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The President of the United States of America straightened his tie in his reflection, staring back from the glass partition of the Conference Room. Men on either side of him stood back, unperturbed. One pressed a finger to his ear to acknowledge a message he was receiving through his headset.

“Me, they say! A man of shallow horizons! Well, we’ll see what the Secretary of State makes of that. Ben’s a good guy; heart and head in the right place. But if Sam Harvey Junior wants a war of words, then he’s got one. Some of the dealings I’ve oh so carefully overlooked in these past few years might suddenly come into the light once again. I happen to have endorsed quite a few little Special Orders for the big missions, especially Operation Angel Light. We’ll see if he’s so cocky when a few little discrepancies come to the fore!”

“They’re ready for you, Mr. President,” a woman in a dark suit said, holding open the door to let him through. The Conference Room was large and had a scenic window showing part of the river. No boats were visible, due to the cordon issued by the local authorities, as was standard practice when the President left the White House or Air Force One. The city hustled and bustled in the background, unaware of the secret and special meeting taking place on its doorstep.

It was as the President was entering and the men stood to greet him that one of the bodyguards muttered something. The man opposite nodded and placed an arm across the door-frame.

“I’m sorry to intervene, Mr. President, but I’m afraid we have a situation,” he said, mechanically. Behind them, the man now swore into his headset, vehemently. The governors and statesmen in the Conference Room approached with some caution to see what the fuss was about. The President leaned in and the bodyguard explained what he had just been told.

“Gone?” he exclaimed, “How can it be gone?!”

“There’s no contact, sir! My links gone dead. So has Rodriguez’s. What the hell is happening…”

“Oh my god!”

It was the Vice President who had screamed, pointing with a shaky finger out of the window. Everyone else in the room turned simultaneously as the city vanished from view. Something, some invisible force, was moving across the water in their direction. Unbeknownst to them, the fabric of causality had been changed, altered. Time and space were reclaiming existing factors that could not, in all possibility, exist.

“It’s… it’s the horizon! Its… its moving closer…”

The Conference Centre was swallowed and vanished into nothing. It had never existed; never been built by people who had never lived. People across the planet disappeared from existence, as all life that did not follow the rules of the original procreative process was extinguished, and all its worldly possessions and alterations taken and undone by the wave. Nothing that evolved or flourished as a result of Man remained, and those that relied on Him faded. The end of intelligent life as it was.

The Earth continued to turn, regardless, becoming black with night on one side and light again on the other. The polar ice-caps re-hardened. Rainforests replenished themselves to full vitality once more. Wildlife held back or restricted was instantly set free and flourished. The world became as it was before the evolution of Man and all its consequences were undone.

And far off, beyond the cosmos, an omniscient observer would just perhaps catch the laughter of a solitary being somewhere unseeable, who found humour and delight at the event that had overtaken the Earth.

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