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Chapter 4

On the dinner table, Andrew briefly explained everything that happened this day. Of course, he skipped the details of Brian been cut apart, figuring it is far from appropriate to talk on dinner table.

“So, you mean Professor Pateman was taken away to a construction pit, but not executed?” Cassiel asked, putting down her fork.

Andrew nodded and sighed lightly. “It was really frightening at that time. I feared that Lusaka will demolish him on spot.”

“But dad, don’t you find it strange that you were appointed the new Head Professor?” Jerry began, pretending he was a “Detective”.

“I’ve thought about it, but I don’t know why.” Andrew replied, putting down his glass of water.

“It’s because our dad is awesome. That’s why!” Wendy blurted from across the table.

“No…….I think something is not right.” Jerry continued, putting his hand on his cheeks. “Professor Pateman is far more experienced than dad and has being doing this for many years. But suddenly dismissing the Professor and provoking my dad is such an unexplainable thing.”

“So what are you saying dear? That the Kalalusians have other plans in their minds?” Maria asked, picking a fried pork from the dish and into Jerry’s bowl.

“Yes…..A plan indeed.” Jerry finished, digging into his bowl of food. “Although I don’t what is it yet, but I’ll find out later.”

“Oh brother, you are now on another wild goose chase again.” Wendy flirted, making a face. “Quit acting like that….what is it called….Detective Thunder and Sherlock…Helmes?”

“It’s Sherlock Holmes you idiot.” Jerry corrected, rolling his eyes. “He was a fictional detective that fought against criminals in about three hundred years ago.”

“And….Who is Detective Thunder?” Cassiel raised her voice for the first time on the dinner table.

“He is a famous detective in the late twenty-first century.” Jerry introduced, taking a sip of his glass of water. “Detective Thunder was only his nickname though, forno one knows his true name.”

“I am going down to my workshop.” Andrew announced, wiping his mouth with a napkin. “I have a lot of work before I could close my eyes today.”

“But honey, you hardly even ate anything.” Maria stood up with concern in her eyes.

“I’m fine….Just not hungry today.” Andrew grabbed a cup of coffee off the table and disappeared downstairs. Maria sighed and sat down.

“Just ignore him, he’ll be alright.” Jerry pulled a chicken leg and shoved it into his mouth. “He was always like that…..even on my birthday.”

“Dad is super cool. That’s why doesn’t even need to eat.” Wendy said, sticking her tongue out. The sight of it almost made Jerry throw up.

After a few more moments of watching them chewing and swallowing, Cassiel also got up and made a short bow.

“Um…..Thanks for the dinner….Mrs. Lanchaster! I think I should be getting some sleep now.”

“But you haven’t even touched your food.” Maria protested, pointing at Cassiel’s full dish.

“I….don’t really eat much.” Cassiel replied, with a face of apology. “I just want to sleep now.”

Both Maria and Jerry exchanged glances. Wendy, having no idea what’s going on, leaned her body across the table, plucked a chicken wing from Cassiel’s dish and dropped and into her mouth.

“You don’t mind if I eat your chicken wing do you?” She grinned, with crunched bones and beads of chicken sauce dripping from her mouth. Ignoring Cassiel’s disgusted look, she turned and grabbed a potato from Jerry’s bowl, sending a few dishes flying down the table.

“It’s already in your mouth!” Jerry moved his dish aside, knocking down his bowl of soup. He pretended to ignore it and reached over to tug Wendy by her ponytail. The result of this action was even more disastrous.

Wendy was practically “invincible” from top to bottom of her body. This means that she was resistible to all kinds of physical attack, especially those launched by his brother. But her hair seemed to be the only vulnerable and weak spot. In fact, it is even more sensitive than her eyes and nose. Jerry, deciding to take over this only advantage over his sister, always pulled her single ponytail. However, this time he probably should think twice.

Wendy leaded up in response, her mouth wide opened. Therefore, all of her “disgusting” food in her mouth “poured” out onto the table. It was like a…..stew; a mixture of everything on the table.

Before Wendy could jump to punish his brother and before Jerry could pick up his feet to run, Cassiel let out a sharp moan with an expression of full agony; covering her mouth with one hand and the other, her stomach. She then turned and sprinted out of the room.

“Jerry, Wendy….You two….that’s enough!” Maria banged her hands on the table

“I am going to take Cassiel to her new room and you two are responsible for the mess you’ve just made” Shen ordered, pointing towards the “ruined” table. Then she tore off her apron and raced after Cassiel.

