The Blessed

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Chapter 39

The group shuffled around a round table as Daean entered the room, troops were literally hanging from the rafters, the area was filled the windows busted out and the old computers broke out as everyone crammed in. The stairs everything and in the center was a round table filled with chairs. Daean sat down. He looked around the twins Hail and Vicky were sitting next to each other happily eating something besides prison food. Darius and Sam were glaring at each other fingering their respected weapon. Hope, Nicholas, Sarten, Dr. Eyes, Big Mama, Elleana, and Zack was filling in for Justine who nobody could find.

"Well, with Justin's disappearance Zack will be standing in for him," Nicholas announced, "I will be heading this meeting of not just the heads but all soldiers of the Dead Land reservation Army," Nicholas announced as he sat down. "First order of business, a moment of silence for those who died," he glanced over at Sam as everyone bowed their head in respect.

"Okay then what do we do with the city of troy?" asked Alicia as he looked at the others, only a quarter of the city was destroyed and the attack," as she set down a clipboard. Daean picked it up as he looked over the supplies. The food Alone would be enough to feed five villages for a years, he thumbed thru it noting the weapons, equipment, and water.

"Well we should destroy it, level the place and all over our memories of it," Elleana frowned. "This place has caused a lot of pain and with the lasers it could still kill anyone traveling in the north," She pointed out. The others started to mummer and a few shouts of agreement.

"I disagree this type of city run properly could be used to bring the dead lands back to life. The equipment alone could allow the land to be plowed even without the help of the twins," Sam argued, he paused getting a glare from the two women. "Not that your help wouldn't be greatly appreciated," Sam hastily added. The two seemed satisfied as Hail spoke up,

"We at least like to keep the tower with its view we could do a much better job regulating the water supply. We can see almost all the major villages from the top," Hail smiled cheerfully.

"We better do something about that walk," Vicky grumbled. The group chuckled as a few nodded.

"We could compromise," Daean shrugged, "We could break down the out walls, to a more manageable size and let the people who lost homes put up shop here. I am sure Big Mama has already picked up a spot for her new bar," Daean smiled. "With the twins located at one spot Farming wouldn't be a trouble, we just clear out the more destroyed areas and we can turn this place into a trading hub we are right on the water," Daean pointed out. The group started to nod,

"However a lot of the equipment her is MRF, and Angel in origin if anyone were to steal it, they could cause any bandit the power to rob the county side blind," Lucius frowned in concern.

"I could lock everything up in the basement that would be a serious treat as well as any major weapons and shields. That way nothing harmful will come from it, since it would be impossible for me to get everything over the ocean and back in proper hands," Darius shrugged. Some seemed uneasy to give up the weapons.

"As much as I dislike the idea, the armor was meant to free the dead lands. The purpose has been fulfilled but we may need to use it again I believe locking it up would be for the best," Zack admitted the words calmed down a few but they noticed a few try to shuffle out.

Darius leaned over and whispered into Daean's ear, "I wonder if we forgot to mention we locked the main gate and I won't open until you re-activate it," he smirked. Daean smirked they wanted to make sure nothing left until everything was settled.

"Well it seems nobody has any real complaints on keeping the city active," Nicholas commented he looked over at Elleana.

"I don't see why you raise a good point a lot of people don't have a place to stay this would be perfect," She admitted. "I don't plan on coming back so long as the lasers are deactivated," she nodded. The group nodded in agreement understanding her plight.

"I don't trust her," Big Mama grumbled as she glared at the fair haired woman. Nicholas smirked as he nudged her.

"Be nice she won't be long," Nicholas smirked. "Well its settled those who wish to stay first order of business will bet to remove the lasers so people can leave without having to clear the ruble away as well," Nicholas announced. "All armor will be confiscated and will be locked up in the tower by Darius,"

"There is another matter a Serum 06-04, it's the devise that's used to create Fallen Angels that I need to take with me. It was what I was sent to retrieve," Darius admitted. Nicholas nodded not wanting such a device her anyway.

"There is still the matter of Adam, as well as Elleana," Big Mama reminded, "As we speak he is getting farther and farther away from us," Big Mama frowned as she slammed her fist into the table.

"I wouldn't, worry about him, I have a sense for these things," Sam smirked as he leaned back in his chair.

