The Chronicles of Light : Starlight:

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Chapter 5

The emptiness of the night slipped in quickly as everything fell silent. But this kind of quietness was a little shivering to Jerry, who still lay awake in the dark. He was expecting not to sleep this whole night due to his sister Wendy’s immature craziness. But now, when stillness really overtook the wrangle, it was hard to rest anymore.

Perhaps a little too quiet.

Wendy behaved a lot better after their mom came in to “organize” them. She finally stopped kicking Jerry’s bed from below and was soon quiet. Jerry recalled as he yawned deeply. Perhaps even a “monster” like Wendy could run out of energy.

Although he was very exhausted, especially after playing games like “King of the Hills” and “Pillow Madness” for a full two hours, he just can’t lay still. Jerry was usually a fast-sleeper who could enter the deep sleeping mode better than someone entering a light sleep mode. But today, no matter how he turned or flipped, none of the positions seemed to be right for him. He got up twice to see if anything was unusual about his bed and pillow. He even pocked his head down to check if his sister was really asleep; for once she scared the guts out of him when she was only pretending sleeping. But “unfortunately”, her sister was really asleep.

Maybe its Wendy’s snoring that is keeping me from asleep. He thought as he went back into his blankets. But he quickly passed that possibility; noises never were a problem when he was asleep. He couldn’t help but to cover his eyes with his hands. He just can’t find out what was bothering him.

“Okay……I just need to calm myself down and I’ll be asleep in no time.” Jerry said to himself as he took a deep breath. He tried hard to be frustrated, which was already surging in his heart. He laid his hands gently by his side and closed his eyes tightly. His mind raced through all sort of scenes and visions to hypnotize himself. He even began counting goats; a technique his father introduced. He said it was an old, but effective way to go to sleep.

His house, family and other scenes from Atlantic City came into his mind continuously. He hasn’t taken one step out of the city since he was borne so therefore, buildings made of iron and rock and the smoke from pits and vehicles were the only limits of his imagination. He always wanted to dream of something he hasn’t seen before; some places that only existed in his father’s strange tales. But these visions would vanish like a fading light and would never last permanently in his mind. Despite of his nickname, “The Daydreamer”, Jerry knew in his heart that he could never imagine a same scene for more than two times.

His blankets were getting wet with his sweat as he opened his tired eyes once again. Everything he imagined always brought him back to reality. And reality was always troublesome and unfortunate to him. The reality to him at this very moment was that he cannot fall asleep.

Jerry looked back into the utter darkness of the room. Slowly and silently, he gently hummed an old song he heard from his father.

The light wind below soft and low, carrying what’s left of this beautiful world

Through the green woods and beyond, into the vast steppe and setting sun

Can you hear the birds sing?

Echoing deep within an unknown realm

Rhythm of the music and speeches of the poem

All shall return to the lands beyond the gates

Across meadows of flowers and grass, and deep into the mountains of jewels

Behold the royal city of our time, and onto the very ends of the skyline

The wind shall come, to take me afar

From filth and misery

To the place I belong

Take me home, gentle wind

Take me home……..

This was a song his father sang when Jerry was only a baby. He would take him in his arms and almost a whisper, sing it to him. The melody and the lyrics of this song were always touching to him, even when he’s grown up. More than anything he wanted right now was for his father to sing this song again. But, he knew that was not possible. His father hasn’t sung it since he was nine.

It was soon before he realizes that either the song or the memories of his past began to take effect. His eyelids suddenly felt as heavy as lead and every part of his body were beginning to loose sensation. Jerry closed his eyes quickly; this time, for good.

After entering complete darkness, Jerry felt being pulled into a swirl. His laying body began to turn in circles, like the hands of an old clock. Then, a thin string of white light came through the bottom of the nothingness. It began to grow in a rapid speed and finally, it fully consumed the darkness around him. For a moment, he could not see a thing in this new white world. Then, a glimpse of a grey shadow caught his eye.

