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Lamenting Texts

- Text message, unscrambled.

- Meeting has happened. All is set in motion.

- Good.

- Recent events will help us I think. One important but rather alarming matter has come to light however.

- Oh yes and what would that be then?

- It seems we may have company.

- What? What sort of company?

- Oriental company, Korean company wanting to keep ahead company.

- Do they know?

- We don't think so. We are trying to keep abreast of the situation but we have no definite confirmation as yet. I will let you know just as soon as I know.

- Okay.

- For the time being, let's carry on. I suspect that we may have to force their hand to bring them out.

- This really is becoming very complicated from what was, once a relatively simple matter.

- Let's hope we don't get Arab company as well. That really would make the whole thing quite an International gathering.

- It's just as well that the players in Hertferd don't know what's going on; they would probably get stage fright. Can't believe how intricate this has become. Still, the oil must flow. All this trouble over one little stupid engine. This man Ellephanie doesn't know what trouble he is causing. Why don't we just buy the company and have done it would be much easier, this is getting quite ridiculous.

- It would be too transparent. If the media got hold of it our case would be sunk. Bang, all that positive exposure. He won't sell it anyway we've made enquiries before. He's not stupid. Would you sell in his position? We've either got to get hold or kill it off.

- Be easier to burn the place down wouldn't it?

- You know and I know that that would be a short-term measure. We need to do it properly.

- I am very surprised the more I think about it that our fossil fuel friends did not cotton on to this a good while ago. If they had any sense they would have developed all this technology themselves.

- Well they didn’t, did they? Careful what you say here.

- Well, let's keep positive.

- Quite. Let's keep positive and like I say, watch what you say, I am your friend; others may not share the same emotions.

- Point taken.

- Good.

- By the way, if I don't talk to you again, have a good Easter.

- You too.
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