as everything collapsed downward.

Hope felt the building rumble below them, nobody spoke when the metal boots echoed on the stairs. The group looked up to a very woman's shape stair down at them.

"So good to see you Lucius," Elleana, as she coped her hips to the side, she crossed her arms.

"So good to see you Miss Hardley I have to admit you our looking as sticking as ever," Lucius smiled confidently.

"So you are finally here to full file the prophecy huh?" asked Elleana. Daean and the others looked at the knight in confusion. Lucius shrugged,

"If it comes to that I will but don't think I have given up on an old friend quiet so easily," Lucius smiled.

"You are impossible," she frowned; she raised her hands and spread out her fingers as flames erupted around the walls. The material started to sag around them as the stairs started to burn. Lucius lowered his hands as the earth suddenly surged out from under them creating a opened dome to keep the heat from bothering the group to much.

"Well this is my floor," Lucius smirked as she snapped a gloved hand he stepped out and the dome closed breaking into the ceiling before stopping at the next floor. The woman went to dash to the next floor but Lucius speed for ward cutting her off. Sparks flew as to blades crossed; she spread her flames into her sword forcing the tip of the sword bent down at Lucius's face.

The Knight used his blessing the armor grew suddenly pushing her back, she frowned as the flames surged from the stairs at him. Lucius frowned tackling the woman and sending them both crashing out of the window.

The pair may as well have been sky diving from the height as they both dropped like rocks. Lucius smirked un-fazed by the height. He twisted around to face his old friend who was using her flames to slow her decent. Suddenly a large spike erupted from the ground at a steep incline Lucius planted his feet and started to slide down like a snow board.

"Impossible," she gasped as she watched him race down. Lucius felt his cap whip like a flag behind him. When fire blast started to blast at him, he moving from side to side he smirked as the slop curved up ward back at Elleana. She raised her hands in surprise when her old friend was now flying through the air back at her.

Lucius swung his weapon denting into her armor and sending her spiraling down, his moment failed him as he two followed her downward. She flicked her hands as to gauntlets formed shooting out spikes at him. The spike deflected of the armor as she created plane like wings and erupted a steady jet like stream of fir. She pulled out of her dive as Lucius dived past her another spike shooting up to prevent another fall. She clasped both hands together and started firing massive fire balls. The flames broke part of the slop when suddenly the rock was drawing up shielding the slop from any further damage. The shield turned into a weapon as Lucius sent his own spikes back at the woman.

Elleana swerved avoiding the blast only for to fists to slam down on her right wing. The wing snapped of and her balance destroyed she spiraled down again. The armor re-grew the shield but she was to dizzy to react when Lucius landed on her back. The extra weight forcing her into a nose dive, Elleana burst into flames trying to shake him of but the druid armor proved to be more than fire resistant.

She twisted around and with the tow facing she started to pound away at Lucius with a spiked armor plated fist. Lucius grew his own claws on his armor and pierced to dig his hands into the grove between the visor and the armor. Luicus felt a punch slam into his face he felt a small scratch draw blood on his chin as he looked down to see the ground was fast approaching. He pulled his fingers back and stabbed hard cracking the visor as he tried to pull it out.

The two slammed into the ground but instead of a crater it moved like gel-lo causing the two soldiers to release the other. Lucius was tossed in the air as a wave of dirt chased after Elleana, the woman quickly backed it as Lucius jumped after her again. The blades crossed again as her visor feel out of her helmet.

"Happy?" she asked as the two leaped back from each other the ground having returned to its natural state. She spat, as she glared at him,

"Why, you were one of the most morally right people I have ever met why are you working for them?" Lucius as he raised a hand to the tower behind them. "You had standards you were the one that would never bend to any crime against the humanity," Lucius pleaded.

"I broke," She whispered she looked down at the busted visor, "Don't you see I went to Rome I played by every rule. I didn't fight I helped those I need, and everything I did, just hurt the people I tried to help," She explained. Lucius frowned as bit, but kept silent, "I went back, I talked to all of them, the council, I told them of the pain and misery, in the large city. What did they told me any wide scale action against Rome would just to more harm than good. Then to top it all off, they told me to find someplace else to work in, told me Rome was lost to them, that people who wanted to love a happy life would be better of leaving!" She was yelling now.

"Elleana," Lucius soothed trying to calm her down now,

"Don't, Elleana me, I bock the very people who told me peace and kindness were everything!" She shouted, "Told me Life was more valuable than any amount of money. That it was our job as human beings to ease the suffering of others. They told me to give up on all those people, all the history that city had; and just let it rot," Elleana was whipping back tears now.

"But you know what is due of a druid this is beyond what we can handle, you knew full well Rome was an upward battle," Lucius reasoned. "This this not you, this never you," Lucius proclaimed,

"How do you know?" asked Elleana, "You have no idea what I went through!" she Shouted,

"Tell me," Lusius asked giving her a warm smile.

"What do you care, you're here to kill me any way!" She shouted as she drew her sword and charged Lucius again. The green Knight swatted the blows away before slamming his shield into her. The woman was thrown to the side.

"No, when I saw you maybe I would have, but I have seen the girl I remember, she let Daean go, she took down Mabush when he tried to go against your word. I heard her whisper again when see freed Darius, and I saw her actions when she let the prisoners escape. I don't want to kill you," Lucius pleaded.

