The Blessed

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Chapter 7

"How in the world to did you break your arm?" asked Alicia the moment she saw them approaching.

"I don't want to talk about it Alicia," answered Daean as he walked past her,

"Got your butt kicked again?" asked Alicia,

"Got his butt kicked royally again," corrected Hope,

"I heard that," growled Daean as he folded up the blanket as best he could. Alicia hide a smile as she refolded the blanket, Daean got to his feet, looked at the two adults,

"Okay lets head north we aren't getting any more supplies waiting around here," announced Hope as the group of four walked on. Daean stepped forward with Alicia right behind him. Darius was about to follow when an iron grip clamped onto his left arm. Darius turned to see the hood of Hope,

"Stop holding back," Hope growled,

"I wasn't holding back," Darius replied as he tried to twist out her grip.

"Bull Shit, and you know it, that gun would have taken at least five minutes to put together even with years of taking it apart and putting it together. You did it in less than ten seconds, which requires concentration and precision than even the most precise and usually weakest mind movers," She growled "Then the next your snapping rapiers. Blocking out a sense mental is also a high power, in short holding back," she squeezed his arm a little harder.

"So what?" Darius asked as he ripped his arm out of her grip, he glared at her a moment,

"That's what," she answered pointing at Daean "He got hurt for your lack of ability your holding back will kill more people killed then your blade. My stick as you called it fended off the devil's advocate, don't diss the Stick," she walked off, then man rubbed his beard a moment as he watched the three then walked after them. Darius shook his head a he pondered what she had said.

"Perhaps some training later on," the man mussed Daean heard the word training and shot up to the man.

"Um Dar, I so what you did and all I was wondering if you could you know train me," asked Daean, clearly uncomfortable with asking.

"Maybe I have things to sort out on my own for now we travel nothing more," answered Dar he looked at Daean "Well perhaps a few pointers on blade and unarmed combat," Daean noticeably perked up at that before walking along side the older man. "IS this what it's like to have a son?" The bearded man thought.

The group walked on Daean poked at the embers of the fire as Alicia's breath continued quietly not too far away from him. A voice came into his head "My fault, I shouldn't have been there,"

"What?" thought Daean,

"My Fault deaths, on my hands, I could never tell, knew I get along but my fault," the whispers continued but no one in sight. Daean's eyes twitched as looked around, not a moving lip in sight as the voice; it was long into the night before finally falling asleep.

Daean grumbled as he rubbed his eyes as the group packet up, "What did you do, stare at the fire for too long last night?" asked Alicia.

"Voices most of the night seriously freaked me out," answered Daean "Speaking of which how are, the water supplies?" asked Daean.

"Not good it would be stretching it a bit to keep going," Answered Alicia as she put on her backpack.

"Not like we have a choice the town we are going to is the closest, no water between here and there," said Darius.

"Well I have heard of an oasis in the area, but I would need a proper vantage point, care to give me a lift?" she asked Darius raised an eyebrow but did so slowly lifting her up into the air. Hope shook a bit as Dar slowly and shakily held her higher and higher in the air. Alicia held her breath as the two sent her higher and higher. "Found it not to far north east, let me down slowly, Ah shit I said, Slowly. you bastard!" Hope screamed as Darius played his little joke. The woman clung to her brown cloak with a new found grip.

"I see London," called Daean, the woman quickly wrapped her leg under her, as she was lowered a bit more.

"I am going to kill you for this!" she barked as Alicia looked away shaking her head. Hope let her feet touch the ground, a moment before slapping Darius, and storming off. Darius rubbed the back of his head as he walked up to her.

"Look I didn't mean," Dar apologized as he walked up next to her. "Look I'm sorry," Said Dar following around to her other side. The woman kept her eyes hidden but a small point was held high in the air. Alicia and Daean hung back as the four walked hard across the barren wasteland all the while Darius trying to apologize. Soon trees became seen as well as pipes as the group came into soft soil. Daean stripped of his shoes as did Alicia as the two dashed around in the soft soil.