Adam lifted the escape hatch dirt fell off the top, he frowned as he looked around the area not far from the sea he spotted a boat ready for a trip to Rome. "Looks like I am in luck I knew those lasers were a good idea, waste of money ha," Adam smirked as he looked around.

Adam moved quickly easily making it to the small sail boat it had a large wheel as well as a sail in case the engine went out. It was well supplied and not a single Fallen Angel knew about it. Adam dropped down into the boat as he started untie the boat when he looked down at the wooden floor.

"A shadow?" paused Adam as he looked up on the wooden roof, a silver figure loomed over him. "Those groves, Gabriel what are you doing here?" asked Adam as he backed away. "I thought Darius was sent on a suicide mission, how?" Adam asked but the figure dropped the boat rocked. He grabbed Adam by the collar. "You will let go of me," Adam ordered as he felt a knife entered his chest.

"Sadly you know nothing about this armor, I still have enough time to end you before you can control the armor," Adam read of the arm of the Angel.

"So he used less technology in your suit, should have known," Adam whispered as the Arch Angle caught him setting him down.

"I understand what you tried to do, and I respect it but you killed a lot of people. Ruined lives and in the end you reflected the very thing you sought to destroy," Adam read.

"Yeah I know, but don't the means justify the ends?" Adam asked wanting something to have come from him.

"You gave birth to a city that will one day bring peace to the dead lands," Adam read, he closed his eyes as his blood polled under him.

"Thank you for that, even if it's a lie," Adam whispered. The Angel set the body down as tipping over a simple candle, set the boat off. He bowed his head in respect and the boat drifted off into the sea. The boat burned and slowly sunk into the water the Angel then walked away heading East.

Darius frowned as he was handed Serum 06-04, it looked like a large needle. "This hardly seems like much," Daean commented. As he looked over Darius's shoulder,

"It is nothing it's just the needle, it's worthless without the bio metal itself," Darius explained. "However I don't think it would be a good idea to go and explain it to anyone but one with the other is useless," He frowned.

"So that's it, all those lives for a need and some metal, seems like such a waste," Alicia frowned the group was stationed outside the main gate. Elleana, Sam, Darius, Daean, Lucius, Hope, and Alicia, the original group plus one were all getting ready to say good bye to the others.

"So we sticking together, Lucius?" asked Darius as he looked over at the green knight, the man smiled brightly.

"I saw great things in the cards my friend, and I don't intend to leave you alone unless I absolutely must. This is history in the making," He declared. "This will change the world, I know it," Lucius declared as he looked at the others.

"I will be joining as well, I think me and my friend here have some catching up to do," she smiled at Lucius the two locked hands as they looked over at Darius. The telepath had concerns but didn't voice them as he looked over at Hope.

"Do you even need to ask?" she frowned as she crossed her arms and glared from under her hood. Darius straightened out his trench coat,

"Pardon me for hoping to be rid of you," he muttered as he looked over at Sam the two glared as his hand gripped his hilt.

"Don't worry I am not coming," Sam frowned, "I don't think I can work knowing you could kill me in my sleep," Sam glared as he put up the hood on his sweat shirt.

"I can say the same," Darius frowned as he glared at the red scarf wrapped around his chest alongside his knife belt. The sash was long and actually draped from his shoulder almost down to his leg.

"We had a deal," Hope frowned as she glared at Sam, the temperature dropped as he glared at Hope with an ager almost visible.

"Tell, I have no desire for your company or his," Sam frowned as he pointed a thumb at Dairus. "And no amount of Blackmail will change my mind," Daean frowned as he looked over at his would be mentor. Hope opened her mouth but Daean cut her off,

"Let him decided and to be honest I can't blame him, he has his secrets and I wish for you to respect them," Daean frowned at Hope. Hope closed her mouth as Sam nodded over to Daean,

"Thank you Daean," Sam nodded but his face was as impassive as possible. Darius than turned to Daean.

"I have answers I need, and I don't think this is over, if Adam is dead or not, I would feel more comfortable getting them with you," Daean nodded as he walked over the invisible line and stood next to Darius. Alcia gasped in concern,

"I thought we were going to make a new life after all this was over we were going to build a new home. Don't tell me you want to keep traveling; haven't we seen a enough death and suffering?" Alicia frowned concerned for his well being.

