Lux Mori

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Chapter 13

“Where do you go when you head off into the darkness back there?” Benebarak had only just returned from his jaunt into the tunnels and I was genuinely curious as to what he’d been doing. He made it a point every few hours to bind me and wander back into the cave. Every time he returned he seemed a little more agitated and pressed me toward working even harder.

“Wot business is it of yer’s?” He retorted.

“Not my business, really. I was just curious. You seem to go back there a lot. You got a bitch stashed back there or something?” I said it half-jokingly. It was meant to be both an insult and a way to try to relate to his way of thinking. The Stormrider didn’t find my line of questioning amusing. Instead, he shot me a deadly look.

“It’s not yer job to be askin’ questions, undergrounder. It’s yer job to be tendin’ to this ground and gatherin’ handy items. Best stick to it or yer not useful to me, understand?”

“Yeah, sure.” I wonder why he’s so secretive about what’s back there, I thought to myself. There had to be a reason that he felt the need to stay in this very area and journey into those tunnels every few hours. Stormriders tended to be very nomadic, moving around to search for food. This one, though, was different. So very different. He was hiding something back there and I intended to find out what it was.

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