Now, Wendy and Jerry were the only two left in the dining room. Staring at the completely messed up dishes and food, the two of them fell silent. After a while, Jerry raised his head slightly and picked up a broken dish off the floor.

“I am not going to clean that up.” He glared at Wendy, his eye full of threat.

Wendy didn’t argue as she usually does. Instead, she rolled her eyes and stuck out her tongue; with what’s left of the food in her mouth on it. Jerry instantly felt his stomach boil and couldn’t help but to rush to the washroom.

Wendy shrugged and giggled in delight.

Down in the basement, Andrew had no idea what’s going on up there. He thought that the four people should be getting along well and he was sure they were having a nice conversation up there. Of course, he was dead wrong.

Opening up his metal briefcase, which was full of papers and electronic devices. He placed the metal box Cassiel took out of Professor’s house on the corner of his bookshelf, deciding to look at it later. He then stretched his arms and legs for a full minute and got to work immediately.

He started by first sorting out various kinds of papers, piling them up neatly into four sections. He then took out the Ancient Scroll, the project that the Professor failed to achieve. There were hundreds of writing on this long, seriously damaged, already turning yellow paper. He scratched his head and wondered how on Earth he is going to translate all of these mysterious symbols and characters.

After a full hour of examining the fading marks on the scroll and looking at the papers Professor Pateman left him, he decided out there is no way he could translate these ancient writing into the language they speak write now. He worked as an archaeologist for at least twenty-three years and researched over two hundred kinds of ancient language. The symbols on this scroll were completely new to him and he had no idea what it means. In fact, he can’t even make out how old this scroll is. No wonder even an expert like Professor Pateman couldn’t translate it.

After another hour of researching and examining, Andrew was starting to feel that General Lusaka was putting him into a task that is impossible to complete. Although he didn’t him a deadline of this project, but Andrew knew it couldn’t be more than a month. He already felt that the Kalalusians were getting impatient and desperate. Whatever they were trying to find, it must have something to do with human’s past to make them so interested in the human civilization alone.

He was about to give up when remembered the strange-looking “computer” he smuggled out of Professor’s lab. He took the black device out and began to “investigate” it.

It took him nearly ten minutes just to open it. The black screen turned blue with a lot of codes. A thin beam of purple light shot out from a hole on the device and into Andrew’s eyes. He panicked for just a second before realizing it’s just an “Eyeball Confirmation”, a popular security for an electronic device. He was surprised to see “Access Success” on the screen. He thought that it must be only Professor’s eyeball that could pass.

Inside the device, Andrew ran into hundreds of profiles on different research projects. Looks like he picked up a device that contains top-secret information, Andrew thought as he eagerly scrolled through the screen with his fingers. Maybe this device could let Andrew know what exactly what the Kalalusians and the human-collaborators were doing these past forty years.

Although he was interested in every profile on the device, a single file caught his attention. It has a small shield at the bottom meaning it is very important and may require a password to enter. A more interesting thing was, it was unlabeled.

Andrew’s heart pounded as he tapped the “Enter Profile” button. Just as he expected, there was another security examination. But again, it’s the “Eyeball Confirmation” and strangely, he passed again. Andrew was starting to doubt if this device was working properly. What was the purpose of it anyways to let someone like him to enter a profile that may contain valuable information?

Inside the profile, he only saw one “Text Storage” file. It was labeled, “Ancient Scrolls”. With great curiosity, he tapped on it and another beam of light shot out of the hole. This one is much lighter than the previous one and much bigger. It didn’t take long for Andrew to realize that the light from the device is presenting the information from the screen face to face with him, much like a projector. Although this type of technology was invented a decade ago before the Kalalusians invaded, Kalalusians strictly for bided humans to use this type of technology; for no reason.

After a few seconds of loading, words and symbols appeared on the transparent screen in front of him. He began to read the information one by one, hoping to find something that he’s being hoping to find for a long time.

As he scrolled down the screen, Andrew’s eyes widened and beads of sweat began to appear on his forehead. The information this device gave him was actually a translation of an ancient language; with description in English beside each symbol and character. And those ancient letters seemed extremely familiar.