"I Have things I need to do, even if I wanted to I can't let my friends leave without me I would to worried for there safety, besides if I stay here what would it accomplish, Hope said Kami will cause problems I want to try and fix it,"

"I doubt that," Darius frowned at the implication as Sam snorted at the commented the two glared at each other.

"If Hope with all her experience couldn't fix it why should you get dragged into it as well?" asked Alicia almost pleading. "I want us to stay together," She admitted as she bit her index finger. Daean looked at the others hoping for some kind of know all answer. Hope turned away, Darius kicked at the ground and Lucius and Elleana drew blanks as well.

"I need you support me on this, I found a match I have family in Eden I want to know more about my parents," Daean explained.

"I don't but here we have a real opportunity to make our own life, and you want to travel half way around the world just to find some family. A desire to fold to Hope's plans, I just don't understand why you would do that?" Alicia frowned not understanding her friend's logic.

The group stood in silence when an engine roared behind them they looked back to see a brown military hummer pulled up next to him. Zack smiled as he dropped up,

"Not interrupting anything I hope," asked Zack as he looked at the group.

"Nothing," Alicia frowned as she walked back into the gates. "I got a home set up and Big Mama re hired me. I got a job and place to live. You're more welcome to come over, all of you," she smiled. "I had fun but I don't want to do this, and I can see Daean is in good hands. Take care of him, I hope you make it back someday," she nodded as she vanished around the corner.

"Daean, we like showing team colors but we need you to change into something else," Zack reminded as he looked over at Daean.

"Right, well I don't have anything else to change into," Daean admitted.

"We kind of figured so we worked something for you," Zack smirked as he pulled out a bag with some cloths on it. "You can change in the tower," Zack motioned, Daean nodded, as he looked over at Sam,

"I would like to have a word with you when you are done," Sam admitted, "Away from prying eyes and minds if possible," Sam added as he looked over at the others. Daean nodded as he walked into the shadows.

He pulled out a pair of black jeans, cleaned and pressed with a small patch on the side. A red shirt and a black vest with red trim on the shoulders. He quickly slipped on the shirt and found the vest with first aid and rations bars for emergencies. Lastly a black hat like his fathers and a red band around the bottom, he turned the hat over he smiled as he saw something. The inside was stitched a thank you to Daean from the newly formed restoration comity. He placed the hat on his head and walked out into the sun light.

"Don't you think the black will burn him up?" asked Dairus,

"I wear green armor, you and Eleana were over coats, and Sam is in a sweat shirt, I think Black is the last thing we should be worried about," Lucius pointed out. Darius smirked but said nothing.

"You wanted to talk to me?" asked Daean as he looked over at Sam, The older man nodded and motioned. The two walked over to the back of the hummer.

"I need to warn you, we may have a hit out for us before the end of the week, keep your head down and stay away from Justine, I overheard him talking and I know he sold us out,"

"And how," Daean started but Sam raised his hand,

"I know you may not trust me, but face facts Justine is dangerous more so than anyone else, he know more about you and the others. I will keep an eye on Alicia just in case. This is a phone so if you want you can call her up, I already programmed everyone's numbers in just call out the name, whisper it whatever and you should get sent thru," Sam explained.

"Thanks," he smirked, "And the hummer?" asked Daean as he looked over at the metal door.

"It's got everything, I didn't pack anything, I just told Zack what to put in it, so no tracers from me, it got more clement friendly clothing and a personal touch of my own. You should be able to carry everyone salty," Sam smirked. Daean smiled as the two shook hands before giving each other a quick hug.

"Thanks, I appreciate it," Daean smiled,

"No problem, oh your set on tents as well, nothing to fancy but air mattresses you know you'll me traveling a lot want to be comfortable," Sam finished. Daean nodded.

"So where are you going?" asked Daean as he looked over at where Alicia had vanished.

"My cave calls for me, just keep practicing and I won't need to come save your but again," Sam smirked as he walked away. He turned a corner and soon the old van drove past the group and out into the dead lands. Daean waved at him as his smile faded from his lips.

"So let's get moving," Daean called as everyone looked at the hummer.

"Cool um listen I got something I have to drop off," Darius admitted as he raised his hand and a coffin floated to the hummer.

