One Amazing Trip To Garzon

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Two kids go into the woods where they find a mysterious portal that leads them to another planet. When the portal closes will they find a way home, or be stuck on a planet millions of miles away? In what was once an ordinary rural town in the middle of Illinois for two young kids has turned into something much larger when they find something strange in their backyard. When they are transported to another planet and have no way of making contact back home, will they persevere and find a way back to their home with their family or be stuck forever?

Scifi / Adventure
David Brklach
4.5 2 reviews
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Swish! That was the sound as Jason shot the basketball through the hoop. He had just beaten his brother Tyler in another game of basketball.

“I can’t believe you beat me again,” said Tyler.

“Hey, you’re getting better, I only beat you by two points that game,” stated a smirking Jason.

Both Tyler and Jason were adopted at a very young age by their parents Tim and Jessica Greenwhite. Jason is now 15 years old while Tyler is 12 years old. They have always thought it to be a little strange to have two colors in their last name, but it didn’t really bother them.

They live in a very nice two story house in Illinois. It is your average brick house with a long driveway leading up to a scenic porch where Jessica would spend most of her time relaxing and watching the boys play. The one thing that stands out about their house is that it’s in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes you could go days without seeing a car go down their street.

The boys never seemed too upset by the fact that the closest neighbors were miles away. Of course sometimes they miss not having more people their age to hang out with, but they’re glad just to be at a house and not at the orphanage. They have plenty of room to roam around outside. In fact, the woods behind their house is such a large area that they haven’t explored all of it. That was one of their favorite things to do to just be able to roam around the woods and explore although they would sometimes worry about snakes or small animals.

Jason and Tyler were both happy and lucky to get great parents to take them in from the orphanage. They were young when Tim and Jessica took them in so to them this had always been the place they called home. Both of them enjoyed living in the house a lot and loved their parents very much for taking them in when no one else had. The thing that they enjoyed most was playing sports. Their favorite sport would have to be basketball, although the both of them really enjoy playing football with friends. There aren’t always friends around since they live so far away so normally basketball would be their pick. Since Jason was a few years older, he would always beat Tyler, but Tyler still enjoyed playing against his older brother. Jason was significantly taller with short brown hair while Tyler was a little bit heavier and had longer dark hair.

Jason had been on his schools track team for the past two years and did very well. He was the fastest kid in his grade and was the second fastest in the county. Along with running track he was on the basketball team. His position on the team was forward. Normally he wouldn’t start but when he came in off the bench he did extremely well. Jason always felt as if he was good enough to start on the team but he was never given the opportunity, something that upset him from time to time.

Tyler on the other hand didn’t play any sports at his school, he just enjoyed playing them and having fun. He especially like to play basketball against Jason but never really wanted to be on the school team. Another thing that Tyler enjoyed doing was shooting his BB gun that he had gotten on his eleventh birthday. He had some really amazing aim and could hit any target that he would set up from far away with it. He usually practiced it while Jason was at a track meet or was busy with something else. To him, shooting was something that he enjoyed on his own time where it would just be him and the target he was aiming at. He always thought of this as a nice and peaceful time that took his mind off the stresses of school work and anything else that would be on his mind.

Mr. Greenwhite worked as a real estate agent while Mrs. Greenwhite worked at the nearest hospital as a nurse.

Tim is a tall man who hovered around 6 foot 4 inches and is relatively athletic. He enjoys working out at the nearest gym. He considers himself a pretty successful person as he has a great wife, nice house, and his two sons that he adopted. The only downside to his job is that if he isn’t selling many houses at the time then he might be short on money. Fortunately his wife has a good job as a nurse and on top of everything, having a lot of money was never a top priority to the both of them. As long as his family was happy then so was he. Another thing they loved to do was to take Tyler and Jason on vacations when they would be able to afford it, nothing is like getting away from for a few days to clear your head.