The shadow moved so quick that he hardly can predict if it even existed. Then, there was many other shadows moving in a rapid speed all around him. The color of white was now joined in by grey and black. Every moment time passes, the more shadows there was. The white light seemed to be like a mist; disappearing piece by piece as if blown by the wind.

The shadows were now starting to take actual shape. Some stopped moving and stayed in one place. Others began grouping with one another to form a bigger shadow. Finally, after a few more breathless moments, Jerry recognized these shadows to be a part of a landscape. Mountains and forests that he had only seen once in his imagination came clearly into the view. Although the visions now were still unclear and dim in color, it was still remarkable to him.

“Where exactly am I?” He questioned himself as he moved through the “mist”. He was startled when the shadows changed and forming into new objects. Some, which he has never seen before.

I must be dreaming…….He thought, rising to examine his hand. To his astonishment, his hand and every other part of his body were completely invisible. Of course, he can’t feel anything either; nothing but the warmth of the air that is circling around him.

He then looked doubtfully down at his feet. He was obviously stepping on thin air, for nothing appeared under his invisible feet. Jerry was now sure that he was dreaming. But something doesn’t seem right. Normally, he would never realize that he was dreaming. However, this time he was able to take control of his consciousness while “dreaming”. And more strangely, everything that he sees felt so real to him.

A sharp sound of a person’s voice drew his attention. At the beginning, the voices were low and soft and hardly recognizable. But afterwards, the voices began to grow louder and stronger. Jerry was sure that there were more than one being out there in the mist, for the voices was different in some ways. However, the difficulty of identifying the sound waves was unspeakably hard.

“Hello?” Jerry shouted into the unknown regions of white and grey. His voice echoed through the vast opening with a tidiness order. The sound never stopped until he can no longer hear it from beyond. He felt as if he was in a middle of an endless cave.

The air around him was getting a lot warmer than before. The shadows within his eyesight began to drift at a very slow motion and the voices from afar were drawing close. Now, he would be able to make out some of the words that managed to reach into his ear. Yet he could not tell what kind of language “they” were saying.

The color of the mist turned into slight yellow as he made a few steps forward. The sudden change of color made him squint as the bright light pierced into his eyes. The shadows and shades retreated from his sight and the figures of people came into life.

Jerry was simply shocked as he made out tall, pale-skinned people with eligible robes and cloaks standing around him. Although their facial details still remained uncovered, it was enough for him to realize that these people were definitely not humans. Their clothing looked eccentric and old. Some beings even wore shining gold armor; the one Kalalusian officials usually wore. They spoke to each other quietly, covering their mouth over the other’s ears and whispered some form of tongue that sounded ridiculous to him.

The yellow light grew even brighter into gold and it seemed to have come from one place somewhere over the horizon of white, smooth clouds. It seemed half of a circle, sticking halfway above the clouds. It was large like a ball of golden fire rolling in the thin air. Jerry gasped soundlessly, coming to a conclusion that it was the sun. Though he never seen it over the skies in the real world, he was sure that only this sort of light can only be produced from the sun. And if everything with his prediction was right, then he was surely high above the sky. He closed his eyes and opened his arms as if enjoying this marvelous scene. The heat he was receiving now from the gracious golden light was more comfortable than any other electric heater made by either humans or Kalalusians.

He reopened his eyes to turn back to the strange people in the clouds around him. The power of the light was too great for him to even tell apart their genders. Most of them had gracious long hair, falling over their shoulders; every silk of it reflecting into the ray of the sun, making it impossible to predict the actual color of their hair. He also managed to make out weapons and shields carried by some standing not far in front of him. The reflection from these gleaming metals and the hair fitted in perfectly with the golden light surrounding them.

The fingers of these people soon gathered into neat, straight lines on both of his sides and began marching into the sunlight. Jerry never thought there were so much people out here. It seemed that they’ve just popped out unnoticed from the nihility. Many of them carried strange objects made out of clear glass and others carried small, but well-decorated banners. They walked lightly, barely even touching the ground and their head straight forward. Its line stretched out beyond his sight and it seemed endless.