It took him a while to figure it out, but eventually, he did realize where he saw it. He grabbed the scroll he was studying for two hours and held it beside the screen. The strange language on the scroll matched perfectly with the ones on the screen. In fact, the order even seemed to be same. Andrew couldn’t help but to drop his mouth. This information the device gave him was a pure translation of the ancient scroll! But……this meant……Andrew’s head rolled fast. This could only mean that Professor Pateman already knew the real translation of this scroll long before the council today! But….why didn’t he……

Feeling something was extremely wrong, he instantly got to work. If this translation file Professor Pateman left him was correct, then he should be able to uncover the meaning of this ancient scroll. Perhaps…..perhaps this is one of the key information the Kalalusians have been searching so long on this planet. Not wanting to think further, Andrew dug into writing.

The world around him now fell silent…..for him.

Inside a secret, heavily guarded Kalalusian military base, a line of Technobioles rolled into the front gate. Squads of fully armed Kalalusian soldiers stood at attention as masked Kalalusians stepped out of the vehicle. A base officer jogged towards a Kalalusian coming out of the Technobiole. He gave a very full military salute and a gracious bow.

“We welcome you, General Lusaka.” The officer spoke with full politeness and respect.

The Kalalusian figure revealed his true identity under the spotlight. It was General Lusaka indeed; with the exact same mask and outfit at the council.

“Are they here yet?” A sergeant behind General Lusaka asked.

“They’ll be here any time sir…….. Just as you requested…..Ten o’clock Earth Time.”

General Lusaka nodded and walked towards the building. He shortly disappeared, followed by dozens of officers and elite guards.

About ten minutes later, a medium-size Kazaana type spaceship landed onto the open field of the military base. This type of spaceship was mainly used to transport the special corps of the KIA. It is both fast and steady; one of the best type of spaceship in the entire universe.

The metal door of the ship slide open and many oddly-dressed Kalalusian soldiers got off. They wore dark brown armor instead the standard grey uniform and their weapons were strange too. They also carried strange equipment and boxes off the ship and into the base.

Even though the spotlight has been darkened, if anyone would look carefully at the lines of soldiers walking off the ship, it was not hard to see a group of strange figures marching in a neat straight line. They were covered with black cloak, from top to bottom; almost bending into the shadows. This was very strange for a Kalalusian, who always hate not been noticed. Of course, the similarities between these mysterious figures and the Kalalusian guards were, they all wore masks.

Unlike the other soldiers from the ship who were rounded into the open campus of the base, this group of Kalalusians was taken inside the building. Obviously, they were taken to General Lusaka.

Inside the building, a junior Kalalusian officer, Gorsan Kulaa was leading this mysterious group of Kalalusians to General Lusaka’s bunker. Though he fought for several dozens of years alongside the KIA, having set foot over twenty different planets and knowing a great deal amount of Kalalusian soldiers, these cloaked soldiers were giving him the creeps. Although the KIA rules were strict and deadly about everything, which also includes talking to each other while on duty, but it was very unusual for a group this big to remain silent for the whole time. Also, everything that might gave out who they were are hidden beneath their dark clothing. If not for the bright light overhead that reflected on their shiny metal surface, Gorsan might not even know if they were wearing masks or not.

“Probably a group of secret agents……..” Gorsan muttered to himself as they neared the bunker. If they were really secret agents, especially if they were from KSIA, then that may mean the end of this planet. These agents were merciless and fearless people who will show no signs of pity when they were on mission. Anyone who gets in their way will be eliminated without question. And that also includes their fellow Kalalusians. But then he found it strange to send a team of these elite warriors to a small planet like Earth. And it’s not just a team…..It’s an army!

Inside the secret bunker, General Lusaka watched in great curiosity as these cloaked figures lined up in front of him. Of course, they were the captains of different squads. There’s no way they can fit two hundred of these people inside the cramped bunker. One by one, they bowed cautiously to General Lusaka who also bowed in return. One of them; more likely to be the leader of this group, stepped forwards to face General Lusaka. He twisted his head slightly but uncomfortably before addressing in a cold, low tone.

“As requested, General Lusaka; Governor of this Planet…..Earth….We come to assist you in this……weapon you were talking about.”

General Lusaka paused and nodded. “Yes……Servants of the KSIA….You were always on time… usual.”

The leading agent didn’t speak. Instead, he twisted his head sideways again and glared at General Lusaka.

“Please remember that we, members of the KSIA, have no time for your little……games……Keep in mind that we are not here for some childish treasure hunt.”

“Of course….of course…..” General Lusaka smiled, clapping his hands with delight. He was extremely satisfied, mainly because KSIA sent him a whole army of these super-trained agents. He was even expecting any of them to come before their arrival.

“I’ll not disappoint you…..Considering the fact you bought so many agents…I think we’ll uncover this weapon in no time.” He added, no longer hiding the joy in his voice.

