The loneliest man in the world

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Chapter 9: Hollow Grounds

I found myself alone again...

The night goes on as we are still talking to each other.

"I hope you already fine now." I said to her.

"I think I am fine now." She said.

She suddenly burped. After a short silence, we laugh at each other. At this moment, I remember something. This was happened before. This kind of conversation happened before. I try to remember, but I all can think is a blurry face and the sound of laughter.

"Thank you for finding me. And since I am not yet sleepy, I will continue my story." She said.

As she continue her story, a white light exposed us.

"There they are!!! After them!!!" A man said.

"Not again!" I said.

We hurriedly stand up and ran as fast as we could. The soldiers try to stop us by firing their guns. She suddenly wave her hand and a force of shield covered us.

"Thank you that you are here. Thank you that I found you." I said.

"Save that for later. we must run." She said.

We ran as fast as we can. "Can you try teleporting us again?" I asked her. "I will try, give me some time." She replied.

The soldiers are still unto us. They are gaining ground little by little. We are losing the chase. Suddenly, she stopped.

"Why did you stop?" I asked.

"Hold my hand, close your eyes, think of a place away from here." She said.

As I close my eyes, I felt that strange feeling again. We teleported again. As I open my eyes, I saw a church.

"We can hide here for a while." She said.

"What do you remember?" She asked.

"All I know is my name, Mathian Jaust. And a date, June 30, 2016." I replied.

"Let me get straight to you." She said.

"My name is Catherine Jaust. I am from the 16th century. I am here to stop my husband from destroying this time frame. He is once a wizard to a king. He could do anything He insist. He is the best wizard in the land. People from all over the world try to get help from him. " She added.

"One day, he failed the king to grant one wish: Immortality. He could not bring himself the recipe for that wish. We were banished from the kingdom. He is grieving as we try to sleep the night it was happened. The next day, I found a letter lying next to me. It says: I am sorry, I have to go. I must search for that Immortality recipe." She stopped.

"Why did you stopped?" I asked.

"The soldiers are here. We must run." She said.

We were surrounded. She waved her hand again to make a force field. The soldiers fired, but the bullets did not pierced through the shield.

"Stay away from us, please, I can help him." She said.

"Ma'am, I know you are also a magician. But please, we need to arrest him. He is the cause of these things." One soldier said.

"I told you, I am the only one who can help him! I am only the one who knows the solution to this mess." She replied.

Suddenly, she was shot from the side. I don't know how did it happened, but a needle pierced through the shield. She collapsed. I tried to help her, but I was also shot.

"Please understand her, she is the only one that can help me!"

"No, sir, you are liable for what happened to this world. As a soldier of I must protect this world at all cost. We are arresting you for starting the world war 3." The soldier said.

As she was taken,all I can hear from her are these words:

"You are Mathian Jaust, the wizard, the crazy, my husband."

I am surprised. Is she telling the truth? Does she have the answers I need?

The soldiers are already taken her as they try to handcuff me. In my one last breath, I resisted. I forced my way to get her back. As I wave my hand, a ball of white light formed. I tried to use it against the soldiers, it worked. While trying to get to her, sudden burst of memories came through my mind: the castle, the king, the people, the magic, and her.

"I now remember, Catherine! I now know everything I need to remember Catherine!" I shouted.

I saw her face, that face I used to see everyday. She is my wife. My beautiful and loving wife. She's the one who helps me in my work. The one who is there all the time.

I saw her smile. That smile of hers makes my heart go faster. That smile that makes me happy.

I need to get her back.

"Stay away from her!" I cried.

I stopped. A bullet pierced through me. My body collapsed. I cannot feel anything. In one last time, I saw her face again, now crying. My eyes began closing. I fell down.

When I wake up, the place is quiet. The ground is messed up. Debris scattered everywhere. Bits of bullets are lying around. The church is gone, and so the soldiers. As I try to get up, I began looking for her. I try look everywhere. From one place to another, I did not find anything. I did not found her.

I find myself crying.

I found myself alone again...

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