The Blessed

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Chapter 5

"Who are you," Darius asked in concern no moving his blade the woman vanished he spun around to see her holding a knife at his neck.

"Why don't you read my mind?" she asked all one could see was a small smirk on her face.

"Because I can't," he answered, frustration his words.

"Can't or because you don't know what to look for?" she mocked,

"No I know what I am looking for," he answered.

"Yet here you are miles away from your target you're not sure what you want thanks to that little slip in control back at HQ," she replied,

"How in the world?" Darius asked looking at the woman his hand fell from his Katana.

"I know so many things, but what is the fun in telling you, for now its best we head north, any ideas on how to pass the time?" she asked looking at Darius before removing her blade, "Since we seem to understand, I will be joining your little group,"

"Group? I made no such agreement," Darius reclaiming his voice,

"Well, the nearest city is not very close, so are best bet is to travel together," said the woman. Darius snapped his fingers having found no way out. "So let's get moving,

"Sir?" asked Alicia as she walked up from her sitting position "are you part of the military?" she asked Darius figured using pleading eyes as the man tried not to meet her gaze.

"Yes, I am," the man said not really hearing the question.

"So what are you doing out here dealing with the fallen angels," asked Alicia,

"More or less," said Darius, as he started packing up his gear. "We should head back to the town. We need the water as well as the food," Darius explained, Alicia froze up when she heard that.

"I'd rather not," said Alicia, when Daean wrapped both hands around her

"It's okay," he whispered as the world melted away and only the two existed. She hiccupped, "We need the supplies, so you can stay here and keep the fire going. Me and, Darius here can go alone," he hugged her a little tighter "you can stay here with,"

"Hope," the cloaked woman added in,

"Hope, you'll be fine we'll be gone for a little while," Daean reassured his friend

"I can't believe it they, their all dead," she croaked out as her nails started to dig into Daean's arms. Daean, let her go, and she turned to face him, she had on a sad smile as her eye produced a few tears. She whipped them away as he eyes got a little puffy, Daean picked up the blanket. Tossing it at her face,

"Dry up girl you're tougher than that," Daean smiled,

"Insensitive, Jerk," she glared back at him a small smile hidden under the blanket.

"Not to interrupt you lovers spat we have no supplies at all and the closest water supply just got burned to ash," claimed Daean as the two turned to face him. "So if you don't mind let's get moving,

"Whatever," Alicia muttered, as her glare turned lethal as she glared at Darius.

"Good point, even the blessed can only last two days without food and water at best, sadly the closest town is five days away. Are best bet would be to return to the town and gather anything we could," Darius answered as he looked to the rising sun. "So Hope," he glanced over at the woman "and Alicia was it?" the teenage girl nodded "Will stay put, me and Daean, will be back by the time the sun starts to set," The group each nodded in agreement, as the two started to walk of Hope grabbed Darius by the elbow and pulled his ear close.

"Darius, I need you to talk to Daean on your little trip to town get him to open up a bit," Hope whispered.

"Why would I do that, wait what the hell did you do?" asked Darius as he noticed Daean was frozen in place. Darius looked a moment at Alicia and notice she was only slowed down, placing the thought to the back of his mind for now he stared back at the figure.

"This, is a time Machine, it should explain a bit but for now all you need to know is that the boys powers go far beyond that of any blessed ability in the world. Do you really want a living weapon with a bad attitude and a thirst for revenge?"

`"No," the man said turning his eyes away,

"Good now get moving," she ordered as time and Daean started to walk again. Darius blinked a moment as Daean looked back a moment,

"How did you do that?" asked Daean,

"Do what asked hope, you're wasting daylight get moving," ordered Hope, The two nodded and started walking. They were long out of earshot when,

"Do you trust that woman?" asked Darius as he used his mind to see what Alicia was seeing as she looked at the robbed figure.

"What, she is a woman?" asked Daean as he looked up at the bearded man, the man gave him a dubious look before nodding. "Crap I got my ass kicked, and by a woman no less," The bearded man chuckled at the teen.

