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A Bleeding Dawn

“How can you do this to me Jack? How?" Elsee wept, "You give and take away in the same breath, you bastard, you fucking bastard. I said yes, damn it, and then you tell me this."

“Elsee I don't have any choice do I? Do we? I'm terrified but I don't want to spend the rest of my life running like a rabbit, trying to get away, they'd get me in the end. What future is that, a life of running from something I don't even know I did?"

“We could stay here, stay away, not go back, and be together, something.”

“You know there's no future in that. I can't offer you a future. I wanted to make you happy, give us something to remember, something for us."

“Well you’ve done that all right," Elsee wailed, "Given me love and a future and then smashed it apart again with your hands, you murderer. You goddam murderer!"

Jack got up and looked at her, his hands were shaking.

“Now don't you go calling me that Elsee, goddam it...!"

“No, Jack you don't have to murder me, you've already murdered me. You've murdered me, I feel dead inside, like someone had ripped my heart out and cut it into little pieces."

"What choice do I have? I don't have one, you do. It's your choice, you must make it, I can't help you, I won't help you."

The sun rose over the edge of the earth, making a sky of fire.
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