At first, Jerry thought he had phonism, for he heard a small, light humming sound coming from the line of these tall, well-dressed and disciplined “creatures”. Then, his gaze became dull and stopped dead in his track as these small muffled sounds began to join in a chorus. These wondrous beings were singing! The tone of the song was touching even without the lyrics; in addition that these beings’ way of singing was even more attracting. Their voice was so beautiful and smooth that he thought of falling asleep once again. Although he can’t understand the meaning of this song, he could still feel the deep sadness and dismay hidden deep within their melody. Jerry will never forget the rhythm of this song. It’s…….an elegy…..or…..a carol......No, it’s simply a requiem! It’s a requiem of the past…….of the dead……of……the phantom! Jerry’s mind raced through all kind of possibilities. These people are more than likely to be phantoms or lost souls; a kind of being he heard from one of his father’s stories.

As this estimation passed through all parts of his brain, it seemed that these beings doesn’t seem to have life within them; proud, selfish and cared nothing for the existence of others. However, the more convincing fact was the requiem they just sang was so filled with grief and sorrow that its singer can’t be someone from the world of living. If indeed these were spirits and phantoms, then what fate might this lead to him?

Jerry took a deep breath and paced forward; trying to centralized his strength as he neared the beings in front of him. He wanted to know who these people are and why he is here. Most importantly, he hoped all the questions lead to one answer; it’s just a dream.

The ray of the light darkened a bit as if knowing Jerry will come forth. With some support of the dim shadow, he made out some white-stoned stairs and odd sculptures appearing from the clouds. The air underneath his feet no longer felt soft, but now hard and stiff. He looked down in awe to see the white clouds have turned into a floor covered with neat, white bricks; making a squeaky noise each time upon friction. He sighed in relief………Finally something made out of solid.

He was in for a much more surprise when he looked up again. The light showed the steps up to a flat platform with around ten tall pillars. That’s where the lines of these beings final destination are. A door or more accurately, a gateway was lying at the end of the platform and almost into the setting sun. A strange light with a mixture of all kinds of colors swirling into a circle peeped out of the gateway. The gate itself was silver in color and was carved with fabulous symbols all over its surface. An invisible force seemed to be pulling Jerry towards it, but he was not so eager to find what kind of horror lies behind that gate.

The two lines of phantoms collided and one by one, the ghostly figures went into the gate, disappearing into the colors without looking back. Jerry had a strong feeling that once they enter the gate, they will never return. They requiem still continued, but weakened by each passing minute. He then noticed a small group of people stood beside the gate and watched all of the others. Around a dozen figures, with different heights and obviously they were quite different from these creepy beings. Jerry made his way up the stone stairs carefully, trying not to interrupt the chorus of the requiem. He waited until a small gap appeared in the lines and as quick as ever, he slipped right passed them.

He approached the group and again, none of them noticed him. The light from the sun was still sharp and he was still unable to make out their appearances. Beside them was a small, silver table with some cups and glasses made out of crystal.

“Hello……..Can you hear me?” Jerry asked, trying to keep his voice from shivering and keeping a great deal of distance from the group of people.

For a moment, he thought that everything was silent. But truly, the melody of the song never stopped as the line continued forwards into the gateway. He was sure that he still remained unheard from everyone else.

Then unexpectedly, a few figures from the group started moving towards him. One, with a splendid emerald gown and extraordinary long golden hair headed directly towards him; it should be a female being without doubt. He remained still in his spot as the “fair lady” approached him, but then opened his mouth in terror as she simply went through him as if he was just made out of wind.

The lady and the others whom Jerry paid no attention to formed a circle around the table. They were joined shortly by the others. Two more beings went exactly into and out of him without even changing the rhythm of their footsteps. And all the time Jerry stared down blankly at the white ground under him. He now doubted if he was really alive in the first place.