"Kid you got a lot to learn about woman, they can be so much more dangerous than any gun or any blessed ability,"

"You been around, what do you know of this blessed powers?" asked Daean as he eyes went to the tracks.

"Me, well about as much as the Church of Eden tells, God was angry at the wars and Human arrogance so he sent down an Angel that burned threw the sky. It destroyed many a great Nation, China, Vietnam, and a good portion of Russia,"

"How big?" asked Daean,

"What!" asked Dar,

"How big were the countries?" asked Daean ignoring the boys stumble.

"Right, of course," the man regained his composure "Let's say" the man replied as he looked around "Ah let's say um your town is a mile or so and say maybe 50 or more represent the length of Japan. Perhaps 350 the length of Russia, You know never mind never mind, There is nothing to compare it to you really haven't been outside that place of your home town. Tell you the truth you haven't seen enough to give it a descent enough scope,"

"Oh okay," said Daean frowning a bit, but nodding as the two walked on.

"Now back to the story; sent every Government down the tube and watched as the one small patch in the south of North America, became the target of every person the only place truly safe. He claimed he was angry and only let those in that the Mist had not harmed. Some that started up churches believe Mist is some kind of decision maker those of kind hearts; which I highly doubt," explained Darius.

"What makes you say that?" Daean asked as he looked up at the older man.

"That one woman we have been dealing with," Darius pointing out Hope,

"Good point," nodded Daean. The two walked on at a steady pace as Darius took on the role of explaining the different things he had come across.

"So men actually fly in these things, no offence but I don't think metal would be a very good idea for a point much less a... Airplane,"

"Perhaps you'll see for yourself,"

"Honestly I have no clue as to where to go, no home no family. My dad never really told me what to do in these situations," Daean replied.

"Hmm, not sure what I would do, I have my own problems to deal with but for now let's worry about getting to the next town," replied Darius, as he gave the younger man a pat on the back.

"Question, Blessed powers how extreme do they usually get?"

"No very strong one is lucky to kill with most blessed powers maybe one or two men tops it's rare to get much use out of it. Some who do don't always realize it, lighting shock maybe able to call up a little water and believe its just perspiration. It's not like these powers are given a manual but nobody has ever cataloged them. Some cases a whole group of people could be altered at once and others could have their twin get a gift while the other gets a curse. It's near impossible to determine who gets what and what are the limits,"

"Could it be compared to a mussel then, the more you use it the stronger it gets," asked Daean.

"Possible," said Dar as he rubbed his beard "You know it could explain a thing or two, I might test that theory," Daean smiled happy to have proved he was ill-informed, not stupid.

"You mentioned your dad, did he die when you where young?" asked Dar,

"No he was shot during the um raid and well my home got burned down," answered Daean,

"The Fallen angels?" Darius questioned as he looked at the young man a confused look in his eyes.

"Well no not really," Daean shook his head as he stared down at the tracks

"An accidental spark?" asked Darius,

"Well it was a spark," admitted Daean eyes firmly at his feet, Darius nodded not really wanting to press the issue.

"Well were are almost there, keep your chin up we may not like what we see," Darius sighed as he started to walk a little faster. Daean swallowed as he walked after as the flat lands started to become blackened and the shadow of wood spiking out of the ground.

Daean hugged himself as the smell of burnt flesh assaulted his noise. Daean knelled over as he purged his stomach of his last meal. The area was now covered in burnt wood and rusted metal nothing above a foot was left standing small groups of bodies. Daean stumbled as he continued to walk in looking down to see an mechanical hand, the face was, Daean gave a small satisfied smirk but said nothing as he walked over the former bully. Daean whipped the purged meal off of his face as he tried to find his voice.

"So, um what exactly are we looking for?" asked Daean as his mind went back to the topic at hand.

"Anything," Darius grunted out as he pushed some wood out of the way of a charred door frame "that's useful," Daean walked up behind him, Darius put his hands out in front of Daean as he slowly tested the wood under his feet. Daean tried to keep his shuttering under control as he started to shake;. Darius walked over and rubbed his back, noticing the shakes Darius walked over to the bar and after a good look slipped over. He grabbed to shot glasses and some beer. Pouring a glass "You old enough?" the young man shrugged not sure what age of consent was or his age for that matter. "Well like anyone's going to care," as he finished.

