The Blessed

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Chapter 8

Daean blinked as he woke but dared not move his body was sore all over, thankfully he managed to defend enough to keep anything major from getting beaten, The man that looked like a green tent was gone as well as the twins. Daean got up slowly and stumbled over to the lack dunking his head in. Daean stumbled back to the camp Darius was sleeping as well and the lightly tanned Hope slept not too far away. Alicia was up and folding everything into bags that wasn't being used. He rustled up a smile for her as he took over her job,

"Thanks, listen I am going to go take a bath in the lake, Am I clear?" she threatened. Daean nodded quickly as the girl gabbed a half burned towel and grabbed the cleaning supplies. Daean quickly went back to work, his back facing the lake when Darius got up. Darius sat up a bit as he looked at Daean huddled forward.

"Uh, Daean, Daean, Daean!" Shouted Darius, the teen looked up, "Why are you huddled up like that?" he asked.

"Alicia's bathing she gets hostile around perverts, so don't go anywhere near the lake, that is if you want to live," said Daean. Darius nodded in understanding as Hope got up.

"I am going to take bath you two better keep your eyes in your head clear?" she asked the two nodded dumbly "Good," Daean and Darius were about to open their mouths "Na, Na No uh nope," she said each time they tried to speak as she grabbed a towel and soap. The two looked at each other.

"This is not going to end well," said Darius as he got up the two quickly picked everything up when a high pitched scream echoed in the area. The two men ignored the sounds of splashing, cursing and screams as they put on their backpacks. The two came back clean, clothed and slightly scratched. Hope's hood was down; her hair was a light brown and chopped real short. She quickly put her hood back on as the two woman glared at each other. After a handing of bags the group headed north.

The next few days of travel we uneventful but Daean was losing less sleep, Voices plunged into his head, when the town finally came into sight the teen had bags eyes, and felt drained.

The group was in shock the one strip town called home was a sliver compared to the town called scavenges. Was surrounded by a wall of rusted metal at lasted twenty men in sight walking along the upper side of them, The gates were open as small groups of people walking in and out. The group headed in as Daean looked on thru the homes here were more metal than wood but feel was the same. Outside the scale most the buildings were one story high a few near the sides of the wall were tall enough to see over the walls and one in the center but nothing else. The group walked threw and after finding a small open area a few feet inside the group finally rested a bit and sat down.

"Now what?" asked Alicia as the group looked at each other,

"Now I get some answers Time traveler, what is it you know," said Darius,

"You already know everything that you need too," Hope answered,

"If that's the truth there shouldn't be a need for a time traveler, everything should be fine, either I die or the fallen Angels lose what could be so important that would you be back here?" asked Darius showing a bit of teeth.

"You already know everything you need to know go on with your quest as you would, I am here to change certain event not be your guide book," she shot back.

"I am not looking for a guide," started Darius,

"I know you want answers, and you will need to go on without them. The Angels are your prime concern answers or otherwise, nothings changes," she stressed.

"Perspective is everything, either you give me answers or I walk," he demeaned as he got to his feet and leaned forward.

"You going to walk away, you have a group of people willing to help, knowledge of what might happen, and an idea of what your are capable?" she asked,

"I have no obligations to you or them, I have a job to do and say what you want military they were honest with themselves," he stood up tall "As well as each other," he said looking directly at the woman's hood. The man turned and stormed off into the city.

"Will he be back?" asked Daean as he looked over at the woman,

"Of course," she said but a thin line on her face said otherwise.

"So ammo, food, water, and a destination; does anyone know where we are going?" asked Alicia forcing a small smile. Hope nodded, as she stood up when she looked up, Daean followed her gaze spying a small red tail of something.

"Flag?" asked Daean raising an eyebrow; the woman gave a fond smile,

"If we are lucky so much more," said the woman as she led the group off. Deaen gave up on the gaze before turning to where Darius vanished.

Darius walked hard he could feel the thoughts of a curious onlooker he turned to see a figure on top of a building. A brown trench coat hung over a smaller frame as a red scarf obscured the lower half of his face. The coats brown hood obscured the rest of his face.

"Playing ninja?" asked a cold tone, the figure gave no regard the figure seemed to study him a moment. He shook his head before as if realizing something before vanishing in a red blur. Darius turned around and gasped the figure appeared a foot away,

"MRF is searching for someone correct?" asked the figure as he fide in a small break between homes his face with the exception of two river blue eyes were shadowed.

"Yes," answered Darius uncertain "A small group of people had stolen from the Angels suit as well as a piece of prime tech which has been used to create a small army, why do you ask?" question Darius,

"Information, nothing more," the figure replied than vanished into the shadow. Darius frowned as he went over to the spot the figure had vanished to he looked down at the foot prints and after a moment turned back to the road he looked to his right than left a moment before deciding.

