The loneliest man in the world

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Chapter 7: The girl

I'm coming…

"Is anyone there? I need someone here. My location is in the sewers beneath Los Angeles City. Please, someone help me."

I can still hear the girl's voice. I must keep running. I got to find her. But all this time, I only see roads, not someone else. I have been in the sewers for a quite time and still I am alone. The radio is still on and the girl is still speaking. "Is anybody there? Please help me. I am lost. Somebody, I really need someone to help me. Please!" The last word is the loudest. I guess this is not a mere joke or something; someone is really out there needed help.

At this moment, I found myself just circling around the sewers. I am now agitated. I kept running and running to see her but I only found nothing. Then at last, I found a building, in another intersection too far away from the first one. Looking closer to it, I was surprised. The building I found is the mysterious house I saw in the city. How did it get here? Moments later, I heard the girl again. This time, the voice came from the house. "I finally found her." I murmured. I enter the house, searching for the girl. I heard her voice upstairs. I went upstairs. After hours of searching, I finally found the girl.

"Are you all alright?" I asked her. All I heard is her cry. The girl I thought is a woman after all. With a red dress and worn-out shoes, I just watch her cry. I asked her again. "Are you all right, miss?" I heard nothing. She was just in the corner with her tears falling down her eyes. I just search the place. The papers were gone. I went down and did not notice earlier that the television is also gone. Beside the woman, the house was empty. All I saw before vanished. Am I dreaming or it is real? I was confused by then. I just search for something else when I heard her voice. "Please come here." She said. I went again upstairs. I wish she had the answers I am looking for.

"Are you all right now?" I asked her again. "Don't worry I am fine. I was just confused how I got here." She replied. "Are you one of the citizens living here before? I was hoping you know what happened here." I said. We sat down in the floor and began to talk. "I am not living here. I was preparing for a journey when suddenly a bright light covered me up. Afterwards, I found myself here in this house. I was shocked when I did reach my destination. I search to find the exit, but I cannot. I am already here for days and almost ate up all the food I have and can be found in this place. I am losing hope when I came across a radio. At first, I don't know how to use it but after reading the manual, I hurriedly called for help hoping someone is in this area." She said. "I am the one who receive your plea." I replied. "Were you just alone here all along?" I asked. "I am just alone here. I did not find someone for days. Thank God, you found me. I am terrified being alone here." We were talking to each other for some time now. We talked about this place and I said all I know about the area. She said she does not belong here. Seeing and hearing her, I think she came from a rural area. While I listen to her, I heard some interesting facts.

"I really do not belong here. I'm from a different world, different era. You see, I came from the past." I was surprised. "Can you tell me some more?" I request. "All right, listen thoroughly. I am here for a mission. I am looking for my husband. He went here months ago also for a mission. At first, I didn't mind he did not came back early but I am already nervous when for 3 months, he is still not coming back." She replied. I listen for more stories when we heard something outside the house. "The soldiers are here." I said. "We must hide, they are searching for me." I hurriedly got her hands and we ran fast through the back of the house. "Why are you doing this, maybe they can help me." She exclaimed. "When they found out you are a time-traveller, they will capture you and try experiments on you." I shouted. She agreed to let me hide ourselves from the soldiers. We were concealing ourselves when suddenly a light covered us.

After that, I just found we were in the park. "How did you do that?" I asked her. "How do you know I am the one done that?" We were laughing with each other then. "I will tell you more." She said.

I just hope she had the answers I am looking for...

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