"I thought Alcohol was a depressant?" asked Daean,

"It is but this stuff helped me out, just don't become addicted it may help dull the pain but this can get you into trouble, clear?" Darius almost shouted. Darius slide the drink over to Daean the boy took a sip and almost spit it out, he forced it down then slammed the rest.

"You had friends die?" asked Daean as he rubbed his forehead,

"Yeah you wouldn't think the Army would get much use but there are people who want to fight the self proclaimed God,"

"Who would want to fight a God?" asked Daean,

"Those who don't believe he is one,"

"Do you?" asked Daean, the older man finished his drink as he looked over the bar.

"Doesn't matter for now, let's find some water and weapons who knows what we will find out here," Darius tossed Daean a cloth backpack as he started to search the remains for water and other supplies. Darius clasped a hand on Daean's shoulder, "I can hear thoughts, that kid is human. I felt that selfish satisfaction in your mind, Daean he had hard life to him you had a amazing girl friend as well as a father. You even had good looks, he was jealous of you in a bad way, but he was jealous none the less. If you take anything away from his death just know anyone and everyone can and someday will die," said Darius.

"He didn't have a father?" asked Daean,

"You'd be surprised how much you pick up just by walking near a person," explained Darius "Come one we got work to do any water, food, or anything to carry anything with,"

Daean lifted some of the ash and wood with two fingers as he poked around. The two had found a few bottles of un-opened water and moved on to each building until they came to the tech shop. Darius had to hold the boy down to keep him from running into it, after a bit of calming down.

"Shit the moisture collectors are gone, the thing was worth a million water bottles," the man snapped his fingers as Daean quickly rummaged three grabbing a few pistol shaped objects. "What are you grabbing?" asked Darius.

"Energy pistols I remembered the bubbles were shields standard for most military men while most basic fire arms don't work these can disrupt them for a little while and allow long range weapons to be used," explained Daean "Only some high class outlaws can use them since they are so expensive. But usually out here they are useless but considering who attacked us it be best to have one," Daean smiled as he tossed the weapon over to Darius

"You do realize that if you ever get a shield you won't be able to you long range weapons unless you shut down your own shield of right?" asked Darius. The teen nodded as he shoved the last one into his pocket. The two had collected enough provisions their backpacks were filled, Darius the noticed a second smoldering pile not too far out of town.

"Well on last place to stop," said Darius as he started to walk, Daean shook his head.

"That's my house nothing worth getting," the boy turned ready to walk away.

"Then we can at least say something for your father come on you need some closer if anything," Darius grabbed his wrist and led him back to the teen's home.

Neither spoke as Darius shoveled ash onto the teen's father covering up the bones. Daean stared hollow eyed as he watched his only relative buried. Daean looked for a long time before he collapsed to his knees hiding his face as tears streamed done his face.

"If I only woke up sooner I might have been able to save him," the boy blurted out. Darius threw his shovel down.

"The man was shot nothing you could have done," the man said as he helped the boy to his feet. Daean put his arms around the older man's body as he cried the bottom of Darius's beard rubbed into the boy's hair. Darius after a moment returned the hug as the boy let out the last of his tears.

Darius picked the remains of Daean father and gently placed them in a body bag he had picked up. "Any where you want to bury him?" asked the bearded man. Daean nodded,

"yes, the hillside next to mom," answered the teen, as he looked up at the mountain, Darius frowned not looking forward to the hike.

"Okay," answered Darius as he picked up the body, Daean turned to the last building in the area still standing. Daean, walked into the old work shop his hand trailing the walls as an old memory surfaced….

"DAD!" yelled a twelve year old Daean, His father was sitting in an old computer chair, playing with an old computer chip. The man set it down and rotated the chair to see his small son.

The two walked on in silence of mutual respect back to the town after a word for Sherriff Tom. The group walked back to the girls as the sun blazed over the dead lands.

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