The Blessed

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Chapter 38

Adam shuffled uneasily as he glared at the door, the fool responsible for his ambition's sudden crash and burn. He rubbed the bridge of his noise with his index and thumb, when suddenly a ringing.

"Hello, Adam," replied a very low toned voice.

"Emperor," Adam frowned, "perfect timing," Adam muttered, as he looked up at his monitors each clicked off.

"I have gotten word that your gambit has failed," The Emperor, replied his face hidden in shadows. A figure walked next to him, as he grabbed a drink he crossed one leg over the other as he sipped his drink.

"So glad you are in loop," Adam frowned as he glared at the man, "Well you may be seeing you former employee soon enough," Adam frowned referring to Mabush.

"Pity, well I know with this its game over," The Emperor sighed as he played his drink. "So will you be heading here, it would be best to just enjoy life while it lasts," Adam shook his head.

"A captain must go down with his ship, if I survive I may join you," Adam smirked at the offer. "Do you ever wonder if you did something different if the outcome would have been better?" asked Adam.

"I do things the way I do cause I know any other way wouldn't be near as productive," the man answered, "If you can get rid of them, but as soon as possible we may need to find a new way to get rid of Kami," Adam nodded,

"I will not give up Kami needs to be killed," Adam nodded, fighting back his head ache,

"Doubt does you nothing, but second guess, for the good of the world the god must be killed," The Emperor. "Even at the cost of the people themselves," The leader added Adam nodded, "Well I hope to see you soon,"

Adam smirked as he the screen clipped off, "I am not done yet boy," Adam smirked as he stood up, the screen clicked back on as he looked out the balcony. The clouds were now swirling black, he frowned as he started to call all of his troops back.

You ready?" asked Hope as she looked over at Daean, The young man smirked, as he looked over at the cloaked woman as he stood up.

Daean stood up as he walked up to the door, turning his cap backwards he looked to his right to see Alicia and Hope to his left.

"Lets finish this," Daean frowned as he pushed both doors open, He looked around the room was a giant dome with screens spiraling up. The lighting was dimmed down and like the other parts were a metallic blue.

"You would think they would come up with a better color I am sick of all this blue," Alicia frowned when hope tapped her on the shoulder. She looked down to see a long red carpet leading up to the throne. "Oh, real noticeable," Alicia rolled her eyes as she drew her staff. Daean frowned as he looked up to see Adam.

"Daean, so glad to see you face to face," the man greeted a broad smile on his face. "So what do you think of my city. Sadly a recent infestation has gotten in and I will need to relocate,"

"This infestation is people tired of you using them as pawns in a game nobody will support you in," Daean accused.

"Kami, has done nothing but cause more problems, half the world is gone thanks to the god's appearance. He mutated and crippled countless, all in the name of doing good," Adam argued.

"Enough of this!" shouted Alicia, "here is Vicky and Hail at?" she shouted, "Thanks to you the land is withering even more than it already is!" Alicia shouted,

"Not too far away, but it is irrelevant I believe you were her to finish something after all I killed your father?" asked Adam as his attention back to Daean. "Yeah, I had sent those troops into the outer area and decided to get rid of anything outside the village," Adam explained. Daean balled a fist as his memories flashed back to him his father, the bullet holes and the village burning.

"Shut up!" shouted Daean, as he charged at Adam his blade charged with electivity. Thunder cracked outside of the balcony as he swung. "You damn fool, you're no better than Kami!" Daean shouted as Adam twisted away from the weapon. "You know how many bodies we found thanks to you, how many lives destroyed thanks to you!" Daean asked.

"What life?" asked Adam, "Nobody lived in the dead lands they wait to die, I am just using them for a higher purpose," Adam declared as raising a gloved hand catching the hilt of the blade.

"Than you know nothing of this land!" Daean spat, remembering all the people, all the smiling faces he had seen. "You see a land of decaying people but this land was rebuilding, until you took the people trying to help!" shouted Daean as he pulled his revolver out and pointed it at Adam. Adam grabbed the weapon twisting it away from his person as the gun went off.

Alicia jumped in now as well, trying to hit Adam in the face, Adam pulled the revolver out of Daean's hand and twisting the man's right hand caught the staff. Daean cut his electricity as the two weapons clashed together. Daean frowned as a boot kicked him to the ground, Adam brought the gun and aimed it strait at him. Hope appeared behind Adam pull the gun back as the second shot was fired destroying a monitor above them. Adam flinched as sparks fell at him, Daean scrambled back to his feet as Alicia hit the man wither staff leaving a red mark across his face.