Jessica is quite shorter than her husband as she is only 5 foot 4 and she has always been in good shape as she will sometimes go along with Tim to the gym to work out. She would sometimes have to work over at the hospital but she made sure she could get home as soon as possible to see her children. She is also a very good cook who loved watching all the latest cooking shows so she could try out some new recipes to make for her family. The kid’s favorite meal that she cooks would have to be anything she makes that is Italian. Whether it was spaghetti, pizza, or lasagna it didn’t matter. Jessica had always dreamed of being a news reporter. She hoped that maybe one day she could do that as well as continue being a nurse because she enjoys taking care of other people and wouldn’t want to lose her job just to become a news reporter. She is a pretty shy person so everyone in the family has always wondered why she wants to become a news reporter but it’s just always been something that has interested her.

The kids also have one pet. She is a chocolate lab dog name Jessie. They like to play fetch with her and run around the yard. Jessie is always going with them somewhere. When they go on a bike ride, she will be right there beside them running alongside. No matter how fast the kids are pedaling, their dog, Jessie, is able to keep up with them and some of the time even pass them up. Jason and Tyler have had Jessie ever since she was a young pup which was five years ago when they picked her up at the pound.

Time and Jessica adopted Jason and Tyler eleven years ago and if you ask either one of them, it was the best thing that they have done in their lifetime. Jason was 4 at the time and Tyler was only 1, so Jason was at the orphanage for a longer time than Tyler, but he can only remember being at the orphanage vaguely. Neither one of them have seen their real parents and they hope that they do some day, but at the same time they are glad to be living with their adoptive parents. Jason sometimes wonders if he really wants to meet his parents because he thinks it might make him feel worse to see the people that left him as soon as he was born. Meanwhile, Tyler is anxious to see what his parents look like and what they do for a living although occasionally he feels the same way Jason does about the situation. Tyler always likes to imagine in his head that they are movie stars.

It was amazing weather on this July day as the boys finished up their first game of basketball. It was the type of weather where you could spend the whole day outside, which is basically what they did. The temperature was right around seventy degrees which was perfect weather especially when it is normally at least ninety degrees for this time in July. Usually around this time they were wishing they had a swimming pool as it was normally was too hot to want to do anything else although they still would go exploring through the woods when it was and the shade provided a nice relief from the sun.

“I can’t believe how nice it is out here,” exclaimed Tyler.

“Yeah I know, this has to be the coolest day temperature wise all summer. It is as cool as the other side of the pillow,” said Jason jokingly who was glad to be able to be outside during this time of the year and it be so nice out.

“Hey you want to play another game, I think that I can beat you this time, in fact I know that I can beat you this time,” said Tyler.

“I don’t mind, but come on, do you really think that you are going to beat me, I guess you could try though,” Jason shot back laughing just a little bit.

They were always very competitive, especially when it came to basketball. No matter what the other one said or what they were playing they would rarely lose their cool, because after all they knew that it was just a game and they were just having fun.

As the game went on, Tyler looked to be correct saying that he was going to win this game as he was winning seven to three. They were playing the first one to twenty would win. Like usual though Jason came back to tie the score up at thirteen. They exchanged baskets back and forth until the score was tied up at nineteen and the next person to score would win the game. It was Tyler who had the ball and he had a good chance of winning his first game against Jason in a very long time. Tyler was so used to losing that he couldn’t believe he might actually have a chance at winning this one. Just for him to be in this situation surprised him. Jason checked it up with him and Tyler took the basketball. He took the ball nervously with his hands starting to sweat, not wanting a golden chance to finally win a game against his brother slip out of his grasp. He faked like he was going to shoot and then headed as fast as he could towards the basket. He had faked his brother out and had a clear route towards the basket but unfortunately for him Jason was very fast and caught up to him to block his shot that sent the ball flying. They both hustled over for the ball and Tyler reached the basketball first as Jason slipped on some loose gravel in the driveway. Tyler quickly scooped up the ball and ran as fast as he could towards the goal. This time Jason couldn’t make up for slipping and Tyler had a wide open lay-up for the game winning shot. He took his time making sure not to rush this perfect opportunity to beat Jason for the first time in who knows how long. He threw the ball into the air and watched as it rolled around the rim and fall through the net for the win.

“I can’t believe I actually won, I can’t believe I won!” screamed an enthusiastic Tyler.

“You know that you got lucky that game, if I wouldn’t have slipped and fallen on those rocks then you probably wouldn’t have won, in fact I know you wouldn’t have won!” beckoned an angry Jason.

“Jason, you are just mad that out of about one hundred games that we played against each other this summer, I finally beat you, why can’t you just let me have this game?”

