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Small Misunderstandings

Text conversation with the Governor, unscrambled.

- I gather the Andertons funeral was well attended, which is only fair I feel don't you?

- Yes

- We are pleased with the Agitators; we feel they will do an exemplary job judging by their track record so far. I am giving you all the information you need to acquaint yourself with them. I think you will look forward to seeing each other later this week. I suggested that to them so they should come and make your acquaintance then. Would that be agreeable with you?

- Yes, that would be most agreeable.

- Fine, good. We will also need you to make your introductions soon. Is your representative ready yet?

- I thought that was something you were supposed to tell me!

- Yes, you are right, quite right of course. Sorry. I have been so busy doing other things, I quite forgot. Will you excuse me? I will assess your representative shortly and send them over to you.

- It would be nice to have some company around here, I am getting rather bored.

- I thought you might be. Well listen, take a look at this.

- God damn it I can't believe you have given this to me! Is this true? Chrissy and Ellephanie? You have got to be joking.

- Been covered well, we only found out a few days ago. It just keeps coming. Bye.

- Bye. You aren’t kidding!
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