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Annihilation of Existence

By Xyox All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Scifi


October 9th

Year 2670

U.S.A Space Colony

“Give me a brief summary of our surroundings”

The colonel of the Space Colony spoke as his voice rang through the air, into the workers ears. They immediately started pressing upon their keyboards and panels showing pictures of space. The atmosphere was calm, in the year 2670 a lot of technology had evolved. The colonel wore a black suit with several glistening space battle medals; a lot of wars had been going on between humans. The battles were then originally held in space. He had a sailor’s hat, white with black trousers and thin, alluring white shoes. He was in his late 50’s and had sparkly blue eyes.

The Colonel can be a cruel person, very harsh and caring about nobody but himself. That may well be his downfall, he can also be happy, as he is normally strict and serious. All the time, he has had a rough past growing up in the future is incredibly hard for a man like The Colonel.

The Colony was several thousand miles off the coast of the Earth. A far distance indeed but easy to travel within according to fast Space Ships.

“Sir we have a general activity going on in open space, a ship cruise heading towards Venus and other minor calculations,” A worker had carefully pointed out, alerting the Colonel.

“Ok, I have a bad feeling,” replied the Colonel

“Why is that?”

“It’s personal,” He muttered as his rage gradually built, “Get back to work!”

The colony they were in was like a doughnut; it was a big circle with a line going straight through it, and being supported by lines (long hallways) that lead to the sort of doughnut.

Space at the time was beautiful, all planets of our Solar System had been explored, with life on them, allies to earth, new races found on Venus and Mars and also on Jupiter. They are not considered as aliens, but as friends. Incredibly intelligent and strong-minded beings roam with humans sometimes on earth. Other Solar Systems have been explored, through the Milky Way Galaxy there are different solar systems around, explored. Some with life on them, several new plants and new discoveries earth would never imagine.

Ships had been built, space ships, allowing people to buy them and go to space and travel whenever they wish. But there are strict boundaries to your dreams. You cannot go wandering off into deep space where there might be black holes or dangerous hazards. Space is confusing, the universe is well confusing. There are several parts to it. A lot more to explore, it would be ones incredible accomplishment if they explored several Galaxies.

The bright illuminating light shone in the main control room of the Colony. As the workers still observed open space and any traces of tragedy. The worker that had spoken to the Colonel earlier suddenly gaped at the screen in front of him, his eyes focused on whatever it was that he was looking at. He looked like he had just seen a ghost, terrified and solid at the sight. His lower lip began to tremble; his face began to shed litres of sweat as he swallowed deeply. He had been rid of his speaking abilities, too shocked to react; it was like his brain had been paralysed.

“What is it?” The colonel asked, losing hope of everything being ok.

The worker didn’t take any notice of what he was saying; he rapidly pressed his hand against a red button to the side of him. Suddenly, the entire colony began to chant:

“Red Alert, Red Alert”

The worker, formally known as Joe ran out of the room. Urging his legs to go on, he didn’t look back, just kept running ahead, running where? He looked like he was about to kill himself or something. He screamed something no one could understand, alerting everyone in the Colony, just about everyone. Everyone began to panic; they fled from their hi-tech chairs fleeing for their lives, whatever the hassle was. Not even knowing what was happening they still ran out barging and pushing, knocking over expensive antiques. The colonel’s eyes stared in horror at the people that ran out; He had never seen so much disgusting behaviour in his entire life. He urged himself to move towards Joe’s screen, terrified of what lay ahead.

As he saw it, with his own enlarged blue eyes. A planet was orbiting something, it was moving towards a star. The star was beyond gigantic. It seemed bigger than the sun, with a red glint. The planet came from another Solar System probably, no one knew, they just cared about their lives, they could die from the eruption of the two things clashing. The Colonel stared in horror he panicked, not knowing what to do.

“You,” The Colonel shouted out to a worker about to run out, “Hurry, get information on odds of survival.”

“Are you fucking nuts? We’re all gonna die!” The worker screamed. “Sienara dickhead”

With that said, the worker ran for his life. The Colonel was wishing that worker had never come to the Colony in the first place; his anger grew as he lost control. He withdrew his pistol, a Desert Eagle, silver and compact. It had the maximum of loaded bullets inside of its wondrous structure. The Colonel immediately pointed his pistol at the workers head.


He shot him. The worker went tumbling to the ground, letting people trample over him. Blood gushed out from his head, letting it fly freely through the air and land on the Colonel’s white hat and black suit.

“Argh, my fucking suit!”

He couldn’t worry about his suit now. He had to evacuate from the place. But quickly he remembered about speaking of the evacuation to the Colony.