Jason just strutted off to pet Jessie without saying a word about the game. This made Tyler less thrilled about his victory as Jason was being a sore loser. It was only one game out of hundreds that Jason lost and Tyler was wondering why he was so mad because he never got mad after all the times he lost to Jason.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, Jason walked over to Tyler who was shooting his BB gun at a pop can and said “that was a really good game you played against me, I didn’t know you could shoot the ball that well, referring to some of the long shots that Tyler had made throughout the game. I also didn’t know that you could shoot a BB gun so well, you hit that pop can so easily it was like you weren’t even trying.”

He watched Tyler effortlessly shoot the middle of the pop can once again as Tyler was standing nearly seventy feet away while it looked as if he was barely paying any attention to his target.

“Hey, can I give it a try?” Jason asked.

“Sure, go ahead,” urged Tyler as he eagerly watched to see if his brother would be able to hit the can as easily as he could.

Jason shot and missed the can by what looked like a really large margin. He continued to shoot determined to hit the can but after about twenty five attempts at it he finally just gave up realizing that this was something his brother was a lot better at then him.

“Wow that was a lot harder than it looks especially with the slight breeze outside today, I will have to make sure I don’t get near you and the BB gun after the next time I beat you in a game”, said Jason in a joking tone of voice.

Tyler felt a lot better after Jason had apologized to him but wondered why he got upset in the first place, because it was always fun to play against him no matter whether he won or lost. He figured that it was probably because Jason didn’t lose much. It was true, Jason hardly ever lost at a game of one on one basketball whether it be against his brother or one of his other friends, nor did he ever lose in one of the events he was racing in. He just wasn’t used to losing to his younger brother, or really anyone else for that matter. Tyler was also surprised to hear his brother give him a compliment and to see himself succeed at something that Jason couldn’t do so well. It was shaping up to be an unexpectedly nice day for him.

“Hey, we should probably go ahead and start heading inside, it’s getting kind of late,” said Jason as he looked up at the sky and realized it was probably around 8:00 now.

“Yeah, you are probably right, it is getting dark quickly,” Tyler hollered back. “I hope that mom made us something good for dinner tonight. I am really hungry right now and we haven’t had anything to eat since around noon. I sure could go for some lasagna with breadsticks or something good like that.”

As the day began to turn into night the two boys began to walk inside anticipating what was going to be for dinner as it had been about eight hours since lunch and were both awfully hungry. The kids walked inside and saw their mom standing over the stove making something.

“It’s about time you boys came in, I was just about to get you two for dinner,” said Mrs. Greenwhite. “I hope you guys like what I made, you’re getting some mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, corn, and some chicken nuggets.”

Well, it wasn’t Italian food, but the boys didn’t mind because it was extremely good. The boys hurried up and ate their food as if it was their first time eating in a year and afterwards went to their room to play some video games before they went to bed for the night.

As the boys got set to go to bed their dad chimed into the room.

“Do you guys want to go fishing tomorrow?” asked Mr. Greenwhite.

“Sure, that sounds like fun,” the boys said simultaneously.

“Alright, we will wake up at around nine in the morning and then we will set off to go fishing at the creek so make sure you boys get plenty of rest.”

While the boys were trying to go to sleep they were thinking about the day that they had ahead of them. It had really been quite some time since they last went fishing. The last time they had went Jason had caught three fish while Tyler didn’t catch any. Tyler always seemed to enjoy fishing a bit more though. It didn’t bother him that he didn’t catch any fish last time they went because he had caught fish in years past and was really looking forward to going tomorrow. It wouldn’t take them very long to go to the place where they fished as they had a creek that was in the back of their woods. That was one of the many perks about living next to so many acres of beautiful land full of creeks, woods and all kinds of surprises.

It had been a successful day for Tyler as he finally beat his brother in a game of basketball and was able to shoot the can so easily while his brother had struggled. He wondered what kind of day tomorrow would be like and if it would be as much fun as today had been. Tomorrow was sure to be filled with the excitement for them going fishing for the first time in over a year but there was something else about tomorrow that they didn’t see coming and wouldn’t expect in a million years. Little did anyone in the house know, just what was hiding in the back of their woods.

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