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The toy hydrofoil planed across the surface of the pool chasing the swimmer who was trying to get away. It picked up to full speed and the swimmer thrashed faster. Mr. Ellephanie smiled at the controls and watched his son swimming.

“Stop! Stop! Stop!!" Roger rasped, “Pa, stop. Stop. No more, I can't stand it I'm out of breath!”

Chuck put down the controls of the hydrofoil and laughed. Roger loved being chased. The hydrofoil sunk back into the water. Chuck sat beside his pool with a yellow striped parasol over his head. Roger ran screaming and giggling towards him and deposited his wet body on his father's tummy.

“I nearly got away that time Pop," boasted Roger bouncing on his father's tummy.

“Shall we go for a swim together?" said Mr. Ellephanie deftly picking him up and putting him on his shoulders.

“Yeah, please."

Chuck popped threw him in the pool and dived in after him. Kandie was swimming with their daughter Stephanie. Kandie loved their pool, loved water and loved swimming. This love of water had spread to their children, who had received enhanced swimming.

People didn't understand why she'd married Chuck. They were both so different. He was intense, Kandie was laid back. He was a pragmatist she was a dreamer. He a scientist, she an artist. He was ambitious in a corporate way and she wasn't. He was chalk she was cheese. They didn't understand.

When she was drunk she became libidinous and did things like strip off naked at the Mayor's party. He loved her mercurial nature. He never got bored.

Chrissy had met Chuck because Ellephanie's foster father had been a loyal customer and friend to her father. He owned an antique shop in New York. The magnetism was there the moment they saw each other. Tall, dark handsome and virile was a cliché designed for Chuck. On their first date she felt his growing loins under the table while they sipped champagne.

Chuck snuck up on his wife. The water hung like beads on her tanned body

“I need to talk to you Kandie."

“So talk.”

“Quietly. Can you get out of the goddam pool a moment?"

“Can't it wait until later? This is Saturday. You know we promised to… “

“Yes, I know.”

“Can’t it wait until later?" Kandie implored.

“No Kandie. It's waited long enough already," Duncan replied evenly.
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