Lux Mori

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Chapter 17

Though I had been toiling all day, the meat had helped me not wear out so easily, and it was Benebarak who yelled at me over the angry winds to stop for the evening.

“Good thin’ I chose ter keep ye instead of killin’ ye like I ought ter have. Yer makin’ me work go faster.”

I nodded in appreciation at the backhanded compliment and followed him indoors and assumed the position. I knew the ritual by now. We come in, he binds me, checks the tunnels, comes back surly, throws fresh meat to me, unties me, we have dinner, some water or grog on occasion if he has it, and we go to sleep. As things go, it could be worse.

Tonight though, tonight was different. By the time I slid down the wall to await his return I heard something from deep within the cave. A muffled screaming. My God, was it an animal? Is that where he kills and prepares the meat we eat every night?

I have to check out those tunnels. I have to know what’s down there.

Just like that, my resolve was set and nothing would sway me from my course. I would, without fail find a way into those tunnels to investigate. He’d eventually have to go out, right? Afterall, he was Benebarak, bringer of lightning. That must mean he had a job to do away from home. At some point.

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