Annihilation of Existence

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Year 4226

October 9th

7:00:00 A.M.

Manhattan NY, Rogers Manor

There was a noise like something zapped into life followed by a firm computerized voice saying:

“Good Morning Eric, time for work,” its voice spoke in gaps, taking it a long time to progress.

After that had happened, a nervous ring sprung through the air, the rustling of sheets and a big duvet could be heard. Eric was lying on his double bed, firm and sleek, at the bottom it was titanium, giving the bed a solid structure, a (mostly) wooden bed. He twisted and turned after turning to his girlfriend, Emma, next to him and then struggling to open his big beady blue eyes.

“Good Morning sweetheart,” Emma said, alerting him of her awakened form.

“Good Morning Eric, time for work,” the robot still said.

“Hmmm,” went Eric, looking up at his Duo Clock Prototype.

He rubbed his aching eyes, letting his knobbly knee’s clash against each other as he twisted to look up to the clock.

“I’M LATE!” He shouted, the sound probably reaching the neighbours. \

He sprung out of bed, slightly tearing apart his duvet, as he went into the bathroom he saw his house robot called Sunny walking in and observing his conditions.

“May I assist you?” Sunny said as he watched Eric grab his electric toothbrush and let it brush his teeth. He didn’t need toothpaste, and sometimes didn’t need to brush; he drinks a liquid that instantly cleans your teeth automatically. He must have forgotten it, he can be extremely forgetful. He had an athletic body, hazel brown short hair that is somewhat spiky. His eyes are a beautiful Sapphire Blue and his jaw line perfectly thought out. (He hadn’t had plastic surgery; it’s just his extremely good looks) His attitude is always kind and sympathetic, always caring and comforting, talkative and fun. He’s like that all the time but can sometimes flame people if he is not careful. When Eric is angry he’s angry. Also when he’s happy he is happy. He has general ups and downs like any other person. He is very skilled, gifted in a way, with great agility. Eric is also claustrophobic; getting it from his dad that is dead. His mum too dead; involved in a terrible flight accident on the planet Kran. He could have gotten them cloned but he would have never done such a horrible thing to his mum and dad, even though he loved them extremely.

Eric also done kung fu, and had previously been in the Earth Space Army, getting involved in wars and fighting was his hobby before. Now it is hanging with his girlfriend and going to work, where he designs certain websites.

“Its alright Sunny, I’ve got this covered, wait, get the car ready,” Eric said

“Of course,” Sunny said, “Eric, why aren’t you using the liquid?”

“The liquid? What the ___ are you talking about?” Eric’s mouth dropped open, his jaw dangling, “___!”

Sunny chuckled slightly; he was the incredible house robot. He looked yellow and was programmed to help around only Eric’s house. His head was somewhat round, blue eyes but in the shape of a semi-circle, curved at the top with a flick. He had little wings as ears that he could flap sweetly and he also had big yellow and black metallic wings; they’re sparkly design attracting everyone. He was also programmed and trained to fight, the robots of the future were highly intelligent, and some planets were created for robots. He has a 20xmm Plasma Beam Blaster built into his arm, extremely dangerous; probably one hit would immensely damage someone. His legs were very compact, his whole robotic structure complex and fine. His voice was normal, like any other human beings voice. Sunny turned on his little jet packs on the bottom of his feet with a swift kick to the floor and flew hovered to the car/ship convertible.

“Honey, why did you but those two Micro Uzi’s before?” Emma shouted over to Eric.


“Coz what?”


“Stop being immature and childish Eric,” Emma said as she eagerly rubbed her eyes continuously. “Sunny! Please give me a massage”

Sunny came strolling through the door of they’re bedroom with a towel over his arm, several prepared massaging oils in the other and his wings nesting changeable massaging hands he was going to replace with his default ones.

“Sunny, don’t go too far,” said Eric jokingly.

“Ha Ha, very funny,” Sunny commented. He then muttered under his breath, “jerk.”

“I heard that Sunny,” Eric shouted.

“It was a joke man, get with it.”

“Woo! Attitude,” Eric snarled, “man you know I’m play—,” His voice was interrupted by the distressed call from his girlfriend, Emma.

“You’d better get yourself to work”

“Work,” Eric replied, “I forgot!”

As he sped back into the room, grabbing his black suit and his Mini CD player, not even a millimetre in width or length. It had tiny CD’s and buttons that kept it secret, but headphones that fitted into the device, first turning out small and gradually growing to fit his ears. He had to use little tweezers to pick the CD’s up. The Technology of 4226 was amazing, but abnormally strange. He inserted a CD and threw his suit into the air. As it came down, something made its fall impossible; it was being held in mid-air by tiny little robots. They sped up onto Eric, taking the suit; they dressed him in less than 6.3 seconds. They were silver with 8 legs, like metallic spiders that only came out when needed help getting dressed.

“Thanks lil’ guys,” Eric said to them.

They nodded they’re minute heads and retreated under Eric’s bed where they belong.

They had forgotten one thing, to perfectly lay out his tie. There was a little socket inside of the tie that was where he kept his Mini CD player. It was called: Minute Max JB (Juke Box). He quickly sorted his tie out and activated the button on his MMJB that allowed him to be alerted if the MMJB slipped out of its spot.

He was all set to go, by the time he had done all of that Sunny was massaging Emma. His small but smooth metallic massaging hands running up and down on Emma’s back. She was enjoying it, her face lit in glee and blatantly showed it. Eric wandered if he could learn how to massage like that one day, he would wish.

“S, teach me sometime,” Eric said.

“Sure,” Sunny said as he smiled gracefully.

Eric then dashed down the stairs. The Roger Manor was somewhat big, it had two floors, the sitting room and kitchen downstairs and the bedrooms up. The furniture was amazing, very interesting and new. He had a Hover Board, a skateboard that hovers; the one he keeps can climb buildings and hover extremely high. He had jumped onto it, letting it lead him down the stairs, his hair was swaying through the harsh breeze, and he felt it against his face. His face was illuminated with the happiness and mood he was in. The hover board carried him to the door of the Manor, he hopped off and let it crash into the wall, creating a loud bang.

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