Amidst The Stars

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Picked up by a Military Cult after crash landing on a deserted planet and forced to marry their War General to save her life, Amyn has tried to leave her past behind more than once. Trained to best the best pilot in Eternium, Amyn is forced to crash land on a deserted planet after a skirmish against the rival Assassin Guild. Picked up by the brutal Druin War Cult, she is forced to marry their General or die by combat. Beaten and brutalized, Amyn has tried to escape her life more than once, but with no success and the aftermath getting worse with each attempt. Weak and weary, she tries once more, this time with surprising results.

Scifi / Romance
Christee Morton
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WARNING: This is still a work in progress.

Someone had found her, and if she didn't get off planet soon, they'd catch her. If she went back, she would be killed for sure.

There were only so many times He would 'forgive' her for running away, and his forgiveness always came with pain. Her body was still recovering from the last time she'd been returned, but she used the pain as fuel to push through the thick crowd and use the throngs as camouflage until she found the alley she was looking for. She had a mental map of the city in her head, and if it was true, then the entrance was just beyond the crowded bar that had patrons spilling out the front. The itchy feeling on the back of her neck had her craning her head around, and when she caught sight of two figures standing a head above the crowd, she knew who had found her. Bounty Hunters were notorious for doing whatever it took to catch their mark, and right now, she was it.

Feeling very much like a cornered animal, she ducked between two people talking, suddenly very glad she'd decided to visit the illegal market on a busy day. Pulling the deep hood of her tattered jacket over her hair, hiding the brilliant lavender hue of her hair and the high-cheekbones that only emphasized a few too many lost meals, she ducked around a corner and leaned back against the wall. Peering around the edge of the wall, she prayed to every deity she could think of in hopes that the Hunter's had lost the trail.

When she caught sight of the two red-clad Hunters steadily making their way through the crowd, easily moving in her direction, she curse under her breath and squinted, hoping to see more of their faces. There was a gut feeling that she'd encountered these particular Hunters before. She'd done some shady things in her desperate attempts to avoid getting captured, and she'd learned early on that Hunters held grudges, especially if you blew up their ship and left them stranded on an isolated planet.

Unluckily for her, when she caught sight of black markings on their faces, she knew exactly who she was dealing with, and going by the blazing red irises, they were well and truly pissed.

Running a hand down her face, she took a second that she really didn't have to catch her breath, her spine twinging in protest as she turned and jumped onto a low hanging roof. Having only recently recovered from a broken spine and two months of recovery in the hell-hole of a dump she'd found to hide in, she knew that the likely hood of her getting re-injured was very possible.

She just needed to get to her ship before they did.

Seeing a break in the miles of rooftop, she braced herself for a hard fall and dropped over the edge, breaking the fall a little by hanging onto the edge for a brief second. Picking herself up from her crouch, she dusted her hands off and sped around the corner, knowing that she was only a few turns away from the space dock where she'd stashed her stolen ship.

"Don't make me kill you." a nasally female voice spoke, and she winced when she felt the cold steel of a blaster press against the base of her skull.

"The reward for bringing you in alive is more than enough for us to replace our ship." the female's partner spoke up, stepping out from behind a large statue. "I still really want to kill you though." he growled, reaching out to wrap his hand around her throat and lifting her off her feet.

Grabbing onto his arm with both hands, she used what was left of her meager strength to hold herself up as much as she could so he wouldn't crush her wind-pipe. Her diet was that of borderline starvation, having had to spend what little she had on fuel in order to get as far away from the Druin's ship as possible.

"If you kill me, you don't get your ship." she managed to croak out, hating herself for not taking the time to check her surroundings before dropping from the roof. Her teacher at Eternium would have her doing drills for hours if she'd done that around him.

"Trust me, it's tempting." the man snarled, only dropping her when his companion put a hand on his shoulder.

When she caught sight of the red stripe in the middle of both of their lower lips, she bit back a groan. Of course they were a mated pair, her luck was just that terrible. Usually she could take on a Hunter or two, on a good day, but to take on a mated pair was utter insanity, and everyone in the universe knew it. Such was the magic of Bounty Hunters: alone, they were formidable, drawing on their own inner strength and abilities. Mated, they drew on each others strength, giving them almost inhuman skills and stamina.

There was no way she would be able to escape, not at the moment at least. She'd learned to never totally give up hope, something that had been useful during her times in the dungeon He had stuck her in after the first time she ran away.

