The Blessed

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Chapter 6

"So what's your story?" asked Alicia, as she looked over to the hooded figure,

"Time traveler, here to hopefully set things right call me Hope might be easier for you to have a name for me," the woman smirked.

"So what happens to me?" asked Alicia hope coming to life in her eyes. Hope didn't say anything.

"Why do you want to know?" asked Hope as her cloaked head turned to look at Alicia.

"I want to know if, I don't know,"

"looking to the future for truth and meaning is hardly the way to live a life, Just know that I have seen many possible lives you live. All have only one thing in common you will die eventually, the rest is up to you,"

"What about you did you ever well, um you know get involved with a guy?" she asked ash she looked back at the figure. "I mean it must be hard to see people you have seen before and your friends and family not have any memory of you,"

"I, well my first crush didn't work out, he died and I got saved by a boy, but he was still good to me he died a couple of years after my crush," answered the woman. Alicia looked at the woman feeling truly sorry, "After that I didn't really feel the need to go after relationships, it's all about making sure are little base camp survives and at least gets a chance at a happy ending,"

"That doesn't sound good, a chance at a Happy ending," Alicia repeated, running her hand threw her hair. "Ouch, damn it a knot," Alicia complained when Hope tossed her an object.

"A hair brush?" asked Alicia as she turned over the brush,

"Not just a hair brush, made of refined wood, and gilded with gold and a diamonds on both sides one of the most expensive items I ever owned,"

"I could never," Alicia stuttered out not wanting to take something so valuable.

"Take it, the item was a gift from my late lover and it is nothing but a reminder keep it safe and away from prying eyes people will try to steal it,"

"I, thank you," Alicia whispered as she raced over and gave the woman a hug the hood keeping the younger form see any more than a small smile. Alicia broke the hug and after blushing she then went to work on her hair.

"Ouch," she yelped, as she ran it threw once the older woman surprised a laugh but Alicia caught it. "Could you um help me I never brushed my hair before," the girl asked looking down in shame.

"Well let's take a whack at those rats' nests, this going to hurt a bit," said Hope as she rolled up her sleeves to go to work. Alicia sat down as the older woman got behind her on her knees. Alicia whimpered a bit as the older woman went to work on Alicia's long hair, that hadn't been combed in eighteen years.

A figure in a black long Cape, the cape met with a silver chain around the figures neck and covered his left hand. His face was covered by a pure black visor. The visor ended at the man's chin and started at the back of his head at level with his ears. The visor met with a black armor plate the hugged the chin as well as the back of the skull, allowing the figure to move his neck unhindered. The man's actual clothing was similar to a samurai but more streamlined nothing the armor plates over his black cloth gave protection but did not hinder his movement in the slightest. The man held in his hand a cross, the chain was connected to the wrong end as he twirled it on its chain. The figure had been watching the two figures enter the remains of and small village, The figure started to turn when the two started to head back. The figure pressed a button on the metal plate on his chin and a small transparent panel appeared in front of his face. The panel Zoomed in on Darius, bring up his data and MRF records a red bar appeared,

"Mission parameters state Darius is not to be attacked or spoken to. Over all Blessed power level 3. Similar individuals Micheal, Skits and well as your Self Agent stone," said a female voice in a static monotone. The panel quickly switched over to the second and shorter individual. The panel took unusually long, the figure shrugged and lifted his hand up to shut the system off. "Genetic match," said the program.

"So you were taken from your family at twelve?" asked Daean "I can't imagine something like that," the teen shook his head, he was about to ask a question when smoke erupted in front of the two.

"Oh god no," muttered Darius as he pushed Daean behind him,

"Who?" was all Daean got out,

"A murder that's all you need to know, run" Darius drew his katana, it gave a click as the blade came into the sun. Light reflected thru the stretched circles at the back of the blade as it was released from its blue container, as Darius went for his gun. The weapon flue away from its holster the weapon skidded to a halt at the figures foot. The black cloaked figure waved a gloved hand over the weapon and it fell to pieces. The hood jerked back up as the figures attention returned to the pair. Daean gripped his rapier,

"I thought I told you to run," said Darius,

"To where, I be more helpful staying back and using him as target practice," Daean answered the bearded figure nodded but didn't argue. Stretching his mind out Darius tired to concentrate on the figure but was pulling up a blank.

The figure pointed to the black dome like mask as if it gave all the explanation. The figure male in shape raised his single free hand.

Darius gritted his teeth as summoned up his power to wrap around his blade sharpening it. The figure gave a chuckle as an invisible wave slammed into Darius knocking him of his feet into Daean. Darius used his power to gripe the ground flipping back to his feet as Daean slid into the dirt. The figure drew two blades their hilts hidden in the black uniform. Darius shoved a hard blast of energy at the figure but his raised hand seemed to redirect the blast harmlessly into the dirt. Darius growled at the figure vanished Blade met blade as Darius turned to block. Darius was pushed back as he felt himself lifted into the air; the man had a second to realize it as he was thrown hard into the earth. Darius griped the Earth as he felt himself being pulled back into the air. Darius took a bit of the earth up with, as he fell tossing it back at the figure. The figure sliced the dried dirt away creating a large cloud of dust, as Darius fell back to the ground. He landed in a grunt as he picked himself up. The man's mask was much more than he let on hints of thoughts were all he could get nothing more movements and attacks nothing else. The figure appeared behind again delivering a sharp kick to the back. Darius grunted as he pushed the leg back keeping his blade high and in between them. The Black robed figure stabbed his blade into the ground as he adjusted his black leather gloves. Darius studied the blade a moment and put it to the side as he got back to his feet. The figure attacked first bring his blade down, Darius blocked the strike pushing the blade to the side as he kicked. He missed as the figure weaved around the kick. Darius twisted his body into the air he spun avoiding a blade aimed at his neck. Darius skidded as his feet hit the dirt his had catching him as his pointed at the man.