Not too far away Daean stood outside a rundown store as he listened to Hope and Alicia giggle and nitpick threw clothing, a skirt under her cloak was not something she wanted a repeat off earlier. Daean proceeded to toy with his powers as he juggled a small ball of electricity in his hands. Three hours later the girls came out with Daean juggling about five balls of electricity in the area ad a small pile of coins and money in front of him.

"Well that's surprising," said Hope as Daean shoved the coins into his pocket noticing the girls were finally done. "Training or do anything with his powers was the last thing on his mind I wonder," she mused.

"What?" asked Alicia as she looked up at Hope,

"Nothing," she ended as the two walked up to the Teen.

"You know I never noticed but you two look kind of similar," Daean said as the two walked the road.

"Only because you haven't seen my face, skin tone may be the same nothing else," said Hope as she walked down the road.

"That's not what I meant," muttered Daean as he walked behind her. The three walked on as the group came to a small inn, the three were about to walk in when Hope stopped Daean.

"Listen out of all of us Alicia needs training but you need practice; that pile of garbage over their practice you lighting and gunmanship on it clear?" asked Hope a cold tone coming from her. Daean turned as he stated to set pieces up and started to practice with his revolver. Thru most of the day and part of the evening Daean shot on, the bullet echoed after he pulled as a scream echoed in his head, a dead body flashed in his mind, Daean shook it away. He picked up a few more can's as Sheriff Tom's face flashed in his head. Daean set up the different pieces again he took aim as he saw his father's face the gun dropped from his hand to the ground. Daean stared at it a moment before looking around a moment. He sat down, and began to think, Something bugged him, most towns that far south hand near no supplied and money raiding them would be a useless trip so why. The boy mused the death of his father in home,

"Well I got to do something I can't live with myself unless something is done. But what I am no solider," the teen worked over as he pointed to fingers down and his gun rose up to his hand, "Sweet static electricity on steroids!" Daean shouted as he received a few odd looks from different people. "He he it's uh on a string?" the people kept on walking a few shaking their heads.

Up on the second level of the inn Hope watched, as the kid play with his powers, her memories went back a long time ago.

"Listen they killed my father and hurt you no way should we let a single one of those backstabbing thieves live not one," said a teen faded by time. "Your with me as well Hope, right?

"Listen revenge isn't the answer go home forget about," said a faded beard.

"I'll do whatever I can to help, I follow you, because you are the Hope of this teen and the rest of this world," said a second figure covered in blood before he is shot down.

"SOO!" said Alicia breaking Hope out of her memories, "What now," asked Alicia,

"No well that depends what do you want to do, become a farmer, a soldier, or a traveler. With your looks you could go to Eden. Or you could stay with Daean," said Hope,

"Daean," shed nodded not missing a second, "He is a good friend and all I have left right now besides traveling any were like me is a bad idea at least with, Daean I have some protection,"

Hope nodded but said nothing as she went over to the window. The woman sat down a bag and threw some soap over her shoulder,

"Go take a shower you smell like a trash can," she ordered,

"Hey!" Alicia shouted back her face a bit red as the soap flew over her head. The soap hit a shelf with a few knickknacks on it when the whole thing came crashing down. Alicia flinched a moment and held her hands up in defense. She waited a moment but nothing hit she opened her eye then her right as she saw the objects stopped in mid air. She striated up as she looked around not much difference Hope wasn't still in mid throw. Alicia grabbed each item and set it on the floor grabbed the soap and went to the bathroom. She flipped the nozzle on the tube before sitting down to take of her socks. She looked at the tub no water; she banged the pipe again nothing. "What did they shut the water of or something?" asked Alicia she went back to the main room and ignoring Hope slipped on her shoe and out the door she went.

"Hey, Hey, Hey, stupid, stop ignoring me," she shouted as she tried to get the attention of the clerk who's back was turned to her. She picked up a bell at the table and threw it at the guy it stopped the moment it left her hand. "Oh right," she smirked as she walked back up to her room. She got back into the room and bath room as she tried to undo whatever she had done. "Okay play, go fast, revert back to… normal, Okay how do turn this off?" she asked herself. She shut her and scrunched up her face nothing she opened on eye at the mirror, "Good thing nobody can see me," she frowned as she sat down with a hollow thump. She took in and released a deep breath when the water turned back on.

"And make sure you get behind your ears," Hope started up again as a man screamed "Ouch" not too far away. "Are you listening to me when did you get in the shower," shouted Hope.

"Oh brother," said Alicia as she buried her head in her hands.

Daean looked up as he suddenly heard a man cursing about a stapler, as he turned form his electricity. Daean frowned as he tossed on up and down he chucked it at the gunk pill the little ball giving of a small static sound as it fell.

"Not a very noisy power is it?" Daean turned to find out what the man was cursing about, when

"BBOOOOMMM," Daean froze mid step as junk parts started falling from the sky. Many curse words came up now as everyone looked around to find out where the C4 went off. Daean silently went back into the Inn as the groups of people looked around confused as to what happened.

"Daean!" Shouted Hope,

"Crap I'm in trouble," thought Daean as he silently cursed the time traveler.

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