A pair of silver sandals stopped in front of him. The shoes were well-made and designed; with mystical patterns and miraculous stripes all over it. Her bound feet were strapped to a piece of metal, possibly for leg protection. Jerry looked up slowly and uneasily at this “intruder”. The being must be another female one, for her silk violet dress was very extrude in the bright light. Many colorful purple gems were placed on the corners of the dress, sparkling in the sunlight. Her upper body was protected by a fine silver armor with signets of purple symbols all over it. A fancy cape covered the left side of her body, including her left hand. Up on her pale neck, he could make out a strange amulet with a gleaming crystal in the center. However, before he can think more about this unusual, but magnificent outfit, his eyes dropped upon her now recognizable face. And just by a flash of his subconscious and some instant reminiscence, his eyeballs nearly did drop out.

The smooth long black hair; the pale color of her face; and of course, those unforgettable big eyes……..It’s Cassiel!

Although the lady standing in front of him now appeared to be slightly older, it actually makes her even more beautiful. It’s sort of the mature kind of beauty; the one Jerry likes most. She also wore an exquisite helmet over her head which reaches up to her cheeks, only revealing her face and hair; with a momentum of nobility flowed from it. Her eyes still remained as pure as the sunlight and the strange outfit she was wearing seemed to fit her perfectly. Yet, she carries a strange metal stick with a small statue of something on top; it’s reflection casted a ripple of light on the white stone ground.

Jerry stood up with excitement and bewilderment. What on Earth is she doing here with these strange people? And what is this place? Who are the others? There were so many questions that he didn’t know which one to put forward. Before he can open his mouth, Cassiel moved her left arm, which was hidden in her cape as if to stop him. He quickly jumped back as if ready for a counterattack, his eyes glued to her threatening metal stick.

With a light tug from her cape, Cassiel presented a strange object in front of him. It’s really odd-shaped; kind of like a cone except twisted. At first, the white object seemed like a dangerous weapon, especially when under the ray of the sun. But afterwards, Jerry’s curiosity and trust on Cassiel overtook him as he made some light steps forward. Cassiel continued to hold it out to him without moving an inch; her eyes set tightly on him. When Jerry finally got close enough to examine the object, he was surprised to see silver glyphs coming from the white surface. Cassiel tilted her hand slightly, making a gracious move of offering it to him. This reminds Jerry of the Kalalusian Governor Lusaka. Every time he hand something to a human, he always made the move she was doing now; only except she had little less hostility and proudness.

He hesitated for a moment and eventually took over the object from her hands. He was utterly shocked that he was able to see his hands again; and his feet, too. The object felt cold and smooth. The silver markings were constantly changing patterns due to the exchange of the light. Black carvings of some creatures and possibly tree leaves could be seen at the end of the object. Most queerly, the object was hallow and directly connected from the narrow hole on one side, to the bigger hole on the other. He had a feeling that this object could make a sound and though he had no idea where that feeling came from, his consciousness seemed to have made the prediction for him.

He stared back at Cassiel with a puzzled look written on his face. Cassiel smiled lightly; the same kind of expression she had when they first met at his house. She seemed to be encouraging him to do what he was unsure of. And that gave him a lot of confidence and courage.

He held up the object and covered his mouth into the bigger hole. He took a deep breath and blew into the hole as hard as possible. But no sound came out. He tried again, this time even taking a few steps back to gather all of his strength. But no matter how hard he tried, the object didn’t even made a squeaking noise.

The smile on Cassiel’s face grew bigger as Jerry tried for the fifth time. Her eyebrows twitched a bit as if dancing and her eyes fell upon the object he was holding. Not a mockery or snare; just a warm, weary smile.

This simulated him greatly, feeling embarrassed in front of someone he’s just met. But he also realized something and turned the object the other way. This time, the smaller hole faced him and the bigger hole pointing to the sky as if ready to swallow it. He stared at the object for a short second and then, ignoring everything else around him, he drew all of his air he could hold into his body and released it into the hole.

