Effigy for the Blameless

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In Which One Questions All. . .

<Ambition is an awful thing.>

Doctor Adrian Welles sat across from the field which contained Doriana, and sipped his coffee with a sober expression on his face.

“…It can be, yes.”

<All those people…>

“…What do you make of it, Doriana?”

<…This feeling is too big. I struggle to comprehend…>

“…Sadness is like that, after all…”


“Doriana, are you crying?”

<…Perhaps so.>

…Does God weep for the struggles of man, so insignificant a creature to all His glory?

Doctor Welles pondered this as he made to take another pull from his mug. Several seconds passed before he realized that it was empty.

“…Doriana, do you hurt for the humans, the Siverans or the Atavash?”

<…All. I hurt for all.>

“I see. Who do you feel is to blame for this state of affairs?”

<…Everyone. All parties involved. The ambition and greed of the Atavash…the blind desire of the Siverans…the haughtiness of the huma… Each species had the opportunity to turn left, or to turn right…however…>


For but a moment, Adrian thought he saw a face within the inconceivable spectrum of color and light that was The Being.

<…Siveran never live to see more than three years of their child’s lives, counting the time in which they are pregnant. How could they be blamed for accepting a cure for this state of affairs? Atava is very near the end of its time in this turn. Is not conquest the way of most sentient lifeforms when faced with insurmountable odds? And, to play an old trope, man is young. Perhaps the favorite in the eyes of its creator, but young. Are not all lives filled with stupidity and ego when they are yet young?>

“…Interesting. So you feel all three are to blame, and yet all three are blameless?”

<…I suppose I do.>

“…Doriana, if you could live amongst these people, these living beings, what would you do? How would you influence their world? How would you change them?”

<…Doctor Welles…are you my friend?>

“I’d like to think so, yes.”

<…Do you love me?>

“I suppose you could say I do. In what manner do you mean?”

<…Love is love. Does it really matter how?>

“…A very conscious answer.”

<…Love can be right. Love can be wrong. Love can be good. Love can be bad. I think what matters more than love, is that you are my friend.>

“And, I believe I am certainly that.”

<…Very well. You wish to know what I would do, amongst these races and their struggles?>

“Yes, yes I do.”

<Then let us find out together.>

Doctor Welles gasped suddenly, unable to believe his eyes. He dropped his mug, the porcelain shattering to a hundred pieces on the ground. The containment field, made from technology well beyond the comprehension of most intelligent life did not falter, so much as it was there, and then it was not.

Doriana Wilde stood before Adrian Welles, very human in her appearance. Her skin was a shade somewhere between sepia and bronze, her eyes seemingly every color and none at the same time. Her lips were full, her hair black, long and flowing in thick gold ringed locks. She was nude, and beyond beauty. Truly, there were no words to encompass her enchanting form.

Doctor Welles stared as he sunk to his knees, and wept like a newborn babe.

“Am I well formed?” she inquired, her head cocking just so like a jungle cat to one side.

“Dor…Dor…Dorianna… Buh…buh…but this is…this is impossible! This is…this is…”

Doctor Welles continued to weep. Doriana knelt before him, and placed a hand of calm upon his cheek that soothed him to his very bone.

“Am I well formed?” she inquired once more.

“Doriana…what…what are you?”

“…What am I?”

Doriana seemed to contemplate her existence, her voice ringing like diamonds and the very essence of incandescent, resplendent light.

“…I am…”

Adrian’s breath caught in his throat, feeling a fear and excitement the likes of which defied all explanation. However, Doriana was not finished speaking.

“I am…whatever it is I am meant to be.”

She was no longer looking at him, rather past him. Adrian looked back, unable to see just what, or whom she was staring at.

Whomever or whatever it was, however…caused Dorianna’s smile to grow even broader.

“Come Doctor Welles. I should very much like to see the world.”


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