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I always wanted to tell the story, to find the truth, to tell it as it was. So that's the story, so far, as best as I can tell it.

Soon after Chuck’s death, the richest sheik in the world and his four eldest sons were wiped out by a mysterious drone. No one claimed responsibility.

His fortune was allegedly fairly divided up between all the heirs in his Solomon sized family. The Guinness Book of records has no record of the world’s poorest sheik.

Some say the Sheik himself was really a computer, run by a Korean-Italian consortium and fronted by a Colombian actor with a contract with Rayban.

They never did find out who killed Ralph McMahan. Some months later rumours spread around Hertferd that Tom Busey had him mafia-ed, or Islammed. Their execution style is sometimes similar, but this seems out of character and anyway where would Tom get the money? It was never proved, one way or another. He always denied it. Tom and Annie moved to Chicago and set up a small bar. They never had any more children.

Jack was let out of prison after three years on appeal and got compensation. Well done Goldstein. The grounds were a discredited and ambiguous retrotherapy brain scan, plus a polluted blood sample of uncertain origin. When he got out Elsee was waiting for him. They got married on the same day and went off to live somewhere. I never could find out where they went, although I tried.

Chrissy set up the world's first virtual art gallery from prison. It incorporated works from all over the world and was the most famous gallery of its type. She was never the same again. She's still in prison and spends a lot of time sitting in the prison garden. Silvia was fired in Hertferd and divorced her husband but became the counsellor in the prison where Chrissy was held.

At Chrissy's request, Duncan and Kandie and their children became a family. They are a family of sorts, a family fused together through circumstance. The children often say at school that their family is special. They say it's like an uncle and a sister in law who have got together because the rest of the family were killed in a war. They all know who their real parents are.

With an extended family to keep, Duncan leased a large part of his farm to Budweiser-Daniels on a Gain from Grain contract. Most of the rest he planted with lavender and herbs to provide serene relaxation and aromatic food for bees, while he became a honey farmer. The remainder became a solar panel farm, so large its dazzling reflection can be seen from space. It provides free power for Hertferd’s public lighting.

When the harvest is in, Duncan stages the now famous Corn Pop Country Music Festival. In one week it brings in more profit than a whole year of the grain contract. Some of this is invested in a trust to provide small scale prairie-wind powered electricity generators for each household in Hertferd. They are unobtrusive. Smaller than a satellite dish, only about a foot in diameter, even the floor mounted, large family size turbos are about the size of a household trash can.

With the Anderton / Ellephanie family / group integrity restored, Kandie became a Mayoress, on a “There’s a time and place for everything” ticket.

Fusion engines are everywhere now, but not in cars. The Orientals managed to evade Chuck’s patent protection, and with no one able to challenge them, they began making fusion engines for power stations. These replaced the old nuclear systems on the same site; a sort of reverse economy of scale. Most cars now are electric or hybrid.

It is a little late, but at last fusion engines are making so much of a difference to peoples’ lives that the current Mayor of Hertferd agreed to have a statue of Chuck Ellephanie erected on the site of the original fusion engine factory. On the small plaque it says:

'In memory of Chuck Ellephanie, the inventor of the fusion engine.'

.As for me, I never did take the job at T7. I went freelance and I've been doing it ever since. I hope to write some more books now I've got a bit more time. I still miss being in T7. Joe said I could go back whenever I want to but I haven't really wanted to so far. We'll see.

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