The Blessed

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Chapter 9

"What were you thinking an electric grenade of all things you want to vaporize half the city it isn't much to look at but I like the idea of it being left standing. Honestly 50 pushups now," Hope ordered Daean glared as he got down and started the exercise.

"What was that outside I nearly fell down in there?" Alicia asked as she dried her hair off, with a lose towel before seeing Daean on the ground exercising. "Odd as long as I had known you Daean exercise seemed to be the last thing on your mind," said Alicia as she sat down and started brushing her hair.

"Dumb ass here decided he would play around with one of the most destructive forces of Nature In the middle of a highly populated area," answered Hope, Daean glared at her not appreciating the sarcastic tone. "Less glaring more pushups," ordered Hope not even turning her head.

"Woman's every were and hears everything," Thought Daean, "I need to get out of here,"

"Don't even think about it," said Hope.

"OH Shit!" thought Daean,

"Fine but I don't like and as far away from the city as possible if we let him train with lighting," replied Hope.

"Fair enough," said Alicia,

"Don't I get a say in the matter?" asked Daean.

"NO!" they both shouted as they turned to face him. Daean sighed,

"I really miss Darius," he muttered as the two woman continued to discus where he was going to train.

"Okay so what do I do now?" asked Daean as he looked back at Hope and Alicia, Both shrugged,

"How should we know your powers not mine?" Hope yelled back. The group was a good long way from the city in the middle of a giant area with dirt and sand being the only attractions the two girls as far away as they could get and still see him.

Daean looked around a moment he snapped his fingers a bolt of lightning danced a second, he smirked as he played with the lighting he drew his hands away from each other as lighting danced from tip to tip. He concentrated and a ball formed in the center of his body, He smiled as it launched; the ball charged a good fifty feet easy in least than a split second before hitting the ground a massive discharge of lighting. The lighting rippled thru the ground before shooting back into the sky. The girls watched the lighting move.

"Here I thought only a good fire was what you wanted to stare at all night," whispered Alicia. Daean prompted more charging up the lighting in his hand as he shot a supersized version of his bolts from back home, he light up the sky even with the sun high in the sky. Daean twisted firing a second stream of lighting from his other hand. He poured in more to his hands as lighting arched between his fingers the lighting from the ground bolted up joining the show of power as a sphere of lighting formed crackling it arched father around the ground was being fired as a small crater was being formed and Daean was being lifted up from the power and heat radiating of the lighting. Alicia was knocked back on her ass as Hope's robes were now billowing in a violent blast of wind from all the air getting heated and cooled. Daean released his hold as lighting was fired of in every direction the wave tossed Alicia away as even hope was knocked back, but still standing. Daean took a deep breath as instinct overridden caution. He called all the lighting back as the lighting formed back gathering back into his hand the lighting eagerly went back and Daean waited ten seconds and fired the ground was charred for as far as the eye could see in a single direction. Daean dropped fall into a deep sleep Alicia found herself on the dirt as she found a hand grabbing her shirt and pulling her to her feet. Alicia blinked and there was Daean in a dead heap, Hope held out what looked like a small battery put in on him and Deaen's eyes shot open.

Daean sat up rubbing his head as sparks of lighting lingered on the earth, a few traced back to him while others simply vanished as sparks. He looked at the now clack ground.

"One more scar for the planet to shine with," Muttered the green caped man, he shook his head as he walked to greet the three again.

"Looks like company," Announced Alicia as she got up herself, three vehicles appeared as dust swirled up behind them. The group watched as the trucks the skidded around surrounding the group, men in makeshift armor as well as oversized robotic limbs exited their sitting space and drew their weapons. The sound of clapping followed soon after the weapons were aimed at the three.

"Nice light show who or, what was responsible," as a man as he dropped out of the bed, the man's boot gave a steel tone as he walked to the three. Dark blue jeans black shirt leather jacket and a pair of metal framed sunglasses.

"Great, it's Cid," muttered Hope,

"Who?" asked Alicia,

"A bandit, I ran into in the future more times than I care to count," frowned Hope. She reached into her traveling cloak and pulled out a small cylinder. It had a white bottom and top and in the clear middle was a small circle of black energy. Hope Tossed it to Alicia and Daean, the two looked it confused. She drew hre staff, the group readied their guns, she flashed away slamming the head of one grunt the rest quickly traced and open fired on her. The shield held as the bullets deflected,

"Back to back," ordered the man with the glasses, he looked at the two teens, he shot a bullet at them the projectile was deflected. "Damn Angel, shielding tech," he grunted as he returned his attention to the teleporter. She appeared above the group, he took aim and shot her she went wide eyed as her shoulder felt the bullet shoot into her. The group turned their weapons up and pulled the trigger.