"I never thought the ground could be this soft," said Alicia, as she wiggled her toes in the dirt. Daean walked not too far behind her carrying his worn shoes, a small smile on his face. The group found themselves not too far away from a pool of water and a good dozen pipes. Three figures stood one was male with a long green cape covering his entire body. The two women were twins both with brown curly hair and a dark brown skin tone.

"Welcome travelers," the two said in unison,

"I'm hail," greeted the one on the left

"And I am Nicky," greeted the one on the right.

"We are the rainmakers, and plant growers," they both said in unison.

"Greetings," said Hope "we came from the southern town, it was just taken and was hoping for some water and directions," as the three exchanged pleasantries, Daean looked over and noticed the man, his body was covered by a green cape which ended a few inches above the ground his body was covered with a second green cloth covering over his shoulders. Outside of that he had a white face and dark brown hair.

"Talk about an eyesore," whispered Alicia, as the two chuckled to themselves, the two twins giggled at hearing that.

"That would be the armor of a green knight correct, they are usually blessed and very powerful mock him at your own risk," said Darius as he looked over at the man.

"Oh yes how rude of us, he was in the middle of telling us are fortune, be back," the two said as they dashed off.

"Well that's are cue I asked and we can fill up on water but food is only available if we buy it," said Hope.

"Well I don't have much currency here mostly just military coin not much good out here," said Dar,

"Military credits, will not do here huh?" asked Daean, as he went to the lake. The teen crouched down and after a quick taste of the water. Filled Daean looked over as the man shuffled a deck of cards as the two girls he spread them out in three rows of three before pausing to talk. Daean wondered a moment before capping his water. The group looked at one another,

"Shall we set up camp, and wait till better traveling conditions?" asked Darius. The group shrugged, unconcerned and after a quick gathering of dead wood a small fire and bags appeared. The twins joined the group as well as the eco knight.

The knight filled the air as the Green knight placed the cards in Daean's hand,

"If you want I can read your Future," he smiled, Daean shrugged, as he gingerly shuffled the cards. Daean returned them,

"Lucius is the name, and telling you truths is my game," as he placed the cards three by three, and started to read. "Uh-oh, the death card,"

"The what?" asked Daean, The man chuckled,

"Nothing to worry about it just means the ending off a situation, it seems you are involved in something far bigger than you realize and you will an important role in the events to come, but how and why are a mystery. This is odd it's almost like I am reading for two people and not one," the knight rubbed his shin with his index figure in confusion. Daean, waited a moment, "So you there Darius right want me to tell yours,

"No thanks," said Darius, as he shook his head,

"So does anyone know any good, stories?" asked Alicia, wrapped up in warn green blanket.

Daean got up half listening as, Vicky started up a story,

"There once was a man, that lived alone," She started a bit off s song in the flow. "He soon found a wife, in a place called paradise. He lived a long day, working and living, not a hardship in the way," she spoke, Daean closed his eyes his father was sitting next to him in his bed.

The two voices lined up, "He soon found a friend who did a terrible deed, and hide him away. The friend was found, and the man fled away, paradise lost, foe ever gone away. The Man and his friend fought. Seeking vengeance the man beat his friend and sought solace in his wife and sought, a new life," His father's voice took over as Daean started to speak as well. "The Man and the wife walked long ways away, the wife with child, the too sought a home. The two built one up and the old friend showed up. The friend begged for a place, incapable to fend, The Man unfounded wanted nothing to do but the wife begged for the man to let go off his hate. The man ignored clinging to this taint. The man Sent the friend away, as the wife the wife withered but left a son, the Man became hollow, and withered in the sun. In the end the man feared his hate did her in, and swore never to hate again," Daean mouthed as Vicky finished. Daean whipped away a bit of sweat, form his head he had been swinging his word around rapidly. Daean noticed that Lucius had been watching him,

"Could you teach me?" asked Daean, turning his head to see them man standing not too far away. The man seemed to think a moment before reaching down to the ground his hands went into the ground like into water and pulled out, to small sword like objects hilts and a small cross guard but looked like a sand sculpture than a weapon. Daean looked at them, he grabbed one with his working right hand before frowning.