Adam glared at the ground as a square opened up and a morning star was tossed up it was tipped with spikes as he elbowed Hope in the gut and swung at Alicia. Hope appeared as her long sword caught the star in mid swing.

"That's mine!" Daean growled as he grabbed the revolver as he tried to peal the man's fingers of the weapon. Hope twister the long sword as Adam dropped the star, Adam frowned as he looked up the monitors started to drop Hope vanished as Adam grabbed Daean's hand.

"Get off," Adam growled as he pushed Daean of with his foot, he pointed the revolver at Daean. When Alicia tripped him using her staff the weapon rolled to the side as Alicia brought the staff down at him.

Daean grabbed the revolver and clicked it open checking the ammo, before clicking it back into place. As re-holstered the weapon as he stabbed at the man Adam quickly grabbed the star as he swung the weapon knocking the other two back as he scrambled back to his throne. He blinked as a shield quickly cut his attackers off. The three quickly activated there shields as the defenses were activated.

"Let's see you work your way out of this!" Adam declared, as the throne moved up and as guns started to open up from hidden compartments. The bullets deflected of the shield as Daean summoned some lighting above his bubble at shot it at the shield. The electricity was absorbed wrapping around the shield before dissipating. The two looked over at Hope but she vanished from sight, before either could ask.

"A stalemate?" asked Alicia as she looked over at Daean, Daean frowned angrily at that idea.

"Not even close," Adam smirked from his lofty perch, as the guns were replaced by rocket launchers. Daean frowned as about ten rockets were now flying at them. Daean raised his hands blasting the missiles and setting them off prematurely. The explosion blinded the two as footsteps echoed into the room as the pair found themselves surrounded

"More of these idiots," Daean snarled, frustrated at being delayed again and again from ending the fight. "Will you not fight like a man?" Daean demanded as he glared up at Adam. Adam smirked, as the fallen Angels charged each drawing morning stars as well.

"This bad," Alicia frowned as she looked at Daean's rapier,

"Damn it I need a bigger sword," Daean frowned leaping down at one of the fallen angel's. he swung the rapier and for a flash he saw a sword ten times the length of his body. Daean landed looking at his rapier for a confused moment when the ground under him started to slide downward. He looked around to see the dome was sliced vertically. Lighting flashed threw a now growing gap between floor and the ceiling. Daean leaped back to stable ground as nearly the entire roof started to slide of the top and tumbled down. The shielded dissipated as Adam looked up to a very dark and cloudy sky.

"How only he has one of the blades of Kami, how do you have one?" asked Adam as he looked down at the two. He then spotted the two cylinders on the back of their uniforms. "That explains that," Adam realized and here I thought one of you two had the ability to deflect ballistics," Adam frowned as the shields suddenly vanished as well. He smirked as pistol shot up from the thrown. He smirked as he aimed it at Daean.

"Oh shit," Daean frowned as he looked down the barrel of Adam's gun, Hope appeared behind the throne stabbing the man's arm.

"Persistent," he frowned as he slammed his fist onto thrown the back flew off. Hope smirked as she started to shot at him only for a shield to pop deflecting the bullets. Adam growled realizing he was short one gun. Daean launched electricity at the base of the thrown and he leaped off the thrown. The thrown exploded from the over load as Alicia swung his staff nailing him in the face as he skidded to the new edge Daean had created. Adam smirked as another square opened up but Daean kicked whatever was going o pop out.

"Your done," Daean frowned as he leveled his pistol at the man's head,

"You going to kill me?" asked Adam his face frowned up at Daean, Daean pulled back the Hammer, preparing to blow the man's head off.

"No, I tried to leave this I would have been in a small town with Alicia even if you ended it after the first attack. No revenge was given up long ago this is to keep from taking any more lives apart," Daean frowned. "Now get up I got some friends who would love to meet you," Daean smirked as he raised the weapon trying to get the man to get up.

"Wrong choice," Adam smirked as a single click echoed around them the weapons on the only standing wall were back out and pointed at both of them. Adam stood up as he dusted his uniform off, He grabbed Daean's revolver as he spun the weapon around his finger.