The leader of the agents gazed General Lusaka in the eyes with full suspicion, then turned to leave.

“Very well……If this indeed is a weapon that’ll bring victory to our empire, then no harm done to let us assist you……….And we don’t have much time left….Get the spaceship ready!”

“Wait…..What do you mean the spaceship?” General Lusaka was confused. “Aren’t you all staying to assist me?”

The leading agent snickered out loud and turned around. “You weren’t expecting all of us to go on this wild goose hunt on this planet are you? The percentages of finding the weapon here is less than point one…….We have much important business in other galaxies.”

“Huh? Then do you mean…..”

The leading agent waved his hand and another agent from the group stepped forwards.

“My squad and I will be assisting you, General Lusaka.” From the tone of his voice, this agent was obviously very young.

General Lusaka couldn’t help but frown. Anyone there could tell that he was very disappointed.

“Let us work together to grasp this victory for our great empire.” The young agent finished, giving the General a light bow.

General Lusaka sighed. This was more likely to be the real conductions of the KSIA; you must always get ready for surprises. But anyways, a squad of these powerful agents was better than nothing; even if they were young and inexperienced.

“If that’s all you have to say, then please excuse us.” The leading agent turned and headed out of the bunker. After a few more moments, the remaining agent and a few more officers were the only ones left in the bunker. General Lusaka started pacing, with his hands to his back. His original plans were slightly messed up; if none of them comes, then the plan will be canceled and he’ll use as many troops as possible to start another operation; and if they came, he needed a larger force to fully carry out his plan. But right now, only a squad of these agents stood in front of him. He doesn’t want to start the more ruthless operation but also doesn’t know who he can continue the original plan with only these few agents. This is a very awkward situation indeed.

“What’s your name boy?” General Lusaka asked, his side to the young agent.

“It is tradition for agents of the KSIA to keep their real names secret.” The agent replied coldly, but with politeness. “For now……you can just call me……Alpha”

“Alpha…..What a strange name…..” General Lusaka muttered, this time his back to the agent. ”

The agent, Alpha, scrolled towards a small table beside the wall and sat down. He mixed a cup of coffee, putting in large amounts of sugar.

General Lusaka was getting impatient of this Alpha as the young agent sipped quietly on his drink. Although he spoke in a very polite tone, General Lusaka could tell there were proudness and despise mixed in his voice. And most of all, he has a habit of drinking coffee. For almost forty years, General Lusaka thought he would be the only one who enjoyed this “disgusting” drink. However, this Alpha arrived on Earth for the first time and is already enjoying it. Who does he think he is? How can he sit and drink without an invitation?

“So….Alpha…..How many agents are there in your squad?” General Lusaka tried to lower his anger.

“That…..I also can’t tell you…..” Alpha dropped another cube of brown sugar into his cup.

“Then how am I going to plan out my moves?” General Lusaka roared; his eyes burning.

“You don’t need to do anything.” Alpha replied calmly, ignoring the General’s rage. “You just have to give us the information and the final objective.”

“And what do you mean by that?”

“Your job is to only tell us what to do and our job is to consider how to do it.” Alpha answered, putting down his coffee cup. “Does that make sense?”

“I guess……” General Lusaka was quite impressed of Alpha’s calmness in front of his fury. He was expecting him to freak out and plead for mercy. But the reaction was quite unusual. This certainly does not fit with his age.

“Also, General Lusaka…..You must be clear that the Empire is losing the war. If luck turns on us, then our enemies will close in on us on two sides. And our resources are running deadly low…..”Alpha narrowed his eyes down and raised his tone. “Don’t be too positive about this war. If we don’t find the weapon by the end of this Glornei, then the possibility is that the Empire will collapse.”

“What are you trying to say?” The sergeant beside General Lusaka demanded.

“What I am trying to say is that instead of wasting time here and unleashing your anger, why not discuss more about the weapon you were talking about.” Alpha stared coldly into General Lusaka’s eyes. “My squad is more than anxious to start doing some actual work.”

“Very well then…..I understand.” General Lusaka has fully recovered from his anger. “I apologize……..for being angry at you.”

“Anger is something we need in a time like this.” Alpha stood up and adjusted his dark cloak. “After all, we are desperate.”

Both General Lusaka and the sergeant nodded as if understood.

“Now…….Let us begin….this… through the biggest mysteries of this universe.” Alpha retrieved his arms into his cloak and looked up to the white light overhead. “After all……we cannot tolerate any failure.”

