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Chapter 2

United States Government

State Department

N. A. S. A.

Chairman, C.E.O. Samuel Harvey Jr.


Operation Angel Light:

Crew dossier for Shuttle ‘USAF F54 JOURNEY’ and Space-Craft ‘F54 ROYAL ASCENDER’ as follows:

Name and Rank: Col. Abigail Taylor

Date of Birth: April 27th 1995

Place of Birth: 43 Ashburn Way, Durban, Australia

Nationality: Australian Native (Aboriginal descent)

Educated: King’s College, Cambridge (Double First in Politics)

Military Training: Joined ASIS aged 22, transferred to Australian Air Service and then RAF, now 26, before invitation to NASA Training Program 27C. Positive reference following action in Indonesia, Indo-China, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Flight Training: Achieved highest attainable grade in extreme flight simulation scenarios. Two previous Shuttle launches; both for testing purposes only. No real-life Spacecraft experience.

Strengths?: Leadership qualities, bravery, pride?

Weaknesses?: Possibly cavalier, would benefit from extra experience on flight deck (see file on D. Carter)

Status: Healthy

Name and Rank: Dr. Abu Amitay Philips-Murphy

Date of Birth: December 2nd 1993

Place of Birth: Freetown, Sierra Leone

Nationality: African Native (Sierra Leonean (?))/American

Educated: University of Pretoria, South Africa (First in Engineering). Later attained PHD in Internal Combustion Processes and their Reactions

Military Training: Questionable, possible requisitioning as ‘child-soldier’ in Sierra Leone diamond mines, psychological study inconclusive. [SPECIAL ORDER: should remain under vigilant supervision in proximity of firearms.] Engineer in South African Marine Corps for four years until promoted to Systems Commander aged 30. Was relieved of his duties (?) two years later, and joined NASA Recruitment Program 14F in 2024.

Flight Training: Excelled in Recruitment Program 14F, leading to transfer to Special Air Base 18C, where he was remarked upon for intelligence and intuition in the maintenance capacity. Has both Shuttle and Spacecraft experience, and has performed without fault on four separate missions, receiving a Bravery Award, and has performed well in the simulator.

Strengths?: Remarked upon by peers as having a ‘cool head’ in tough situations, some medical experience

Weaknesses?: Special requests (see attached file)

Status: Known carrier of malaria, cleared by NASA specialists as being perfectly capable, disease not an impediment, and non-communicable.

Name and Rank: Dr. Salem Kalmar

Date of Birth: May 14th 1987

Place of Birth: 1 Dharavi Square, Bombay, India

Nationality: Indian

Educated: Mumbai University of Medicine (First and PHD in Diagnostics and Healthcare).

Military Training: Limited, worked as a doctor and as a surgeon in Mumbai General Hospital until, aged 32, emigrated to the USA (?) where he was invited on a Military Medic Course supervised by NASA and the State Department. Quickly picked out as having unrivalled medical skill and reactions, and recommended for NASA Recruitment Program 14F. Will have received standard weapons-training hereafter, but no known experience.

Flight Training: Three real experiences of Shuttle and Spacecraft action, most notably filling in as a replacement for Dr. Harris Stamford on Second Mars Mission. Impressive in simulated scenarios and role-play demonstrations.

Strengths?: Known to be skilled at decision-making. Almost perfect commendation from Mumbai.

Weaknesses?: Criminal record, fined 100,000 rupees for overdosing two patients with morphine at Mumbai General. Investigation found incidents to be isolated (genuine mistakes). Neither patient suffered long-term effects.

Status: Healthy

Name and Rank: Commander Adrian Bryant, Queen’s Cross First Class

Date of Birth: July 6th 1995

Place of Birth: 14 Southwark Drive, Colchester, England

Nationality: British Citizen

Educated: Magdalen College, Oxford University (Double First in Classics, Politics and Applied Sciences)

Military Training: Joined PARAS aged 24, after displaying aptitude in regular Territorial Army command, rose to rank of Commander after just two years, earning invitation to SAS. Also believed to be connected to MI5 (?) throughout his military career. Received awards for bravery in Iraq and Afghanistan during end to conflict in 2015, and would have made Colonel had he not accepted invitation to NASA Training Program 8J.

Flight Training: Experienced surface-to-air operator after two year spell with PARAS, and known to be a competent pilot. Not experienced with shuttle launches at anything other than a simulated capacity.

Strengths?: Strong and very fit, and highly-adaptable (see SAS reference)

Weaknesses?: Simple lack of experience, may not be suited to length of Spacecraft journey

Status: Healthy, recent break to right humerus successfully healed.

