The Blessed

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Chapter 40

It had been a month or so since Daean had left, and despite a few calls, Alicia didn't hear much from him.

"Big Mama, my shifts, over I will be heading home," Alicia reminded. The little woman waved her off,

"Sure thing, I got a few bars in north town, to check out so could you help me close up?" asked Big Mama. Alicia smirked and nodded as she started to put the tables up. Big Mama had opened up a small chain in the area and she often went over to other bar's to make sure nobody was causing problems. The two stacked the bar stools up as some of the new workers started to shuffle out.

"So how is Sam doing?" asked Big Mama with a sly grin on her face. "I here he was been visiting more frequently," she smirked. Alicia fought down a blush,

"No he's just comes over he often just takes up space on the couch to read," Alicia denied the implications. "Most of the time he is just over to check on me nothing serious,"

"Sure," Big Mama, smiled in her 'I know the truth' grin.

"Cut that out," Alicia smirked back as she set the last stool up. "Well, I'll see you tomorrow," Alicia waved good bye and Big Mama waved back. She walked out into the streets the area was filled with people now entering and leaving buildings. She looked up at the outer walls and could see small splotches of people walking on the very uneven top. Sarten was still working and he had made progress but sadly it would take a long time before the walls, were sized down. Not to mention good amount of his help ran off after the lasers were scrapped.

Alicia waved up at them, but she was too far away to be seen. She turned down the road and spotted a green bill with Daean's face on it. "Well, if you could only see yourself now," she smirked. A man by the name of Bill entered in a few weeks ago and started to throw ideas around for a better standard of money. They used green backs and had put the faces on those heads that fought in the final battle. She smirked but she let them use her face for any bills. But now every time she looked at a single back she saw a picture of Daean in green.

"Hey Alicia," Zack called out as he walked over to the woman. Zack dashed over and was now wearing a more casual version of the old army uniform. Short sleeve shirt and only a simple side arm on a new belt, "Lovely day isn't it?" he asked per he usual greeting.

"It is, a few more clouds in the sky the twins may be giving us a good rain," Alicia smiled she really liked the rain. "I was so happy we they started opening swimming pools," she added as well recently the amount of water in the area had all but tripled in amount.

"Yeah, well I got to keep up on my rounds, Nicholas might be upset. Sorry I mean chief he haven't had any trouble in the crime department, but you never know," Zack smiled. The young man started to walk off when he stopped. "Hey my birthday is coming up soon, you and Sam are more than welcome to come out.

"I'll let him know and I will see if I can make it," Alicia nodded not sure if she would go but figured it best not to hurt his feelings. The two suddenly hurt glass break as a man dropped down a few feet away.

"Well, duty calls Big Mama's causing trouble again," Zack frowned playfully as he dashed over to the man. Alicia smirked as headed north again. She was walking by when she looked over and spotted the new hospital that Dr. Eyes had set up. The Doc had asked if she had wanted to learn but Alicia had little interest in the science. She looked over and say Hail who was walking along to the outer walls, recently the population spikes cause them to star plowing the land outside the walls. The twin had been put in charge and all of the local farms started to work together under her command.

"Hey Alicia," she waved Alicia smiled foundry as she waved back, the others fallowing all waved as well. She was pretty popular but with Sam hanging around none of the boys had been giving her any grief. She looked back at the hospital and inside the windows were a bunch of white uniformed nurses running around, one spotted her and waved but was quickly dragged off by Doctor Eyes. The woman gave her a quick wave and was off to work again.

She looked up at the tower again, she heard that they had one elevator and a lot of people were trying to get a floor it was the in place to be. She rolled her eyes at that the group had agreed that it was to stay a government building and nobody but the twins were allowed to use it as a home. She walked over to her home. It had a good amount of land and had a chain link fence around it. It had to stories a few un-broken windows and looked like it would stay standing for a good long time. She picked up the newspaper for the local news as the rain started to fall down.

"Good thing my plants were looking a little dry, she smirked as she looked over the small green plants she had along the fence. She looked around one last time and she spotted Vicky running around the crazy woman still liked running around in the ward when she called it she wasn't the only one a lot of the local kids were chasing after her as well. Hail looked over at her and smiled fondly as she dashed by.

"Going to check on the new pipe system I thing we are almost done and soon we will have indoor water for everything. Alicia nodded and waved the woman goodbye as she entered her home, she sat down on her yellow stripped couch as she opened up the paper. She looked around and found that there had been no recent information on Daean and the others. The Order of the leo, had seemingly disappeared from the area as well but no mention of them. She thumbed into the next page and Justine was still missing, no signs of a body so he was listed as MIA. Still no word on Chrest either but most were sure she was killed in action. She flipped another page seemed Nicholas would be unveiling a memorial for all those who died in the one month war. The group had found a symbol to go behind a round shield with a sword strait in front of it with a spear and staff crossed behind it. It was now a symbol warn by every police officer in the area and if she remembered was now placed on at least one of Daean's pairs of jeans. She set the paper down as she leaned back she was worried as all hell.

"Anyone home?" asked a voice, she frowned a bit not expecting anyone she got up to answer the door.

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