"NOOOO!" shouted Alicia and Daean as time stopped; Alicia looked around, Alicia quickly moved fast as she leaped up at Hope to move her.

"Damn it why does she have to be so high up, what I am I suppose to do take their guns?" She thought that line over a moment "What am I a blond?" she shakes her head as she starts to collect the weapons. She piled them up "Okay now to shut this thing off," she asked frustrated "And I really need to stop talking to myself," she took a deep breath and after a moment of clamming down time started back up.

Hope dropped on top of the men who found themselves squeezing air. Hope vanished again and appeared in the bubble squeezing her left shoulder.

"This not good Daean you got any juice left?" asked Hope,

"No I am one empty, as it is hey what happen to their guns?" He quickly drew his revolver he shot once the bullet vaporized as it hit the shield.

"Dumbass, the shield isn't a one way nothing moving past a certain speed gets in nothing gets out, that's why swords and knifes came back only and only when you move the shield so another body is inside the radios does a gun work it makes it worthless if your sword extends longer the shield. I have heard people getting around it, never mind just don't waist ammo. Daean clicked the weapon open and placed in a replacement bullet.

"Fine than as soon as I say so let the shield down," said Daean as he readied the weapon. The men quickly worked their way around the group about twelve men total, too much for a six shot if he could hold the gun steady.

"Kid you never shot a man before have you? It isn't easy even if you think you're ready, targets and masks aren't the same as see the life fade from a man's eyes," Cid talked on as the group spread out.

"Idiot get ready to shot you dumb ass," said Hope, "If they keep spreading it will be harder to hit, Damn it Daean give me the gun," Hope tried to grab it but instead Daean struggled back, the two needlessly started when the men started to charge. "Alicia turned and crouched covering her ears and closing her eyes. Daean turned to see the men enter the small bubble Daean went for his sword when a green curtain fell in front of him. A large broadsword came into view as five men quickly lost their hands blood sprayed out fast as the men dropped from blood loss.

"Lucius?" asked Daean as he saw the green knight; the thugs quickly backed off as a few drew a few looked around for their weapons.

"Such low class to be attacking a boy and two woman," Lucius disapproved.

"Just what we need to deal with an Eco Night," Cid half-joked as he light up a cigarette, and blew a buff away.

"Cute, real cute," Lucius rolled his eyes at the jab. "Here I was hoping to be fighting against someone with a little imagination,"

"They are bandits you expecting an over the top British accent?" asked Daean as he was thrown to the ground with a grunt.

"Now give me that revolver, now," Hope ordered as she landed on his back. "Or I'll twist your arm off,"

"If you have this much energy why are you fighting me you dumb Chick?" asked Daean as his arm was slowly being pushed up his back. "Ouch, you're going to break my other arm, you crazy chick,"

"Here I thought the green knight acted weird," whispered one of the men as they found their gun stash. The five men grouped down to grab the guns went a slight taping could be heard. The five looked up to see the green knight staring down at him.

"This is going to hurt isn't it?" asked one of the men the green night gave no reply as the five quickly dropped. Lucius shook his head and with a quick upward movement with his palm the earth raised and in a tidal wave motion poured the men back into one of the trucks. The men groaned as Cid took a step away from the brown haired knight.

"I seriously hope I don't see you again," Cid growled as he slammed the door into the truck. The tires spun a moment before he vanished into the wasteland.

"Please would you two stop fighting what is with you two?" asked Alicia as Hope and Daean wrestled in the dirt. Until Hope finally pinned him to the ground, she held the weapon above he head when the man grabbed it from her grasp.

"Childish" he snapped, as the two quickly released each other and took notice of the situation, Hope got back to her feet dusting herself of and ignoring Daean's glare. "Of all my years I expected children to act better when their enemies bash at their doors,"

"The boy wouldn't hand over the gun, he can't shot and his pride would not let me instead,"

"Excuses," he shot back "You had the strength to wrestle him to the ground and yet couldn't at least try take them on yourself, You are blessed as well you could have at least put more distance," the man argued back clearly frustrated.

"My wound makes my powers harder to control and a power out of control is no use on the battle field," she gritted her teeth clearly piss at being chastised like a school girl. Lucius ran his hand threw his hair as he released a sigh.

"I am being to question the future I fore told," he muttered,

"What does that mean?" asked Daean his curiosity removing his mind from the last moment,

"I may explain but for now understand I see an important event that you will have a major role in," Lucius replied "For now let us leave, anyone know how to drive?" The group of four looked over at one of the left over vehicles.

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