Name and Rank: Airman Jacques Christophe

Date of Birth: March 2nd 1996

Place of Birth: 54, Rue la Gare Sud, Angers, France

Nationality: French National

Educated: Paris University (Degrees in Economics and Engineering)

Military Training: Unclear, but known to be experienced as a soldier and as a naval pilot in French Military. Joined army at the age of 20, while still studying, and is known to have impressed hugely in campaigns throughout the Middle-East, including Iran, Kuwait and Syria. Weapons expert, but this is thought to be an education beyond that offered by the French Military. Possible contract mercenary?

Flight Training: Experienced pilot, engaging in combat missions over much of the Middle-East. Received French Airman’s award for special services (?). No connection to NASA prior call-up to Operation Angel Light, but received glowing references from French Space Organisations and other parties.

Strengths?: Astronaut experience, prominent in French Moon-landings, capable

Weaknesses?: Discipline. Poor attitude to simulated training, and possibly ‘rebellious’ views concerning NASA’s control of the mission.

Status: Healthy, smoker

Name and Rank: Gen. Pieter Grasser

Date of Birth: January 4th 1987

Place of Birth: Dresden, Germany (TBC)

Nationality: German National

Educated: University of Munich (Double First in Politics and Economics) (TBC)

Military Training: Highly influential in German Military Corps. Promoted to Drill Sergeant at just 26 years of age. Received commendations from three separate outings, including his role in the Iranian Crisis.

Flight Training: Switched from the German Army to NASA’s Base of Operations following several recommendations, and engaged in several documented Moon-landings. An experienced astronaut in every field.

Strengths?: Highly disciplined, and will obey orders succinctly

Weaknesses?: None confirmed, but very unclear origins. Experiences in the army and with NASA are well-documented, but seemingly appeared from nowhere in 2010 in the German Army. Possibly the product of an unknown recruitment programme. [SPECIAL ORDER: caution is to be observed, unconfirmed links with the Grasser lineage and unnamed fascist group.]

Status: Healthy

Name and Rank: Airman Sinhala Hiawatha

Date of Birth: November 17th 2003

Place of Birth: 45 Imperial Avenue, Kobe, Japan

Nationality: Japanese

Educated: Tokyo University (Honours in Engineering, Economics and Classics (English Studies))

Military Training: Joined Japanese Air Service after leaving university, where he was tutored by father Jiao Hiawatha, a highly-experienced pilot. Hailed as something of a prodigy in military combat manoeuvres, but relatively unproven

Flight Training: Extensive, and very promising. Linked up with NASA after four years with Japanese Air Service, and has shown skill, intuition and adaptability in simulated Shuttle training. Flew solo to test the modular rockets of the F54 JOURNEY prototype and encountered no problems.

Strengths?: Strong-willed; and a very able flier

Weaknesses?: Less experience than most Shuttle pilots, could affect judgement

Status: Healthy, smoker

Name and Rank: Officer Juliano Perez

Date of Birth: July 28th 1990

Place of Birth: Cuzco, Peru

Nationality: Latin American (Peruvian)

Educated: Lima State University (Degree in Engineering)

Military Training: Joined Peruvian National Army after brief stint with a paramilitary wing of the country’s Nationalist Front. Renowned for courage in the line of duty, and was even awarded the Iron Cross for bravery after pulling two compatriots from a burning vehicle in Iraq, while still only a Second Lieutenant acting with Latin American Corps; this alongside other awards. Invited to train with the PARAS in England, where he may have worked with A. Bryant. It is safe therefore to assume thorough training.

Flight Training: Limited, but capable. Has shown impressive resistance to G-forces and air pressure, as well as altitude sickness, due to location of birth. Also, known to have history of pilots in family, and has performed well in simulation.

Strengths?: Solid; capable in the line of duty

Weaknesses?: Possible ‘bravado’ element, excessive bravery? Also, previous convictions for adultery and one for assault. Has served a short spell in American penitentiary.

Status: Healthy

Name and Rank: Col. David Carter

Date of Birth: November 12th 1972

Place of Birth: 9 Harne Avenue, Greenbury Park, Michigan, USA

Nationality: American

Educated: Harvard Business School (unfinished Degree in Business) and Edinburgh University (Double First in Classic Literature and (later) Honours in Engineering)

Military Training: Recruited by the Air Force in 1995 at the age of 23, where he became very experienced in flight and weapons testing. By 1998, had risen to the rank of Commander, after a spell as Drill Sergeant, and showed aptitude in the field of both air-to-surface and surface-to-air desert and jungle combat manoeuvres. Was made a Colonel of the Michigan Barracks after the death of his predecessor, where he has co-ordinated dozens of missions, rarely failing to meet set targets.