"LIAR!" She shouted as she started to swing her blade wildly. "Its my destiney to die by the hands of a friend, Your are the golden boy remember I was the best, Goliath the smartest, but you always got all the praise!" she shouted. Lucius felt a cut on his arm. "I passed every class with flying colors, we the teacher praised Goliath for his smarts, I learned every move in the druid hand book, but they praised your attempts!" she shouted as she rammed her knee into his chest. Lucius rolled over his cap and back to his feet. "I was doomed to fail, when I was captured and Rome, they found me in the pits of the coliseum. They showed me the truth and I knew that anything I did in Rome would be pointless," Lucius felt to hands ram into his helmet. "Kami is a monster for letting that happen to Michael I refused to stand by again and let something as trivial as the druid code of conduct stop me from preventing more damage!" she declared she clasped and swung hard knocking Lucius's helmet off.

Lucius shielded his fast as she slammed her leg into his arms. His arms went limp as she drew a dagger, and blood splattered over the two. Elleana's eyes went wide she looked down to find a wound as she touched her face. "This isn't my blood," she realized, she looked down at Lucius he was on his knees smiling at her, with the same smile he had always given her. She looked to his shoulder she had stabbed him, the blood was dripping over his green armor. His pride and joy; she looked him in the eye not a hint of ill will even when she could easily end his life.

"Looks you win," he smiled as his glove slide off he raised his hand and touched her check.
"You know when you left I always wanted to tell you how amazing you were, how much I loved you," he smiled. She blinked staring down at her. When the main tower suddenly showered down rock and metal;

"What was that?" asked Daean as he looked at Hope and Alicia,

"I think that signaled the end of the fight, between Phylor and Darius," Hope frowned as she looked out a window. "Let's go we only have a few more stairs to get to," The other two nodded as they started running again. The two got to the top and were met by one last large door,

"Give me a moment, I need to recharge," he smirked he walked over to one of the buildings and started to sap of some electricity to revitalize his body.

Sam smirked a bit the line in the sand had been reformed, and the fallen Angels now were littering the streets. After the explosion to the east involving Shiva and Daean, the fallen Angels fell into even greater disrepair.

"Dr. Eyes," Sam smirked as he looked over at the woman, "I need to to inform Big Mama to start pushing to the central tower. It seems Darius is not moving and Daean and the others are almost to him," Sam informed,

"Worried they may need help?" asked Dr. Eyes as she looked over at him. Sam smirked as if being told an old joke.

"Doubtful, Hope knows her trade far too well to need help, no we keep Adam's attention split as best we can and it will make it easier on everyone," Sam explained as he looked over at her. Dr. Eyes nodded.

"Big Mama, head to the tower, take care of anything in the area as best you can," Dr. Eyes ordered as she clicked of her ear piece.

"Next tell Nickolas, and Zack to head north, take a few dozen men and set up as a bracer to keep Big Mama from being over taken from the north. Justine need to head east of the main tower, a small group are swelling there and they need to be put down," Sam explained, again Dr. eyes nodded and relayed his orders

"Wait where are you going?" Dr. Eyes asked concerned for his well being "You can't do anything with your arms in that bad of shape,"

"Tell Sarten meet me at the main tower we have some business to tend to," Sam ordered as he walked of, besides with my eyes nothing will get close to me unless I want it to," He smirked Dr. Eyes went back to her head piece and was about to escort Sam only to see he had vanished from sight.

"How is that possible," she frowned but she had other people to worry about, and let the fool go off on his own.

Sarten nodded as his ear piece went off; he was not too far from the tower, as he decapitated another fallen Angel. "This is getting to damn easy," he frowned preparing for some kind of back lash for how easily the enemy was being dealt with. He locked over at Zack who had just pulled his sword out of a long dead fallen Angel.

"We got new location orders," Nicholas announced as he gained the attention of his surrounding men and woman. "We need to keep spread out its keeping the head honcho distracted and makes these things easier to kill," Nicholas explained. "Who's with me," Shouted the stone skinned man.

"For the Dead Lands!" Declared the surrounding people. Zack and Sarten cheered, the two smirked as they started to move out.

"Hey have you seen Justine?" asked Zack as he looked around, Sarten looked around as well, The two shrugged not to concerned since The man wasn't the nicest around. The two darted away not noticing a metallic arm dropping some dirt to the ground.

Justine rolled his eyes, as he quickly dashed of into one of the vacant buildings as he pressed is ear piece.

"Hello, This is Justine," The man informed, "I have some information you may be interested in," Justine informed.

"And what would that be?" asked A very deep voice.

"Recently a rebellion has come into power and I have come by some information vital since you are financing the group," Justine announced.

"We have worked before, Justine was it you new name for the week?" asked the voice, "You are so fond of changing it as you please,"

"Irrelevant," Justine frowned,

"How pray tell, did you get a hold of this information?" asked the voice,

"I got dragged into it during a simple mission; The Fallen Angels attacked a group I was part off. And you know me I always finish a job," Justine smirked.

"So you were involved, I will over look this, as well as pay you if you can give me the names and information on the individuals involved," The voice commented.

"I figured you would be happy to know I have a copy of all those involved, you want them all wiped out?" asked Justine.

"No, just the ring leaders, I invested a lot of money in these 'fallen' Angels," The voiced growled. "I will get my money back somehow I want the ring leaders alive," Jusitne nodded,

"Okay here is the information I do have and as soon as my work here is cleaned up you can bet I got a new one lined up," Justine sneared.

"Just so you know you have a position waiting for you here if your ever interested," the voice reminded.

"Tempting, but I think I will pass, the last couple of days reminded me why I love this job," Justine smirked as he hung up. Justine rolled up his sleeves as he chased the others down.

Seems I spoke to soon," Sam mussed who had watched the exchange with great interest.

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