It was almost midnight and the light in Cassiel’s room was still on. She sat in her new bed and stared out of the window. For some reason, knowing the fact it is quite odd not to fall asleep after such a long day, she just can’t close her eyes.

Her new room was actually Wendy’s bedroom. Maria switched Wendy to Jerry’s room after deciding that there were no other rooms suitable for Cassiel in this house. After they get back to their apartment in the city center, then she could make out three separate rooms. For now, Jerry and Wendy could share a room, mainly because Jerry had a double-decked bed. Wendy was more than pleased to switch into Jerry’s room. After all, she could terrorize her brother for the remaining three days. And Cassiel was sure they two fought in the room beside hers until Maria came in to threaten them if they don’t sleep properly, she’ll throw them into the streets. Cassiel giggled secretly, finding these two siblings quite amusing. After nearly two hours of craziness, the chaos finally died down and they eventually fell asleep.

Wendy’s room was a bit smaller than her previous one, but Cassiel was totally fine with that. In fact, she felt safer in this room, especially when she heard Jerry and Wendy snoring loudly in the other room. At least she had company in this small house rather than spending nights after nights alone in that mansion with those creepy guards. She was glad she chose to come.

But one thing still made her very uneasy. That silver light from the metal box she took from Professor’s house. She was sure that during the time she passed out, she saw something……An illusion of someone…..And also….a whisper…..a voice…….either reciting a well-written poem or humming a very beautiful song. The images still caught her in the head and she felt it’ll come back anytime.

She rubbed her tender hands slightly. Although this room was very warm and heated, she could still feel the chillness within herself. She closed her eyes but all the things that happened today seemed to form inside her consciousness; the Professor, Ramei, Andrew and of course, that silver box. She opened her eyes again and remembered something. She got up and opened her personal backpack. After dumping out all her clothes and toys, she picked out that purple case that was found with her years ago. She made up her mind; she can no longer wait for the Professor to give her the answer.

She placed the case on the blankets of her bed and examined it. Again, this purple case had strange marking carved onto it, but she was quite sure it was different than those carved onto the silver box. In her opinion, this case was far more beautiful than the silver case and it casted a mysterious, but wonderful luster of purple light. She picked it up and rocked it to see if anything was in it. However, no sound came from this metal case; well, if it was made of metal.

Cassiel bit her lips and stared at the exquisite case for several more minutes, then focused all of her strength and opened it.

No resistance, no light…..nothing unusual happened when she removed the lid off the case. When she peered into the darkness inside, she discovered something gleaming……An amulet! She widened her eyes in amazement as the sparkling surface of the amulet revealed itself to the yellow light. It was extremely well-designed with a curved shape which looked like something Cassiel couldn’t remember of and mysterious marking carved into the surface which fitted in so flawlessly with the amulet. Cassiel couldn’t quite tell what the amulet has made out of and what color it produced, for she was not familiar with metals. But this was far the only thing that astonished her. The real thing that froze her eyes was a large, purple, crystal-like stone, about the size of a blackberry in the center of amulet. It was half transparent and it glowed in a faint purple light. The beauty of it could not be described by any of the words she could think of.

Cassiel has never seen such jewelry for her whole life and this was something she longed dreamed for. Even the chain of the amulet was well-made and if her eyes didn’t fool her, there were also markings on the small, reflecting beads of the chains. The whole amulet was perfect and she imagined how good it would be to fit on her neck. For one moment in her lifetime, she forgot everything that happened so far. The amulet was just simply too gracious to take the eyes off it.

Just as she reached her fingers to touch the surface of the crystal-stone, something, much like an electric shock struck her finger. There was no pain, but she certainly felt it. It’s like a warning for her not to touch it. She backed her hands slightly and stared at the amulet with even more curiosity. She wanted to pick it up and wear it, but she felt someone was telling her not to do it. She bit her lips again, frantically trying to decide what to do next.

Cassiel finally made a decision of closing the lid. She knew that if the Professor kept it away from her, then there must be a reason. What’s more, an intuition made her shiver from top to bottom. She thought that…..the amulet….or more particular….that stone….was….alive…..

She yawned lightly, realizing that the shock somehow made her sleepy. She shoved the box inside the small drawer beside her bed and dug deep into the blankets. Before darkness overtook her, a certain image was left in her mind…..The messy room…..Yes….she understood something before entering her dream mode…..That first thing in the morning…..she needed to clean up this room.

