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Chapter 36

US Government

State Department


Personnel Roster

Personnel File 8ZC

Roll No. 207000DAVDCATR

Updated: 05/29/2029


Name: Carter, David Kieran

Date of Birth: November 12th 1972

Rank(s): Colonel II (Second Class), Drill Sergeant, Flight Officer: Lieutenant II (Second Class)

Honours: USAF Special Bravery Award First Class, NASA Lifetime Achievement Award First Class

Location of Birth: Ainsworth-Fletcher General, Greenbury, Michigan

Address 1: Dorothy Ranch, Route 87, Vancourt, Texas, U. S. A.

Address 2: 56 Tenth Avenue, Baybrook, Richmond, Montana, U. S. A.

Address 3: Tate Cottage, B291, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Parents: Carter, Eric J., born 6th April 1941, Greenbury, Michigan and Somers, Millie A., born 17th February 1942, Whistlers Hill, Michigan. Status: Deceased

Educated: Greenbury Childcare Ltd., Greenbury Primary, Danton High School, Harvard Business School- College of Law and Finance, University of Edinburgh, Michigan Flight Academy, NASA Recruitment Programme 8J.

Grade Report 438#: Very high percentages up until Danton, where a drop in achievements can be attributed to adolescent behavioural patterns. Similar disruption at Harvard, and Finance Degree not completed so deem invalid. High grade return at University in Edinburgh, Scotland, resulting in a ‘First’ Degree in English Literature. Continued high performance at Flight Academy, resulting in top theory and practical grades, and wings in USAF Michigan 288 Unit later. Excellent commendations from NASA tests and simulation thereafter, marked by Achievement Awards and other appraisals.

Military Occupations: Michigan Flight Academy (Cadet), USAF Michigan 288 Unit (F16 Pilot and Squadron Leader/Command), USAF Nevada Training Facility, NASA Recruitment Programme 8J (Flight Officer, Lieutenant Colonel I and II, Colonel II (Second Class)).

Military Training Report 439#: Unconfirmed RAF trial in Tallow Forest, Scotland, possibly while studying at University. Cousin (Carter, Oliver D.) proceeds to join RAF and killed in action about two years later, leading to the subject’s enlistment at Michigan Flight Academy. An able shot in firearm testing, and a remarkable shot in simulated dog-fighting programs. Noted for excellent reflexes and combat stance, and also heavy build. Bravery Award obtained following conflict over Libya and Egypt, where subject showed courage and remarkable endurance in the line of duty. Influential in combat drops and weapons-testing thereafter, following end to Eastern Conflict, and thereby recruited to NASA. Subject retrained with firearms and showed excellent adaptability to anti-gravity and space-based environments. Also remarked upon later for tutoring and morale-boosting skills in the guiding of younger candidates at NASA and USAF.

Social Life: Married three times between 1995 and 2020. Married Hendry, Jasmine J. T. in 1995, aged 23, and divorced in 1998, aged 26. Three children: Carter, Lucy S.: born 1996, Carter, Jodie D.: born 1997 and Carter, Calvin T.: born 1999. Married Allen, Katy W. in 1999, aged 27, and divorced in 2003, aged 30. One child: Carter, Sara. H.: born 2003. Married Chekovskyi, Lola Y. in 2017, aged 44, and divorced in 2019, aged 46. No additional confirmed offspring. Status: All remarried (See attached file)

Psych Report 440#: Generally secluded nature; known to spend a lot of his private life alone, and away from family. Thought to have had close relationship with parents in youth, but growing steadily apart in advanced age. Not clear on whether subject feels any lingering emotion for divorced partners or offspring. Holds aggressive views on world politics, poverty, government and democracy. No particular response to personal probing, but clearly withholds certain information in a way that is difficult to break. Ambitions in life appear to be simple; to build a retirement fund, retire to Texas and write books. Little appreciation for religion, natural science, celebrity and nationalism. Tolerant of other races, genders, social classes and alternate professions, in general terms. Clear understanding of ‘the human condition,’ and other such theses. (CASE NOTE: Odd changes to personality depending on subject’s present company. Not detected under testing, but picked up by colleagues and superiors in occupation. Not clear whether subject suffers from MPD or similar disorder. All such tests negative). Generally cooperative, and calm/collected. Clearly thinks deeply before speaking or acting. Often difficult to predict what subject is thinking. Seismograph testing proved ineffective; possibly as a result of subject’s low heart-rate. Described by colleagues as hard-working and efficient, and also helpful in difficult scenarios. Known to be a generally desirable candidate for tutoring and demonstrations, as well as flights. (CASE NOTE: One colleague questioned inquired as to the possibility that subject suffers from some form of autism. All tests negative). Psychologist verdict: needs further testing.

Rorschach Test: Unusual, especially with responses to Shapes A.d3 and D.d4. Needs further testing.

Recent Movements: Left 56 Tenth Avenue, Baybrook, at 9:54 hours on Monday 4th May, 2029. Left the State of Montana by registered vehicle. Stopped at Rest Stop Motel on the Interstate. Left Interstate on Tuesday 5th May, 2029. Signed on at NASA Station 8J by 18:46 hours on Wednesday 6th May. Believed to have flown by private plane to Arizona. No known deviations.

Section Commander Report 441#: No inconsequential or suspicious behaviour reported in the past six months of operating. Subject cleared for debriefing.

Medical Status: Healthy.

Medic Report 442#: No known experimentation with illegal substances. No known experimentation with performance-enhancing substances. No known experimentation with alcohol-substitutes, placebos or substances of unknown origin. Low levels of alcohol in blood. Low receptivity to nicotine and substitutes. Physical Status: Strong. Mental Status: Stable. Pending psychological report, subject cleared for debriefing.

Section Commander Report 487#: The operative Carter, David K. is at prime operating capacity. He has performed consistently well during simulated training, and has used his experience to help the performances of others. His rank of Colonel II will help him continue to assert this authority during flights. His experience of previous missions, namely on the Mars II Flight and FSD Moon Landings, has helped him become a strong and efficient astronaut and flight commander. He is deemed a valuable asset to NASA and to the State Department for his services to the United States of America and to Space-based flights and testing. (CASE NOTE: This operative is considered a suitable candidate for Operation Angel Light. The candidate has arrived for training and is performing to the above standards. See OPANGELLIGHT Mission Dossier for details).

Current Status: Active (OPANGELLIGHT: MISSION DOSSIER DISCLOSED). Deemed a superior commanding officer on the mission, along with Flight Commander Taylor, and is privy to sensitive information. Ranked as Second in Command. Non-expendable.


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