"You know I got something I got to drop off as well," Daean smiled warmly as he looked over at his old hat. The group pilled in as Daean looked back one last time at the city of troy.

Darius for the third time found himself in the basement of the third MRF base; He set the coffin down inclined behind the head stone. He smiled as he took out two mugs and poured a ice cold beer. He set one down in front of the head stone.

"You know, I never thought I would ever beat you and to be honest I am sad I never got the chance," Darius admitted. "You were what I wanted to be, and in the end I hope to make you proud no matter what Hope say. I will always be loyal to the MRF, it's the only way to respect your memory," Darius smiled as he finished his beer. Slamming the mug down next to the full one, with his thirst satisfied he took a step back.

Darius balled a fist and slammed it into his chest and bowed to the he paused a long moment before opening on last drink he took a small swig as he walked out of the area. He leaped out of the elevator and as he exited the final gate he raised his hands.

The base rumbled the walls started to bend in like paper. The outer walls started to push inward as the tower bent and fell inward. Darius gripped his hands together and the base crumbled into the ground.

"A tomb fit for a king," Daean approved as he looked out the window at Darius. Darius nodded back.

"You drive, I am a little buzzed," Darius admitted he tossed the drink to the ground but it landed safely. Daean nodded as he got seated and clipped the seat belt on.

"We got one last spot to go before we head to the red sea," Daean smirked, "And this time we won't have any diversions," He smirked as he drove south. The group nodded, as Daean revved the hummer up.

Daean walked up next to the crosses, he smiled as he looked at the two and brought out his father's hat. He inspected it the hat was still stained but it was fuzz free.

"I think it looks better on you than me," Daean smirked as he sat the hat on his father's cross. He took his band and wrapped it around his mothers.

"Who were they?" asked Elleana as she walked up behind him. Daean jumped as he turned to see her. She leaped as bolt of lightning missed her,

"I am so sorry," Daean apologized horrified he almost killed the woman. She raised her hands trying to calm him down.

"It's okay no harm done, that's what I get for surprising a super charged champion of justice," The woman smiled.

"No champion I just got caught up in the ride," Daean admitted, as he felt his face redden. "They were my parents," Daean answered as the two looked at the graves.

"I am so sorry," Elleana apologized, "I know what I did was beyond, but I ask for you forgiveness all the same," Elleana bowed. Daean blinked as he could have sworn he saw another man bowing as well behind her.

"No its okay, my mom died when I was born, and my father was, well, Apology accepted," Daean admitted.

"Its more than I deserve but thank you," she frowned as she looked over at Daean. Daean smiled back.

"Cheer up, your alive it's not me you got to get forgiveness from, I thing Lucius missed you a lot," Daean smiled. "Broke his heart when he thought he had to do you in. I am glad he didn't I missed the fun loving version better," He smiled at his joke. Elleana frowned, "Sorry I didn't mean anything by it,"

"I understand thanks any way," Elleana nodded giving a weak but visible smile back. The two where than interrupted by horn honking; "well speak of the devil," she smiled Daean reflected with his own as the two walked back to the hummer. Daean got into the front seat as he adjusted his hat. He pulled the mirror down for a piece of paper to fall to the ground.

"Hey look at this," Daean called over, the group gathered around to see a picture of the army all waving at the camera. He smirked as he folded the photo and put it in his vest. "I think we got a delivery to make," Daean announced.

"Yeah let's get this MacGuffin to Eden," Lucius announced, the group shared a confused look before starting west. Daean smiled as they drove off, but it faltered a bit as he remembered someone wasn't with them anymore.

Daean smiled fondly as the garage door closed, he smirked as he walked back up the long case of stairs checking a few hidden doors along the way. Each room was filled with supplies and one was an inside green room. A small bathroom and with the mattress he picked up had started to carve a new room to sleep in. Daean walked up to the main room to fine le place had been picked apart.

"Always when I am not around, damn it," Daean sighed as he started to pick up his books. "Well at least of have something to do.

Alicia sat down on a sofa, her new home it looked better than ever. The walls were painted the door was solid the couch was soft and new. The dishes weren't broken the water ran smoothly, she had everything for a happy home. So why then did she feel like she was missing a very important piece of it all?

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