Like thunder raging through the mountains and plains, the object vibrated fully and released a defining sound from it. The skies seemed to tremble and all of it beneath seemed to rumble. It pierced through the stars above and echoed to the far corners way beyond. The sun turned red in color and the clouds swirled as if summoned. The wind from afar trashed through him like a hurricane and the calling of men joined this epic sound wave. When he finally stopped, the world seemed to freeze in spot. No songs, no whispers and no movements. The light grew dimmer and everyone including Cassiel bursted into a ray of silver light.

Before he can make another move, the light of people exploded into the air, creating silver lines which linked to the stars and every one of them faded into the sky above him. The sun vanished from the horizon and all the solid objects began to crumble to dust. The ground below him gave away and he tumbled into the abyss. Darkness overtook quickly and without the time to react, everything including his consciousness perished.

It’s around four in the morning, but inside a room deep underground, the Kalalusians were working furiously. Outside, General Lusaka with an ill-looked face behind his heavy mask stormed into the room. He was called to Agent Alpha’s Headquarters down here, which interrupted a lot of his formal schedule.

“Ah…..General Lusaka…….Please excuse me for disrupting your night.” Alpha stood up from the table as General Lusaka entered the room. He made a military salute and flipped back into his comfortable electric chair.

“I hope you have good news for me, Alpha.” General Lusaka answered taking a seat opposite from Alpha. “I do have a busy night to go over.”

Alpha let out a sharp laughter and pointed at the agents working on the other table. “First, allow me to introduce you to my squad, General Lusaka.”

“I guess that might be for another day. I’ll get to know each member of your squad as time goes.”

Alpha paused for a moment and then picked up a mug of hot chocolate. “Well then, as you wish. But please use some of my favorite drinks please.”

“You are not calling me here in the middle of a night just to invite me for a drink are you?” Lusaka said, accepting the mug.

“Of course not.” Alpha rolled his chair beside the wall behind him. “I’ve made a very interesting, but also concerning discovery just half an hour ago.”

“Is that so?” General Lusaka took a sip of the sweet drink and then resting it on the table.

Alpha did not answer. Instead, he pulled out a small controller from his suit pocket and pressed a button. With a short electrical sound, the wall opened in front of him, revealing a small room behind.

“What’s this?” General Lusaka asked, standing to his feet.

“It’s the Watchroom sir. Please come in.”

“What is the Watchroom? And what are all of those devices and screens inside?”

“You’ll find out soon enough.” Alpha replied, heading in. General Lusaka scowled and followed after.

Inside, there were over a dozen of small computers and ten screens all around the room. At the end however, a bigger white screen stood out from the others. Alpha rolled over and pressed another button on the controller. All equipment in the room started on; displaying a variety of strange lines and graphs.

“What……is this madness?” General Lusaka exclaimed, sitting down in a chair and gazed at every screen.

“This is one of my proudest inventions…..One that’ll assist us on this mission.” Alpha answered, dropping a cube of sugar into his cup.

“And what can it do? Just to show some fancy pictures?”

“Of course not.” Alpha finished his drink and scrolled over to the big screen. “This is a very advanced device that can permanently track the energy source that exists in a specific object. Certainly, the object can be as small as one Kalalusian Soldier to as big as an entire galaxy.”

“Wait……What in the name of the Emperor are you talking about? What do you mean by this energy source?” General Lusaka adjusted his iron gloves with confusion in his eyes.

“That… a very troublesome theory that’ll not understand for now. A brief introduction is that energy is everywhere around us and there are many kinds of it. There’s no accurate definition of this form of energy we are talking about, but it’s the kind of energy released and withdrawn into a living body. From what we know so far, energy could not be created nor destroyed without foundation. However, this theory was challenged a long time ago when races of beings proved that energy could be created right from itself and without the conversion from other sources. Also, the energy could be changed at any time at will.”