Crumbling when she hit the ground, she bit back a gasp as a fissure of sharp pain shot up her spine. Schooling her face into a calm mask, she picked herself up off the ground, a little slower than she would've liked.

"Where to now?" she asked, knowing that her nonchalant attitude would irk her captors.

The male snorted, but didn't answer, instead waving a hand at his woman, who moved behind her to clasp a pair of electronic cuffs to her wrists.

"Not too tight, yeah?" she said, looking over her shoulder at the red-eyed woman. "Last time I nearly lost a hand."

Feeling a little bit better when the woman glared and clenched her jaw, she opened her mouth to say something again, when a rag was shoved into her mouth.

"Shut up." the man barked, and she fought a gag as the stench reached her nose. He'd used a sweaty rag, and the smell was starting to make her eyes water.

With a hand on her shoulder, she was shoved back into the alley, which she realized had no exit, and forced to slid down against the rough wall until she was sitting. Once she was down, the female drew her blaster again and with a pointed look, stepped just far enough away for her to not hear the conversation they started.

Luckily for her, and not so much for them, she was adept at reading lips, and while she wasn't able to figure out their whole conversation, she was able to understand the gist of it.

The man wanted the woman to return somewhere while he delivered her, while the woman wanted to go with him, claiming it would be easier if they both went. Even she knew that the man would take it as an insult that his woman didn't trust him to take care of himself, and when the man growled and lifted his upper lip to show off the sharpened teeth, his woman backed down. She was a little confused as to why the male didn't want his mate with him, considering the whole power-drawing thing, but it was all made clear when he brushed the tips of his fingers against the woman's belly.

The female Hunter was pregnant, and the hollow pit inside her deepened a little.

Dropping her head as the woman turned to check on her, she closed her eyes to keep the stray tears from falling, instead swallowing them back and choosing to focus on the burning anger towards the man who had so thoroughly screwed up her life.

A hand grabbing the back of her coat had her opening her eyes and looking up to see the woman an inch away from her face, teeth bared in warning.

"If my mate is killed delivering you to your husband, my teeth at your throat will be the last thing you feel." she growled, and she simply nodded, knowing her voice wouldn't be steady if she spoke, not that she could, considering the rank gag. The woman simply chose to drop her to the ground again before busying herself with her link, no doubt calling for transport for herself and her mate, who stood guarding the entrance to the dark alley.

She really wished the Hunter hadn't reminded her that she was being taken back to her husband. The man who had forced her to marry him or die by combat was nothing a husband should be. In fact, she realized with a dry laugh, the male Hunter was a better husband than her own. For one, he protected his woman when she was pregnant, not causing a miscarriage like her's did.

A husband was supposed to protect his wife, not throw her to his men after a victory. A husband was supposed to love his wife, not tie her up and throw her in a dark room for days on end. A husband was supposed to care about his wife, not ignore her and forget to feed her when tied up. A husband was supposed to love his future children, not do things to ensure either a miscarriage or a stillborn birth, something he had done more than once. She could still recall the hateful laugh as he finished inside her, purposely during her fertile time.

Fueled by anger, the ache of her recently mended body didn't matter as she shuffled her feet under her body, keeping an eye on the Hunter who stood off to the side. Thanking the rigorous training provided by Eternium before the fateful crash landing on a deserted planet, she was able to carefully bring her hands from behind her back to her front. Still keeping a watchful eye, the first thing she did was take the gag out of her mouth, silently gagging as it left an aftertaste.

Casting a quick look around, she searched for a way to escape, and a little bubble of hope appeared when she saw a rope dangling off the side of the building across her. It lead to an open window, but there was no light inside, nor was there any noise coming from it. Hopefully it was empty, as she didn't want any unnecessary casualties. Turning her head slightly to check on her captors, she saw that something had drawn the male's attention away from the back of the alley where she was, and the female had her back to her, yelling something into her link in a language she couldn't understand.

Shifting a leg under her, she used it to propel her body forward faster than if she'd gotten up normally, and she dashed across the ground, kicking up dirt as she did so.

She'd almost reached the rope, her hands still cuffed but outstretched in front of her before a white hot pain spread through her body. Unable to control the muscle spasms, she fell to the floor, seeing the female bounty hunter approaching, blaster drawn and a furious scowl on her face.

"Had to try." she managed to get out before the pain had her blacking out.

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