The loneliest man in the world

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Chapter 8: The memories

The sun sets…

We were back in the park. I can't seem to move my body. It seems reacted strangely in the trickery she made earlier. I looked in her face. She is jus smiling. "What's the matter?" she asked. I did not answer. She noticed my reaction and just holds my hand. "Don't worry, I will tell you all I know." We started walking. We head into the grocery I went day ago. I started talking. "The place is still neat. We can hide in here." I noticed her movements. She seems looking strangely in the grocery. "First time you see a grocery?" I asked. "Yes, it is my first time seeing a grocery store like this. And to think of it, this store looks really nice. Way back in my land, a wooden house with decorations is our standard store." She replied with a smile.

I was surprised. "You are surely a mysterious woman." I exclaimed. We sat down and talk for some more. I grab some beer to drink with. "Want some beer?" I asked. "No thanks, I don't want that. It will just make me drowsy." She said timidly. With the look of her face, I think she had some bad things with beers.

I asked her more questions. "I think you have more to say about your life." She paused for a while, and then started talking. "Where do I start?" She said. "I had a simple life, a farmer's daughter living in a simple house. My mother used to tell me I am a good farmer. She taught me everything I need to know about farm life. From grazing animals to planting fruits, I already mastered everything. Until the day I met my husband." She stopped for a while and drank some water. After that, she continued. "In our first meeting, I thought he was just an ordinary man. He's tall but skinny man and having a pale face. But months after our wedding, he thoroughly changed." She paused again for a while.

"How did he change?" I asked. She spoke softly. "Drastically."

Silence covered us. No one talked for a while. I guess that word affects us both. It makes my world torn down. With the look in her eyes, I think her world goes like that too. Tears came down in her eyes. I want to wipe it, but I hesitated. Her face made me quiet. Our memories made us both happy and sad. We are happy that we remembered our good times with our loved ones but sad that we remembered the worst part of our lives. I wish I can reconnect with my family for all these years…

I went up to grab another set of beer. "Care to try now?" I offered her again. She suddenly took it and drank all the contents in one gulp. "Think it will help?" I asked. She did not reply. Instead, she took another beer. With that, I just drank with her and take another set of beer. The moon is starting to appear, but we are still drinking.

This is going to be a long night for the two of us…

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