“What you speak is completely ridiculous.” General Lusaka slammed his hands on the metal table. “You dare to challenge the law of science that has been proven to be correct right from the beginning of our civilization!”

“You know little of the Universe as our ancestors.” Alpha said coldly. “I’ve done a lot of research on this topic and from the results of some very recent experiments by our Empire’s brightest scientists and some very little information of the past, there’s something powerful we yet did not discover.”

“You mean this kind of energy you are talking about?”

“That is correct.”

“So, by the meanings of your research, how is the energy created and how is it released to cause destruction?” Honestly, General Lusaka was getting interested in this.

“If we figured out that, I guess we can achieve something that’ll overshadow any brilliant discoveries from the beginning of time. But as far as I was guessing, some races of people have these supernatural powers, but very few knew how to control them. By some of the experiments, we concluded that this energy could be wielded as a devastating weapon by a person’s mood and thoughts. In that way, this kind of energy could be released when the person’s inner emotions were strong.”

Alpha paused for a second and stared at General Lusaka, who began tapping his fingers on the handle of the chair.

“Although I tried hard to listen, but none of this is making sense to me.” General Lusaka admitted.

“Now harm done, sir.” Alpha walked over to a device and began entering codes. “At first all of these were surprising to me, too. But after years of testing and researching, I think that the only explanation of this strange form of energy is that we are far from knowing everything in the Universe.”

They both fell silent, thinking about everything they’ve just said. Then, General Lusaka rose from his seat to stand in front of the big screen.

“And what is this discovery of yours?” He asked nervously.

Alpha stopped again for a moment and then playfully slapped his head. “Forgive me for my amnesia sir. I nearly forgot the purpose of calling you here!”

He walked over to the big screen and turned on the projector connected with his computer. A black linear graph appeared on the screen with crazy, unpattern lines.

“Since now you have an overall understanding of what we are going to talk about, please look at this graph.” Alpha began, pointing at the left side of the screen.

“Then please begin.”

“This is a graph of this Planet Earth’s energy graph during the past two years. As you can see, the energy line is very line, like any other planet we’ve run through.”

“But wait, your device have the ability to track the amount of energy two years ago?” General Lusaka interrupted.

“Well, in this case, I had these devices set up all over the Universe and the device was set two years ago on Earth. Of course, it’s top-secret, so even you, as a governor won’t know about this project.”

“I understand…..” General Lusaka nodded. “But how are you going to keep track of every planet’s energy changes throughout the universe?”

“There’s a much greater computer back at my headquarters. From there, we take the average change of the universe’s energy source data and see if there’s a major change. So, even if one planet stood out from millions of others, we do have the ability to track it down. But before I came here, nothing unusual happened about this data.”

“And another question is why are you so interested in a small planet like Earth? What attractions brought you here from way over our homeland?”

“It’s the secret weapon you were talking about.” Alpha answered. “Although there were other reports of mysterious objects uncovered on various planets, I think Planet Earth stands out from all of them. The magnetic field and other measures seem rather different in the galaxies surrounding Earth. I can’t explain it to you now, but I think you’ll find it out yourself one day. ”

General Lusaka fixed the positioning of his heavy mask lightly. In truth that he too, noticed some various problems and unexplainable events in these galaxies. Only he is a general and cared little about these issues. His business is whether how to conquer new lands for the empire with the least cost of soldiers. All the other matters are not of his concern.

“Of course, Earth’s food is fabulous too.” Alpha joked, sending a piece of caramel chocolate into his mouth.

General Lusaka laughed heartily for the first time since they met. He was beginning to like this Agent Alpha. Even to trust him.

“Anyways, back to where we were………The energy change of Planet Earth was normal these past few years. There’s even some evidence that the energy flow of this planet was dropping at a constant speed. However, at the very end of the graph, you can see that the energy source went up by three hundred and sixty-four percent; surpassing even the biggest planets in the Universe.”