"I'm left-handed," growled Daean to his bad luck.

"Good a good swords man can use both his left and right equally," said the man as he tossed the blade to Daean. He caught it fast but the weight sent the teen to the grounded,

"What is this thing made of... you know what, never mind," replied Daean sensing a smart remark if he finished that sentence.

"Okay training starts now better learn fast boy or you're going to be clack and blue in time to go to bed," the man shouted.

"What!" asked Daean as the man took a swipe at him, Daean ducked as the man swiped at him.

"Block already," the man shouted, Daean feebly tried to block by instead got a bad bruise on his bad arm.

"Crap, crap, shit bad arm!" Daean shouted as he started to run,

"Get back here we are not done yet!" shouted the man.

"Well I am!" he shouted Daean as he raced off, the green capped man dashing off after him.

"Last time I bet against a time traveler," muttered Darius, as he handed over a small ruby.

"Told you he would be running, how many laps do you bet he will do?" asked hope.

"No, not this time, I am not taking anymore bets with you," the man frowned "I am going to bed early," Alicia was sitting on a log not to far as she looked up at the sun before giving Hope a look of confusion.

Darius sat down watching the water reseed as he took out the small diamond he rolled it around his palm. He took out a small canteen and after a small swig "What do I do old friend?" asked Darius as he looked at the ripples.

"Lt. Michael Sherman, sir!" saluted a younger Darius,

"At ease, soldier" said the older man he turned his armored uniform clanging it's helmet slid down inside revealing long stingy brown hair. The man kept it combed back,

"Permission to speak freely sir," said Darius as he adjusted his standard MRF uniform it was a simple blue uniform keeping a hand gun rifle and sword. The blue uniform stretched with him as the two walked on.

"A good solider doesn't ask questions, if they say this operation will help then I will take it," said the bulky man.

"We both know about each other's powers and I have been hearing things lately, and it just doesn't sit will," said Darius. The two looked outside their MRF building a small energy field protected the trainees.

"Hopefully this operation will help find a cure for this mystical poison, hopefully,"

"You really believe that the reason, God is the main reason behind this whole thing why would he need to send you thru an operation to fix the problem it makes no sense," said Darius.

"True but god works in mysterious ways," the older man smirked, as he walked up to the front office. "Time for me to get going, keep those Rebels running, hopefully I'll be back soon," Darius watched the man walked the dual doors closing behind him. Darius blinked as the water rippled he looked up as the sun seemed to burn the earth Darius turned to see Daean fending off the green nights sword attacks.

"We may make a descent brawler out of him yet," smirked the MRF Solider.

"If we're lucky," Hope smirked,

"When did you?" Darius half asked as he turned to see Hope standing behind him.

"Just making sure your on the right track, nothing is as it seems," answered Hope.

"Ouch!" shouted Daean as he dropped down in front of the log both his arms and legs back and blue.

"Oh you big baby, hold still I'll get you wrapped up," Alicia smirked as she got out a small first aid pack they had grabbed from the ruins of the town.

"Well now I believe we were in the middle of something ladies," smirked the man in green. The two ladies giggled as he led the two went back to their taro reading, "Oh and by the way keep practicing," the man smirked as he looked over his shoulder. Daean sighed as he dropped his head back on the log a bit of a trunk echoed as he quickly went to rub the back of his head.

"Listen here I am not wrapping up any bruises you get for stupidity," said Alicia as Daean rubbed the back of his head.

"Why not?" asked Daean,

"We would run out in a week," Alcica answered,

"Ouch," chuckled Darius,

The small group laughed but only two were genuine as the older to looked up at the rising moon on with a fear of the truth the other equipped with the cruel realty of what could happen.

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