Meanwhile, down in the basement, Andrew dropped back onto his seat and took a long breath. After working till midnight translating this ancient scroll, he was far from exhausted. Though he has been translating every word in perfect order, he didn’t make out the whole meaning. It was one of his habits translating things; he won’t read it until it’s fully translated. Now, having translated the entire scroll, he picked up his translation paper and held it over his head to read it. As the words of the scroll “sealed” into his brain, he felt an ancient power echoing from the surface of the almost unrecognizable scroll. Yes, an ancient power surging inside of him as every word came to life. This was probably the first time in thousands of years than a human could fully understand what the scroll really meant.

A voice inside Andrew read the words out loud as the each symbol’s definition burned into his eyes. It wasn’t a reading voice….but……reciting a poem……No……it’s….the singing….of….a…

Earth, our great mother, our beautiful home

The living planet, the protector of all living things

Everything was meant to live, in peace and harmony

However, peace was nothing in front of us

Nothing like a scrap of paper

We human, with inexhaustible greed and ambition

Breach and harm all of the living beings

Including ourselves

Thousands of years we seek immortality and lasting life

We couldn’t accept the equal terms of nature

The end of an old life means the beginning of a new one

However, we tried to conquer life itself

And always failed

We human, with great wisdom and courage

Made ourselves ruler of the entire planet

And the controller of all life

Millions of years, we questioned ourselves

Where did we come from? How were we borne?

Who were our ancestors?

What is the purpose of our existence?

What our future is like?

Millions of years, we have forgotten who we were

What we supposed to do, what is our sacred responsibility

Thousands of years

We died for peace that will never exist

We battled against enemies that will always return

We sacrificed for love that will never be true

We hold lives that will always come to an end

We sang songs that will never please the gods

We believe in faith that will always fade away

We faced judgments that will never be fair

We ran from fear that will always be in your heart

We recalled others who will never remember you

We tell names and legends that will always be lost

We make friends that will never be real

We have opponents that will always challenge you

We ate food that will never satisfy our tongue

We drank water that will always be gone

We attacked ones who will never fought back

We defended walls that will always be taken

We bled for rulers that will never bled for us

We ended dynasties that will always rise again

We built a nation that will never give us a home

We fought for an empire that will always fall

We are from an era that will never be gone

We have courage that will always be in our heart

We are borne with abilities that will never be defeated

We have responsibilities that should never be forgotten

We have enemies that will always come to us

We have the power to protect what we hold dear

We have the responsibility to guard all life on this planet

We can defeat our enemies if we are together

We can have ever-lasting peace if we join hands

Now is the time, last chance for the entire race of men

And all life that wants freedom

The final moments of this era is coming

The enemies are approaching to our gate

Will this be the last battle to destroy our enemies?

Or will this be the last battle for our enemies to conquer us?

Let the will of freedom and peace fills every man’s heart

Let faith and courage dishearten our evil enemies

This will be the ultimate challenge before peace comes

This will be the final moments of the world you see now

Will we win?

No we won’t

Greed, lust, selfishness is the only thing left in our spirit

The enemies will crush us

Bring the world to a dark era

Only the last ones

The only ones who knew the true power inside of us

Saviors of the world

Protectors of the our last hope

Warriors that will always be in our legends

Missing for thousands of years

Will they return?

Or, shall the sun will never rise the next morning

When darkness and despair covers everything in this world

This time


After finishing the scroll, Andrew dropped everything in his hands onto the floor. He was completely paralyzed by the information given by the scroll. Each of the sentences pierced him in the heart and struck his soul. It was not a poem or a song…..It was an oracle! A Revelation!

Although he did not fully understand the meaning of the oracle, but the language that was used was so strong that even translated into a different language, it was still powerful. Images of beautiful sceneries and extinct species of the once pure Earth resounded to every corners of his consciousness. No wonder Professor Pateman risked his life to keep this a secret. This is something that could save the humans….or….he thought it would.

Andrew swallowed out loud and tucked the translations deep into his desk drawer. If he can think of a way to save this scroll, then he would risk anything….even his life. After all, he is a human and he felt he needed to protect it. If a man like Professor Pateman can manage to do that, then he could, too.

And by reading this ancient scroll, Andrew also understood something……The Revelations of the Past….Something humans understood thousands of years ago but couldn’t understand today…..The meaning of life……..He shut down everything and headed upstairs; with echoes of the Revelation still beside his ear. Although so many things in the scroll remained unclear, he was sure…..something big…..was about to happen….not only on Earth…..but through everything that exists in the universe.

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