General Lusaka looked carefully at the graph. For sure, at the end, the line of the graph seemed to leap off the group and into the sky and maintained that height till this moment. This could only mean that the energy source of Planet Earth went up three times in the past few months.

“And if you are wondering if it’s a change in months, then you are wrong.” Alpha continued as if he could read Lusaka’s mind. He pressed a button on his computer, which magnifies the end of the graph.

“You can see that the change of energy happened in just one day….Yesterday….Three major leaps of lines indicts that this rise happened three times; separated by only a few hours.”

“And according to this graph……one happened around afternoon five o’clock Earth Time……The second happened around evening six o’clock. Finally, the last and biggest leap….happened around two-thirty in the morning today!”

“Yes…..” Alpha sat down slowly, staring at the graph. “These changes happened on the day of my arrival……very interesting indeed….”

“But what does this mean? The Earth’s energy is surging up until it can cause destruction?”

“Not exactly…..You see, the source of energy growing won’t always lead to destruction. In fact, it rarely happens. Only when this kind of, I call Light Energy is converted into a form of power, only then, it could cause damage to the physical world.”

“Light….Energy?” Lusaka asked.

“Yes, Light Energy. From the researches, when this power is released from the body, it’ll glow in the form of light. But it’s only for a short moment and you won’t be able to see it unless with the help of the most advanced devices.”

“Light? So this energy is a kind of light?”

“No, it only releases a trail of bright light when it’s unleashed. And there are varieties of colors, too. Some could be really beautiful.”

“Then….Is it possible to locate where this energy came from?”

“We don’t have the ability to do that yet, since my device was only targeting the planet, not a specific area or person. But if this energy appears again, we’ll be able to find where it came from. For now, I could only say that it came from the planet itself, perhaps a certain object that holds a great deal of energy.”

“The…..weapon?” Lusaka was getting a bit excited.

“Presumably not……And considering the fact that three cases appeared in the same day, it’s most likely they are different; unless there are over three weapons of mass destruction located on this small planet. I have the feeling that something or someone has been activated….or maybe……been summoned or called.”

“You are now talking about things I don’t understand again.” General Lusaka sighed with much disappointment. In the end, Agent Alpha was not interested in this weapon he was talking about.

“I could see the major vibrations of the lines in this graph, but they are small and tiny. Though we need to get to the bottom of this, but perhaps we should go after the weapons first.” He still wanted to convince Alpha into supporting his project first.

“”Then forget it……That’s enough for today. My purpose today is to let you know what’s going on and now, I believe I need some researching to do. Though this would not threaten us immediately, but you’ll never know what’ll turn out.” Alpha got up and took a jar of coffee from beneath the table.

“General Lusaka, you still remember the battle for Planet Juvena don’t you?” Alpha asked, pouring the brown liquid into his cup.

“Ah…..yes……that was……a few Glorneis ago…In the Fohura Galaxy…..One of the bloodiest battles I ever encountered.”

“And can you recall the Great Plains of Helebore where the battle took place?”

“Yes……of course…..that was the main battlefield.”

“Then imagine the Great Plains……and these minor, strange cases is a spark of fire. Though the fire is small, merely visible, but if left untended in the dry grass…..” Alpha’s green eyes burned into Lusaka’s and he smiled coldly.

“Then……the small sparks will eventually turn into a great wildfire that’ll rage the grasslands; swallowing and destroying everything in its way.”

“Okay…..I get your point now……If we don’t get down to these inconspicuous events, then Planet Earth will be big trouble for us. I’ll support you as best as I can then.”

“No you don’t get it……” Alpha said, making out to the door. “Don’t forget, I never mentioned that the grasslands referred just to a single planet………”

Without saying another word, he vanished from sight, leaving only General Lusaka in the room. He studied the graph for a few more moments and eventually left, too. Just before the power of the screen went off, the line of the graph dropped straight down before disappearing into the white screen.

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