Adam smirked as he stood he turned back at them sky was now pitch black but was very silent as if the clouds were waiting for something. "Well, it's seems this is the end, I really thought I would have to end it but it seems my funding hasn't run out just yet," Adam smirked, "It will take time but the southern part of Africa is ripe for the picking," The man announced as he looked down the barrel. "Now then it's time to close one chapter in my life,"

Darius stirred waking up as he shook the glass and dust from his arms. He pushed himself up as he looked over to see the area was still dusty bit everything had more or less settled. He grounded as he blinked his arms were agitated from the cuts and his legs were just a few minutes from turning to jelly.

"Darius!" Called Michael, "Darius," The man repeated as Darius shook his injuries of as he moved to the edge of the floor. Darius looked down the floor was covered in dust and stone when he spotted Michael his visor was down and he was pinned under the stone Lucius had used to get to the next floor.

"Michael, how can you talk the devise," Darius asked as he slide down and kneled down next to his mentor.

"Broken, I have about a minute left to live, I'll make this quick. Bury me," Michael gasped, "Bury me in my Murf uniform," Michael pleaded. "If you have any respect for what I was burn this accursed armor and fling it into the ocean," Michael asked as he felt his body shut down.

"Yes, I will do as you ask," Darius nodded quickly agreeing to the last wish, his mentor grabbed him by the color.

"The twins are being held in the basement, they are safe and sound, get them out, let the fix what I destroyed," Michael pleaded as he raised his head and closed his eyes.

"Michael, thank you for everything," Darius smiled as he felt something wet fall from his eyes. "I will remember as you were not this tool of a mad man," Darius smirked.

"That is all I ask," Michael smiled as his hand went limp. Darius smiled as he whipped away his tears. He stood to his full height and was about to move the rocks when he got a flash of Adam pointing a gun at him.

"Daean!" He shouted as "Looked back at his mentor for one moment but decided the living out weighted the dead. He quickly leaped up to the top floor and quickly ran to the stairs. A figure walked out of the shadows having watched Darius run. The figure dropped a black feather to the ground and walked over to the dead man. He reached down with dark green armor and pushed the rock over. He reached down at grabbed a bit of bone from the man's ribs. The figure pocketed the bone before rolling the rock back. The figure walked over to the broken window and vanished in a burst of feathers.

The green armor was stained as Lucius looked up at his friend, he smile fondly up at her remembering all the fun the two had together.

"How can I believe you," she frowned her black hair now sticking to her forehead obscuring her eyes. Luicus stood up ignoring the pain in his shoulder as he stood to his full height her arm still having a hold on the knife. He raised his arms and she flinched only to find herself in a strong awkward hug.

"You just got to believe me," Lucius whispered her armor returned to her skin as her coat start to flow again. The coat and the cape intertwined in the wind as she looked into his eyes.

"Just one more time," she whispered as she hugged him around his neck. The two hugged for a long time. "You know this would be more romantic if you took the armor off," she whispered.

"The armor stays on," Lucius frowned braking the hug, she frowned at him a moment,

"Have you even washed that since you got it?" she asked as she held her noise,

"No need I have it cleaned regularly but the armor stays on," Lucius was immovable on the subject.

"Look here, I want to hug you not the armor," she frowned crossing her arms.

"Not in public," he frowned in very childish tone, as he turned away from her, she slapped her forehead.

"You haven't changed one bit you're just as obsessed with that armor since day one as you are now," Elleana fumed. Lucius pouted when he was tackled around the neck as she kissed him on the check.

"I love you to you crazy druid," she smiled fondly, Luicus smirked back when his ear started to ring.

"Hello?" asked Lucius, as his phone clicked on,

"Lucius, oh thank Kami your alive, Daean is in trouble we need to get to him before it's to late," Daiurs all but shouted into the phone. The Knight flinched a bit,

"I will be right up oh shit!" he frowned as the top of the building started to fall to the ground. Luicus brought up a dome to shield the two as the top shattered into a thousand pieces. He looked up "What the hell are they doing up there?" he asked, as he looked over at his old friend the poor woman looked like she was asking the same question as well.

"Now then I think you should let the girl live longer so let's end this," he leveled the pistol at Daean and pulled the trigger. Time slowed for Alicia she ran at Daean and shoved him out of the way. Daean's eyes went wide as blood splattered onto his face as Alicia tumbled to the side. He grabbed her body to keep it from falling over the edge.

