The loneliest man in the world

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Chapter 4: The storm

The sea is calm…

With the boat ready to sail, I stored all my belongings inside. To make even sure, I check all the parts of the boat for broken hull parts. I found nothing. I think it was left behind by people who were hurriedly fleeing away. This is only a small boat, but it has a large capacity inside. I look at it, and surprisingly find many useful things. A two-way radio is just lying there. Also, Fog lights with batteries were left there. Cans of food and bottles of drinking water are found there. I thought to myself, "They had a long journey." Scanning the map, I did not find any routes regarding the ocean. It is only a map of a country, too old enough to secure its name. Nevertheless, I started to sail.

It is now midday and I am still in the ocean, nothing to find any islands. I am hoping to find one, but luck left me this day. While seeking some island, I went down to the storage and took the fishing rod I saw earlier with the foods. I am not good at fishing, but I will try my best to catch even one fish. Besides, the fish that I will catch will add up to my food storage. I placed bait, throw it in the ocean and wait for the fish to come. Hours passed and not even a single fish came. Suddenly, clouds cover up the sky.

"There is a storm coming" I thought to myself. I lowered the sail, tighten the ropes, secure the things, and face this menace with a brave stand. Seconds later, rain drops in. It was only little amount at first, then it bursts all throughout. Winds then came by, and it makes the situation worse. My sail was broken, some of the foods were caught flying with the wind and the worse of it all, I can't do even one thing about it. I just hope the storm will be over in no time.

But that is only the cream of the crop. The winds just got stronger, rain falls became heavier and my boat it starting to crack. Many holes began to appear in sides of the boat. One by one, I try to fill it up, but the water current is just strong enough to break it. I lost hope. Moments ago, I am patiently waiting for fish to bite, but now, I am patiently waiting for my death. I did not fight the storm anymore. I sit at the middle and pray to God for my safety. Even though I know God already forsaken me (I just sensed this, I am not sure about it), I pray to Him faithfully. Little by little, the boat is losing its form and the storm is just getting stronger by the minute.

I stop praying. I did not know why but I got myself just standing in the middle of the boat, raise my hands and something happen. Two thunders came raging the ocean. The storm stopped. With them came flashes. I heard a man saying, "Save yourself, they will kill you for good. I told you before; you are not from this world. Believe me, because I know who you are."

I was shocked. Who the hell is that? Why did he tell me this? Blood then came spilling in forehead. I was down cold. I did fell asleep after that. I don't know how long I was asleep, so I don't know how many hours I am asleep. But then, I was awakened by the rays of sunlight. It is morning then when I woke up. I felt the boat was not in the ocean anymore. I search the surroundings. I was already ashore, maybe landed the night after.

First, I try to recover my things. Searching the whole boat, I was surprised that all my belongings are still intact. From the foods up to the "camping tools", they are still inside below the boat. The picture frame was still there. I am happy that I did not lose something. I try also to find something that was washed up with the boat. There's nothing except something made me shiver. A handgun was there, just a typical handgun. I took a stare at it for sometime before I took it inside the bag. "I know that I did not brought something like this, but I guess it will me help me anyway." I said.

Leaving the boat, I remember that event. Was it really happened? What I must do now? I know fate has something to show me, but for now, it just show me only bits of everything I should know. "Just forget that." I murmured. With that, I try to find some markings to know where I am. The shore is too big for some markings. I could not find anything that serves as a label of this land. Minutes later, I sat down in the middle of the beach and try to cook some breakfast. I only manage to cook a can of corned beef with the matches I certainly found still useful in the boat. With the fireplace, I try to sense the surroundings again; no one or something is still out there.

After the breakfast, I went inland. The cottages, seats, umbrellas, and some "beach stuff" were lying anywhere. As I walk further, I can see some cars, stores, pathways and some personal things waiting to be tore down apart. I am now in the middle of the urban area, but in my eyes, this town had become a wasteland. No people around here or animals that are staying. No wonder this place had been evacuated: in one part of the town, there is a smell that nothing can withstand it. I look further and found some drums with a nuclear symbol in it. The place had become a open warehouse for destructive weapons.

Did I done this also? How could I manage to do that? Then again, my headache came back. Flashes of memories were raging again in my head. "You are the cause of this devastation, and yet you manage to stay alive. I doubt no one will ever help you to survive unless you found someone like you." The voice spoke to me again. Someone like me? How could I ever find that person? Questions again rise up in my mind.

"I think I will stay here for a while and try to find some shelter for the night." I said. With that, I look for a building that will serve as my shelter. Looking for hours, I finally found one: a grocery store just near the outskirts of the area. I made the store to be full guarded, so that I can see if there's someone outside. The place was severely inhabitable but I strive to clean it afterwards. As the night is coming, I already prepared the place to be livable: the floor was clean, foods were properly stored and the utensils were evenly placed in the cabinets. I guess this store will serve as my second "home" after the bakeshop. I sleep for the night and waited for another day.

I wish tomorrow, I will find what I am looking for...

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