Flight Training: A distinguished operator, has flown as both a co-pilot and a squadron leader on missions in the Middle East. Has worked previously with NASA, proving his capabilities in the Second Mars Mission as a Flight Coordinator, where he worked with S. Kalmar. Has taken part in Moon-landings on three separate occasions; twice with NASA and once with the French.

Strengths?: Extremely experienced with a wide range of capabilities

Weaknesses?: None listed

Status: Healthy (see psychological profile)

Name and Rank: Officer Carolyn Akbar

Date of Birth: November 29th 1998

Place of Birth: 18 Angel Square, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Nationality: Arab National/British Citizen

Educated: Corpus Christi College, Cambridge University (Honours in Medicine, Engineering and Associated Geography Studies)

Military Training: Thought to be extensive. Has seen action in the Middle-East’s major conflict zones, including Syria and Iran. Trained with the National Army of Dubai as a security expert and a weapons inspector, before joining the Special Operations Unit of MI5 in England, as an asset in UAE.

Flight Training: Much completed recently, as has been working with NASA for more than a year, on a leave of absence from British Intelligence. Has completed simulated combat drops, dogfights and Shuttle launches with flying colours, and has made significant progress in space simulation. No practical Shuttle or Spacecraft experience.

Strengths?: A committed member of the program, after more than a year spent in association with Operation Angel Light.

Weaknesses?: Lack of Spacecraft experience could be crucial, due to the difficulty in simulating such an environment. May be unsuitable candidate (?) for such an undertaking

Status: Healthy

Name and Rank: Officer Marissa Herman

Date of Birth: December 7th 2001

Place of Birth: 60 Armand Plaza Estate, Trondheim, Norway

Nationality: Norwegian National/American

Education: University of Bergen (Degree in Engineering)

Military Training: After a brief stint with Norwegian Military, signed up for NASA Recruitment Program 14F, passing preliminary tests with flying colours. Coming top of her class in aerial combat and reconnaissance practical examinations, was trialled with the USAF, where she was offered wings in Sixteenth Squadron Texas.

Flight Training: Was recommended to NASA by USAF peers, and quickly impressed superior officers with her adaptability and endurance. Has flown two Shuttle missions to the International Space Station and was a key courier in the development of the Hubble II telescope. Altogether, a capable and experienced officer, with a sound track record.

Strengths: Along with C. Akbar, an individual familiar with the mission dossier up to this point, after a year spent working with technicians and NASA

Weaknesses?: Past problems with drugs, known to have taken heroin and other substitutes in youth. Intense screening and surveillance have stopped this addiction, but a possible sign of compromise in an otherwise impressive officer. Location of education?

Status: Healthy

Name and Rank: Gen. Lucia Nikolov

Date of Birth: December 19th 1997

Place of Birth: 41 Gorky Prospect, St. Petersburg, Russia

Nationality: Citizen of the Russian Federation

Education: St. Petersburg University of Cosmology (First Class Degree in Applied Physics and Space Travel)

Military Training: Known to have been recruited from the Russian Army by the Russian Secret Service at the age of 25 after impressing in the fields of decryption and communications. However, is thought to have quit the Secret Service after less than three months (?) to switch to the Russian Air Force, where she used the influence of her family (a prominent one in the Russian Military) to secure a position in the Elite Mig 24 Squadron. Despite this, she was frequently remarked upon by unrelated peers as having superior ability as a solo pilot and as an excellent squad leader. Was grounded in 2026 and made a general, and in that same year was recruited by NASA and the Russian Space Federation to work on Operation Angel Light, where she has shown her military background has a practical use in coordinating the mission

Flight Training: Distinguished at University and in the Russian Air Force as an individual destined to go into space, but this could be due to her family name. Has nonetheless shown aptitude in simulation, and a desire to teach others what is required.

Strengths?: Has much experience from her time in the Russian Military and space-based university, and also the military-mindedness of her bloodline in her favour

Weaknesses?: Possibility of nepotistic ascent to significance; use of her family name to get her way. An unacceptable trait in the eyes of the State Department, which Colonels Carter and Taylor have been instructed to quash (see SPECIAL ORDER 407: EYES ONLY CARTER/TAYLOR)

Status: Healthy


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