"Hope where are you?" shouted Daean as he tried to find the bullet wound.

"Yeah Hope where are you know you show up and I'll kill you too," Adam shouted. Lighting cracked violently as his attention turned to see Daean his body had lighting coursing around him as a lightning bolt came down crashing at Adam's feet. Adam fired off a quick shots but they were stopped by a bolt of lightning.

"Impossible," he frowned as he stared at Daean his eyes filled with fear. Daean raised his hands and the wall was destroyed by a storm of lighting everything exploded taking out the last of the wall. Adam dropped the weapon. He ran to the throne as a massive machine gun was tossed out of the floor. He grabbed it and swung the eight barrel gun at Daean only to see him gone. Lighting crashed into the thrown that was being held up by s steal cylinder.

"You just had to take the last thing from me didn't you she was all I had left," Daean raged his once helpless eyes now filled with electivity three bolts now intersected at the inside edge of his eyes. Adam suppressed a shuttered as he bought the gun around shooting at the throne. The thrown was shredded but Daean was no longer there. The thrown collapsed and fell to the ground, Adam turned his head to see Daean holing his blade it seemed to twist in his hand resembling a revolver for the hilt as he felt the blade touch his neck.

"You destroyed my ambition of a free world, a world rid of Kami!" Adam countered as he pushed the blade away and brought the gun back around.

"At what cost, my life, Alicia's life, the life of countless others, they way I see it Kami has done nothing wrong you're the one imprisoning people!" Daean accused as he grabbed the barrel the gun was filled with electricity. Adam yelped as he dropped the weapon as the ammo belt started to explode at random points. Adam fell onto his back as the sword found his neck again,

"I am trying to save the world, why can't you understand that?" shouted Adam, as he backed away on his hands.

"No you're a slaving, monster that killed what little I had to be happy about," Daean corrected. The two didn't notice as Darius entered the room. He grabbed a bottle of water and splashed it all over Alicia. He quickly found the bullet wonder in her side. He quickly ripped of the rest of his shirt showing off at white tank top under shirt. He quickly wrapped her wound.

"It's over you won," Hope whispered as she grabbed Daean's shoulder "Now finish him off," Daean stopped his advance on Adam but didn't take his eyes off him.

"She is wrong," Darius admited as he walked over to the three figures. The clouds started to lighten above them.

"He killed my father, he killed Alicia and would have killed all my friends I made if given the chance," he shouted. "And for what some problem he has against Kami," Daean spat.

"That true," Darius admitted, "But think about it you kill him, defenses less like this you destroy everything you have been trying to do. You didn't want revenge remember what your father taght you about being a person. Daean looked back at him a little stunned, but returned his attention to

"Then we should kill him all the same, this man has destroyed so much. Not for revenge but ouf of principle" Daean glared, at him when he saw a pair of shoes walk behind Adam. Daean looked up to see his father standing before him, he smiled at him and shook his head no.

"What would your father do?" asked Darius as he clasped his other shoulder. Daean sighed as he lowered the blade a bit.

"Get up," Daean ordered, "Like I said I know some people who would like to meet you," Adam scrambled to his feet as Darius walked behind Adam he raised his hand as one of the barrels from the gun was ripped off. Darius bent it around the man's hand with a wave his hand.

"I thought your job was to kill me?" asked Adam as he looked back at Darius, "What about your mentor don't you want to avenge his death?"

"No I killed enough maybe tomorrow," Darius shrugged as Lucius dropped to the ground Elleana stepped down as well. Daean drew his blade as she backed behind Lucius.

"Elleana help you got to get me out off this," Adam pleaded as he tried to push past Hope but the woman grabbed him by the shoulder.

"Sorry I am a druid and you are now a prisoner of war nothing I can do to help you," she shrugged.

"You B," Adam started as Hope tripped his advance the man fell to the floor the group looked at her and she shrugged unconcerned. Adam pushed himself back up as he glared at the group, "This isn't over he frowned as the floor dropped out from under him. Darius grabbed at him but was to slow,

"Bastard!" Darius shouted as he pulled the metal flooring out only to see nothing but more metal.

"I wouldn't worry about it, he can't get far Sam can track him I think are prime concern should be the twins," Hope reminded the ground nodded as Daean rushed over to Alicia. He rolled her over and she smiled up at him.

"Congratulations hero," she smiled as he grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet. She winced as she held her side. Daean and Alicia hugged and the two separated as they walked to the stairs.

