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The Mayor's House

The Mayor's house was one of those rhythmic places, where you feel secure because everything happens, when it ought to happen. The maid, Elsee, was doing nothing to break this quotidian rhythm; she put out screens on the breakfast table, so Duncan and Chrissy could scan the newspapers and laid the table ready for them when they came down.

Elsee kept an eye on Brad, the Anderton's five year old, red-haired son. He was scampering around on the lawn. Elsee in turn was watched over by Chrissy from her bedroom window. Chrissy watched because she had little else to do, although she did her utmost to keep her busy. Most afternoons she got bored and locked herself in the bathroom with the latest copy of Provocateur and masturbated herself to sleep.

The Mayor had a hangover; half fell out of bed, weaved his way through his discarded clothes and stumbled towards the en-suite bathroom to find a packet of Alka Seltzer.

“That was one hell of a bash last night. Those goddam bastards! My arms hurt,” the Mayor croaked

"Urm...Elsee don't let Brad go eating that soil again will you?" Chrissy shouted from the bedroom to the kitchen window below.

“Don't worry!” Elsee bellowed.

Brad already, at five, had a muscular build, strong legs and large feet. His keen grey eyes darted around mischievously and his aptitude for science was already apparent, as was his destiny: to be an American football player and then a Wall Street wizard. At least that was Chrissy's plan.

“I said that was one hell of a party last night," the Mayor repeated in an I've-had-too-much-to-drink- kind of a voice. "What's wrong with you Chrissy?"

“Nothing," Chrissy yawned, "I'm just tired. What are you doing today anyhow?"

“Council meeting at eleven," Duncan said rubbing his head. “Then er, lunch with er... delegates from Daewoo Korea and Ellephanie," Duncan huffed.

“Don't give away too much. People are making money like Henry Ford all over again. Don't want 'em taking over... "

“Solve a lot of problems; I've got a good mind to tell 'em everything I know." Duncan grunted.

Duncan finally found two Alma Seltzer, which fizzed merrily in a glass. He swallowed the concoction wolfishly.
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