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Text Messages

The Governor's brain provided him with a feeling that amounted to pleasure.

- Text message.

- Anderton dispatched. Due to new familial circumstances awaiting him, suspect he will be behaving less than normally for a while. We are in place to set in motion what we wish. Most will go unnoticed. Please inform those within the circle that I can construct or deconstruct the situation in line with the requested aims and objectives, which I am yet to be provided with. Will await your instructions.

- Text message reply service.

- Good work. Keep your profile low. Do not attend any social functions in the town. Best to maintain your distance. However at some point you may wish to send your 'representative' to prove that the 'Governor' still exists, as it were. No insult meant to you.

- None taken.

- Will be seeking advice from the circle very soon. In the meantime please absorb this information, which you will need very soon. I also enclose an additional item for your amusement. Hope your 'new home' is amenable to you.

- Yes quite so. It makes little difference to me where I am but thank you for your polite enquiry.

- Text message.

Thank you Mr. Anderton for your invitation. Unfortunately I will not be able to make it. We will no doubt be able to talk soon. The Governor
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