“EVERYONE EVACUATE, EVACUATE FROM THE COLONY, EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY!” He shouted, alerting everyone in the main sector. Then he realized. He went over to something he could speak in, that would talk to every sector in the colony.


With that said, the Colonel joined the rampage throughout the Colony, people were barging, all kinds of people, other species and workers, even some babies were rushing, being trampled over. They were all heading for The Dock; where all the ships are held, Sector 30. There were 40 ships altogether there that could carry 10 people in one. (There weren’t many ships because not many people needed to leave the Colony a lot) There was far more people in the Colony. The Colonel punched through the endless rows of people, allowing bloodshed to be present at the time. He didn’t care about them, willing to save his own life. People had already departed with the ships, in an orderly fashion. The ships have to be detached and then set off. (Everyone in the Colony knew how to fly a ship). As the Colonel saw a teleporter, with several people rushing through, he knew what to do. The future contained teleporters that could teleport you anywhere, only if it has the destination programmed into it. There were three circles below and above of the teleporter, (the things that teleport you) with a holographic glass plate running across it. The Colonel, eager to barge through, re-loaded his pistol in a flash and shot several people in the legs, letting they’re feeble legs to crumble and letting themselves fall.

He can be extremely cruel.

As he went into the teleporter, that could only hold 5 people, he immediately said:

“Ship Dock – Sector 30”

As he began to disintegrate, he saw the faces of the people still running for their lives; he looked at the people he had shot. He smiled as they were in pain. One of them gave him the middle finger; he had well deserved that and always will. As he began to reintegrate, he saw only two ships remaining, one that was about to depart, containing several people and another that was completely empty. The atmosphere around the place was shocking; several people were running to ships, some committing suicide any way they can, screaming out threats. The Colonel dashed towards the free ship, the other one already departing and zooming off in the direction of the nearest planet. His feet were dangling; he was failing to run properly, people had already boarded the last ship.

“NO!” The Colonel’s voice yelled out in agony as he began to shed glistening tears.

The Colonel couldn’t take anymore; he raised his hand, attempting to shoot the people aboard the last ship. He missed. All his bullets had gone to waste, 10 people were on the last ship, and he had to get on. With his eyes watering, creating a stream of tears down his cheeks, and letting the tears fall to the floor. Where they were trampled on by people running for they’re lives. He leapt into the air, jumping for the ship. The person inside was scared, shaking, staring in horror. The door of the ship closed immensely, with a nasty sound followed, a nasty sight; it had sliced the Colonels head off. He leapt and killed himself; blood poured from the head as his body was left behind, clutching the gun. The people aboard the ship screamed in horror at the head that was beside them. They kept driving, what they were about to experience was far worse than that.

The Colonel’s head lay on the small ship that had departed, heading for Jupiter at a great rate. The head of the Colonel stopped shedding tears, a gaping mouth with eyes widened and blood rushing through them. It was thick, immensely thick, gory and disgusting. It was a sort of brown, his blood. He had wanted to board the ship, a part of him did.

The ship was black, bent in an awkward arc, stylish and attractive; it was leaving, with its spikes sticking out. It had several controls inside of it, with comfy seats and a place to order food; directly from the ship. Its inside was luxury, containing cup holders and an auto flight if you didn’t want to steer the ship manually.

The Star and the Unknown planet were about to clash, only hundreds of miles away from clashing, though they were moving at a great speed. There were screams from the Colony; the people that were left behind could only watch the Star and the Planet clash together. The gap between the two was closing fast.

1000.00 Miles

876.90 Miles

600.00 Miles

466.61 Miles

289.10 Miles

78.00 Miles

22.10 Miles

00.01 Miles

The entire Colony erupted in an explosion; destroying the whole Colony itself, everything in its path from the same distance away from the Colony was completely annihilated. That meant only the Colony and the Star and the Planet was destroyed. Pieces went flying into oblivion; clashing against ships, jogging they’re flight. It was followed by the explosion drifting into space, it was incredible, but also a tragedy. The Star and the Planet had disappeared, completely vanished, and destroyed causing the Colony to be annihilated. Death for many had occurred.

The Unknown Planet and the giant Star had clashed, and left behind a burden. A small star began to form after the explosion, in the exact spot of impact; it had a green glint and was probably the smallest star throughout many galaxies. It was just there, created after something horrific. A true tragedy had taken place.

Many years after people had wondered what had caused the explosion. The people tried to explain but others denied their story, journalists all around the world and many presidents that were powerful in the world didn’t believe that two things clashed. The story died, and it remained a forgotten mystery. But what lay behind the whole “Mystery” was covered. No One knew what lay ahead. No one had an idea of what lay ahead, their minds were feeble to not discover that the story they had heard of the clashing was true. The Mystery behind it remained covered.

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