The figure put his blade away and raised a single hand Darius went stiff as his body went up and then tossed away. The body skidded and rolled as it hit the ground a good ways away. The man rolled to a stop and didn't move. The figures attention returned to Daean who was still on the ground his arms behind him propping up his body as he watched an amazed expression on his face mixed with a now growing fear. The figure put his away blending in with the robe Daean charged up his electricity and fired the figure deflected it with little issue. Daean quickly got to his feet backing away as he tried to volt the enemy. The figure picked up speed and in an instant his hand locked around the teen's neck. Air became scarce fast as the boy tried to break the hold. Lightening erupted form Daean's body bolts sticking the man trying to kill him,

"Shit," Hope swore as she recognized the light show "I forgot about him, quickly teleporting easy. Alicia quickly running to the light as well,

The Hand was forced away as a metal staff slammed into the man's forearm. He pulled his hand away as the staff was slammed into his fore head. He was pushed back as Hope appeared out of nowhere. She twisted fast slamming the pole into his gut the man fell to his knees he drew both blades fast as the pole went at his head. The two blades went high as he brought both down. Hope bashed both away quickly taking the mid part of her pole slammed it into his chest. The figure growled as he re drew his blades, he twirled fast attacking her fingers she pulled one away as he pushed up knocking her blade into the air. He maneuvered the pole between his two blades as he tossed it to the side the two blades sung in sing tarring into her brown robe. She fell back, as she held the two thin lines in her now exposed olive skin. She took up a quick stance as two gauntlets gleamed in the sun. The two blades came down she duck into then passed the arc delivering a hard punch into the man's face. The blades came back the gauntlets deflect both as she got closer slamming both fist into the man's gut one after the other. The figure flexed to finger as the woman was pushed back a few drops of blood fell from her stomach.

Darius struggled to his feet, he rolled his shoulders as he called back the parts to his pistol the weapon reassembled as he re holstered it. His blade came back cart wheeling back into his hand.

"I couldn't take him down with a gun and a sword; that crazy woman, if you think you can beat him with a stick!" Darius muttered

He concentrated as his energy came back as well as his skill he had once pushed to the back of his mind. Darius charged fast, Hope teleported away allowing Darius to retake the fight, His knee sailed over the figures head he twisted slamming his elbow into the man's back. He landed as two blades came from behind. Darius intercepted bring his katana up the two struggled a moment, Darius twisted as he threw a kick back the kick was dodge by the telekinetic energy shoved the figure back. Darius twisted back bringing his Katana down as well slicing fast at the man's head. Hope charged in aiming for the man's back her pole met steel as the figure pushed both back with a quick blast a quick motion and Hope fell to her ass when a large blast erupted knocking the figure into the air the figure collected himself and landed on his feet his robe slowly dropping the earth. Darius gave a wave of his hand allowing Hope to tend to her wounds which were starting to bleed a bit more. Darius gripped his Katana with both hands now, as he pushed himself with his telekinetic energy he brought down a hard swing both of the thin blades bent as the swords bent one snapped as the Katana shaved of part of the sleeve scraping up the arm. Pale skin shown, the figure studied Dar a moment than Hope before turning to Daean he aimed a kinetic blast knocking the boy back to the ground the sound of bones snapping echoed and the figure vanished in a small spiral of smoke. Hope slumped to the dirt ground breathing heavily, Darius smirked a bit as he walked over to the woman and offering her a hand helped her up.

"He went easy on you," said Darius as he turned to Daean who was clutching his left arm blood was coming out.

"Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit," swore Daean as he fought the urge to scream "SHIT! This Hurts!" screamed the boy as he griped his left arm in pain. Darius kneeled down taking out to smooth metal rods, wrapped some white cloth around the two tints then wrapped the cloth around his neck to support his arm.

Darius grabbed the boy with his telekinetic abilities and set him on feet. "Be more careful next time both of you," he ordered.

"Hey where did the pain go?" asked Daean,

"I blocked it out for now, makes it easier to work," answered Dar not looking up.

"Yes I'll think about that next time I have to step in to save your ass," she snapped back.

"Saved my as you stepped in after he had tossed me around like a doll, not to mention you step in I was back on my feet only a few minutes you just held him of at best he didn't even use his powers against you," Darius growled, he was going to thank her but now he was mad she wanted it on demand.

"Um can I say something?" asked Daean raising his one hand.

"No mommy and Daddy are talking so hush up!" Darius barked, as he glared at the teen. The teen's eyebrow went up as he looked at Dar a moment.

"Mommy and Daddy?" Hope repeated an amused look on her face "Oh Darius I had no idea you loved me that much," she smiled. He could almost see her flashing her eyelids under her hood.

"May I have the honor of knowing my "Mother's" name," Daean asked a smirk on his face.

"Hope," she smiled as the two played with Darius's poor choice in words.

"You got to tell me Dar how you hooked up with such a Beautiful wife?" asked Daean a small grin on his face.

"What's that suppose to mean?" the man asked as he looked at Daean a moment "And no we are not married," the man added clearly flustered as he stormed off.

"Oh shit if we are here who's watching Alicia oh crap," Daean swore as he went of running ignoring the pain his left arm was causing.

"Nice idea fixing up with humor, but did you really need to pick on me?" asked Darius an un-amused look on his face.

"I have no idea what you are talking about hubby," she smiled under her hood as Darius turned away in frustration.

"You still have some explaining to do," said Darius,

"I know and you have some waiting to do," she countered before vanishing.

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