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Chapter 18

United States Government: Special Order Code 14235#

File: Operation Angel Light

Status: Active

Control: Space Division, NASA, profile 296.1 -S. HARVEY

Level of Surveillance: Tracking

Vehicle: 1 x Soyuz-Frigate Rocket

1 x F54 Royal Ascender Spacecraft (New prototype design, see separate file)

Crew: Col. David Carter - Commander and senior liaison officer/overseer

Col. Abigail Taylor - Flight Commander

Major. Adrian Bryant - Astronaut and Assistant Pilot

Dr. Salem Kalmar - Medical Officer

Off. Carolyn Akbar - Systems and Communications Officer

Gen. Lucia Nikolov - Astronaut and Assistant Pilot

Dr. Abu Phillips-Murphy - Mechanical Systems Engineer

Lt. Juliano Perez - Pilot

Lt. Jacques Christophe - Astronaut and Assistant Pilot

Lt. Sinhala Hiawatha - Pilot

Lt. Marissa Herman - Astronaut

Gen. Pieter Grasser - Astronaut

Mission Objective: (EYES ONLY: CARTER/TAYLOR)

Primary Objective: Reach and establish contact with unknown body, following set NASA protocol. Inspect base origin of body, and look for readings of elements and of organic life. Priority One: any discovery of life forms and/or other new base elements to be sampled and kept in cold storage for immediate return to Earth, as part of standard protocol.

Secondary Objective: Study of Jupiter. Use telephoto lenses and freeze-frame technology to capture close-up images of the planet. Priority One: key analysis of Jupiter’s climate, elemental make-up, topography and lithography to be relayed back to Houston at the nearest convenience.

Tertiary Objective: Testing of Spacecraft design (Model F54 TZ097) for suitability to NASA programs. No crew-level assessment required, until scheduled return on 01/23/2035

Priority: Maximum

Houston Command: Colonel Alexander Willis, Section Commander Nicholas Brigham

Flight Command: Colonel Abigail Taylor

Course: Direct flight in Soyuz rocket (‘Journey’) to ISS Docking Station 2. Crew to disembark, rendezvous with Captain Chris Johansson aboard the Space Station, before boarding the F54 (‘Royal Ascender’) at Docking Station 5. Pilots Sinhala Hiawatha and Juliano Perez are to take off from ISS and engage the automatic computer flight program for the 2-year flight to unknown body. Upon arrival at this body, and following the completion of set objectives to their fullest extent, crew are to begin return journey to the ISS, where NASA technicians will be waiting to examine samples and study important data. The crew will return to Earth, in a waiting shuttle. IMPORTANT: There is to be no deviation of any kind from this pattern. Any deviation whatsoever will be treated as a breach of NASA protocol, and is punishable by penalisation. It is therefore up to Colonel Carter to ensure that no such deviation occurs, in order to keep the predicted course of the mission constant.

Schedule: Soyuz Take-off Sequence: 08:00 hours, 07/02/2030

Soyuz Docking Sequence: 11:24 hours, 07/02/2030

F54 Royal Ascender Take-off Sequence: 12:24 hours, 07/02/2030

F54 Royal Ascender Re-entry Sequence: 12:24 hours, 01/23/2035

F54 Royal Ascender Docking Sequence: 13:46 hours, 01/23/2035

Shuttle Take-off Sequence: TBC

End of Transmission

File Codename: OPANGELLIGHT556

Sender: Colonel Samuel Harvey Jr., Head of Operations, NASA


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