Daean looked back to notice something was still standing in the corner, he walked over thinking about what he would do after everything was settled. He noticed it was built in terminal the screen was cracked but still on. A small devise was hanging by a wire and picking it up he noticed it was a bit of hair and blood.

"That looks like my hair," he realized as he looked at the screen part of it was busted by he could read Eden DNA files. He noticed his picture and red lights flashing over part of his images and a blurred second image. "DNA match," Daean read out load, as the screen fell to the ground off.

"You say something?" asked Darius as he appeared behind him, "Something bothering you?" asked the man as he rubbed his now short beard.

"Yeah I saw my picture and it showed my face and I saw part of a red flash about a match of some kind," Daean frowned.

"Did it give a place or another picture?" asked Darius as he rubbed his beard in thought.

"Yeah it said something about Eden's DNA data base," Daean recalled thoughtfully as he looked over at Dairus.

"You may have some family a connection in Eden or something," Darius theorized, "you may not be alone," Darius smiled. "If you want I could take you to find out I am heading back to Eden myself," Darius offered.

"Sure," Daean frowned not sure if he wanted to meet family, after seemingly losing one.

"I would recommend it," Hope added, "I had hoped you would come with revenge in your heart cause Kami allowed Adam to do what he did. But I think this would be better motivation, besides Darius would be good traveling companion and going latter in life would cause problems," Hope advised.

"Sure I am not ready to plant roots anyway," Daean smiled a little worried why Hope wanted him to go with revenge in his heart anyway. Darius gave a half smile not to keen with taking Daean to Kami but to drop him off with his friend.

Daean dashed off, with a new goal in his head and thoughts of a warm bed. "Okay what's the deal you said we all die when we leave for Eden why drag him along as well let him live his life," Darius snapped not forgetting her warning and reasons for her time traveler.

"Destiny will not be denied besides if he stayed her he would die a very unhappy death," Hope frowned as she walked off. "Adam was fool for what he did but in the end he gave birth to the only group of people to have a chance of changing the future, us,"

"What about Elleana, did she ever join are group?" Darius snapped as he glared at the back of her hood.

"No she is a wild card I have little experience with the woman keep an eye on her," Hope ordered as she vanished from sight. Darius snorted as he dashed of down the stairs as well. He looked up for a moment to see the clouds were long gone he smirked a bit and vanished inside as well.

The group finally found the basement, they walked in the twins were caged up. The room was boring and reminded the others of the old cells back when they were imprisoned themselves.

"Thank goodness," the two smiled as Daean zapped the lock and the two tackled their rescuer. "How can we ever repay you?" the two asked as Daean rub the back of his head. Alicia glared at the two as everyone chuckled at the three.

"I think we should meet upstairs everyone, I think we should get everything settled," Nicholas advised as the group nodded and walked up stairs. "we need money and not to mention all the spoils of war here, we got lots to cover," Nicholas listed off the group nodded.

"We will need some chairs and a table to gather around," Sam pointed out as he walked down the stairs. Darius spotted the young man with both arms wrapped up.

"That scarf he frowned," Darius glared as he spotted the insignia on the red scarf. Daean looked at the scarf as well seeing a blue patch of something.

"Oh shit," Sam swore as he noticed that he was wrapped up using his scarf his eyes went wide as he watched Darius go for his gun. He pulled out his own arms out of the sling and grabbed his plasma knife as he raced down at Darius.

A click went off as the pistol found Sam's forehead, as he felt the hilt of the plasma knife against his thought with Sam' thumb on the activation switch.

"What are you two doing aren't you on the same side?" asked Vicky as she glanced between the two.

"Yes I think we all need an explanation," Nicholas frowned as he looked at the two,

"That's a symbol the Emperors symbol it is worn by those high in his guard and I read Micheal's mind he was financing the Fallen Angels. You could hear pin drop as the group all stared at both of them not sure what was more surprising.

"Sam, remove your weapon," Alicia ordered, Sam looked over at her stunned, but her look left no room to argue. Sam frowned but he removed the deactivated weapon, "You as well, as far as anyone is concerned you are both generals and I expect you both to act as such," Alicia frowned, Darius frowned as he lowered his pistol as well.

"Well that's surprising but let's get moving before we try to kill each other," Big Mama urged as Daean watched the to walk up the stairs neither looking at each other.

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