The loneliest man in the world

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Chapter 6: The search

The sewers are totally messed up…

Inside the sewers, the smell of it makes me sick. But I strive to move on. The area of the sewers is very big. There's even a road for cars to drive in. I think this is the main sewerage of the city. Still inside, I noticed there are no soldiers guarding the place. Also, there are no security cameras that have been placed.

Step by step, I walk carefully in case someone is inside. I am in now totally deep inside and still no one is around. I presume that they did want to guard the sewers anyway. While going deeper, it is getting darker. With my flashlight turned on, I search for the way out. And still, I did not find anything but the road itself. Moments later, I found myself lost when I approached an intersection. The vicinity is now very dark and my flashlight cannot give an adequate amount of light I needed. I chose the widest road as I know it will lead me to the center of the metropolis.

Walking further, I found a building. It was only small and seems like ii was built to be a guard house. I saw the lights are on when I move closer. Inspecting the area, no one is outside or inside of the building. I went inside. The building has two floors. In the first floor, all I saw is papers lying on a table. There are also some maps in the floor. I took one of them and saw that it is also a map of Los Angeles city with some markings. The markings were placed in the city's borders. Thinking of it, I guess it was used by the military to monitor the city. The other papers on the floor are also maps, this time, they are maps of different states, and each of them has the same marking on their borders. I also read in the downright corner of the maps are writings of someone stating dates. In one map, it is stated June 30, 2016, the date of the third world war. In others, they are all stated January 25, 2018, the day I saw the broadcast.

Hovering further in the first floor, I saw nothing else. I climbed the stairs toward the second floor. In the second floor, I saw bunch of guns lying everywhere. From handguns to bazookas, they are just there waiting to be used. I picked my own handgun in the bag to see if it is the same with the others ones. In my surprised, they are the same. With a cross marked in the cartridges. Searching still the floor, I found a two-way radio. I think it will help me in my locating the right place to climb to top of the city, but I hesitated. I guess this building is already abandoned. If I call for someone else, they might think I'm an intruder and hastily make them down here. For that, I just switch for frequencies and hear what they say. In one frequency, I heard a mysterious voice. It was a girl's voice. I listened for more information. After I heard all that she said, I hastily went outside the building to search for her. Luckily, I found batteries for my flashlight and a portable two-way radio just outside the building. I stopped for a moment. "Wait, I know there's nothing outside the building but papers. Where these two came from?" I murmured. Thinking about the girl, I resume my search for her and forget what I said before. In my head, her voice is the only one I hear

"Is anyone there? I need someone here. My location is in the sewers beneath Los Angeles City. Please, someone help me."

I just run deep further in the sewers. I hope it's not too late for me to save her….

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