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Platitude In Text

Text message

- To the Governor, from the circle.

It is strange that this feuding in such a small little town could become so important. Still we feel that it's time to send them in.

We would very much like to see 'the company' disbanded or at the very least its share price impaired so that life becomes unbearably hard for the little big giant. We certainly would like all this to be in place and the company writhing and limping well before any of the Koreans starting poking their impudent little noses about.

I am sorry to have to be so obscure and tangential but politeness at this stage permits me from being too direct. I know you must be impatient by now to understand. Believe me I do not normally run around in circles using Latinate words, codes and odd missives. I am as people go, most direct. And yet of course you ask, 'Mr. Governor "Do we want to do all this?"

Not for sport, albeit along the way it will give us some pleasure to watch the puppets dance the merry on the hot coals. Nor do we mind which one of the little children emerges from their potential little, power struggle, their little bar brawl, their little arm wrestle in the corner; provided we hoist our flag in our own way, we have no allegiance to one or any.

Do I make myself clear to you?

Let the battle run its course. It was not expected, but let the unrest commence.

Have you read the stuff I enclosed you yet for amusement?

- Yes

- Good, what did you think?

- I very much enjoyed it. Thank you so much.

My pleasure.

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