The loneliest man in the world

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Chapter 3: The picture frame

I miss the bakeshop…

As the night covers up the sky, I was just lying in the grass, thinking about the city. I am on the plains now, miles from the city. It is quiet here. No one is there to disturb me except the birds, squirrels, owls and the wind. It seems I found my temporary sanctuary. I said temporary because anything could happen in that moment. I thought I could never gain enough strength to reach this far. But as of this moment, I know I am getting closer to the truth.

I manage to set up a camp in the plains. A while ago, I found another bag while running towards west. It is just lying in the road. Without hesitation, I grab it and continue running to find shelter. I noticed that the bag is heavy but, I kept running from beyond the borders of the city. Finally, after hours of walking and running, I finally found the plains just as the night shows up. I make sure I am alone and inspect the insides of the bag, realizing it is big enough to carry heavy loads. Turning on the flashlight, I was surprised to see many things from the bag. It was full of camping tools. These were inside the bag: ropes, water jug, Swiss army knife, matches, compass, and a small tent. I even found cans of food, a hat, and a jacket beside the camping tools. With the kitchen knife from the bakeshop, I cut some wood for my "campfire" and started to make camp in the plains.

With leftovers of canned foods, I just lie there, wondering all the days have passed, realizing I am holding the picture frame. I guess I must have brought it along while hurrying to get out of the city. Looking at it, I remembered one of the most important for a person: family. Flashes of memories came rushing again to my head. At just one click, all of my memories of my family are now living in my head. All the events regarding with me and my family are just flashing one by one inside my brain. Days ago, I am pitch-black when it comes to my past. But now, I think I am getting there. I am getting closer to the truth I have been searching for. Well, to start with, I have an ordinary family. I have a father, mother and a younger sister. They have distinctive personalities, though we all share the same thing: simplicity. Father is the strong one, physically and mentally. Mother is the kindest of us all. My younger sister is timid, always hesitant in doing something. We have a simple life, making ourselves comfortable with all that we have. Problems sometime occur, but we manage to create solutions. In all those 20 years of my life, I did not regret anything happened before when I am still with my family. Until one day, everything crashes.

I remember the date: July 4, 2016. I was in our house, arguing with everyone. It was something like I am cornered by them, asking questions I can't seem to answer right away. "WHY DID YOU DO THAT?" furiously stated by father, consequently followed by mother and my younger sister's statements. "HOW DARE YOU COMING HOME HERE!" my mother is saying all out loud. "Brother, is it true?" whispered by my sister. All of them were shocked by the news. I told them I am not the one who done that. They did not believe me. Actually, they already planned to get me out of the house. I explained to them I don't know what are they saying to me, but they keep stating I am the one who cause it. "YOU ARE NOT BELONG HERE!" father keep saying that. "But, I can explain, I do not know if I am the one you are talking about" I exclaimed. "I can't even remember I was there when that happens." I further stated. My father then suddenly shoves me towards the door and said the most hurtful words I have ever heard. "I've been raised for these past 20 years, and you give me this?! How could you hurt us this much? I taught you many good things and yet you did this thing badly. I had enough. Get out of this house! You are really not belonged here in the first place. YOU ARE NOT MY SON!" I was shocked. "Yeah, you heard me right. You are not truly my son. We are forced to adopt you. That is all I can say. Get out of my sight." Those words are very cruel. I can't believe it. I just walked out of the house. The house I called home. But now, I am just a worthless living thing on earth.

My head starts to feel the pain again. In that brief reminisce; blood came rushing to my head. I can't stand the pain. It really hurts. I just lie there waiting the pain subsides. Minutes gone by, I can still feel the pain. Then, memories flashes again in my sight. "You are not a human. You are not from this world." Those words again. Maybe someone or something is saying this to me. Maybe it is true or maybe its just confusing me. In this moment, I don't know what to do. I am confused. What should I do now? Thinking about this question, I fell asleep. I was asleep all through night, still holding the picture.

With the sun shining, I woke up feeling better. My headache was gone. Cleaning the plains, I hurriedly took my belongings into my bag. The area is still quiet. I guess I was lucky no one found me. In double-checking the bag, the picture was lost. I could not find it around the camp. I think it was swoop by the wind last night. Still searching the bag, I notice the book. It is still in my possession. When nothing seems lost, I left the place. Holding the water jug and bread in my hands, I kept thinking those words. I think it will help me guide my way to the truth. One look back in the plains, I just said to myself

"Wish you stay as you are..."

Moments gone by and I am now reaching a beach. Looking at the map, I am in the west coastline at this time. I found a boat while searching the beach. It is just a small fishing boat, enough to carry three to six people. I found it still useful. Pushing it towards the sea, I put all my things there. I hope in this next journey, I will find my "sanctuary".

I wish I still have the family picture…

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