Lux Mori

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Chapter 35

I was haunted by dreams again as I slept, though Beneberak didn’t visit me this time. This time I saw Ellie. She looked healthy, strong, but she was being forced into some kind of vehicle. There were others with her, in a single file queue, as if they were sheep being herded into a corral. I tried reaching out to her, but I was overcome by the crowd and I soon lost sight of her.

The scene shifted and I was aboard some type of craft in space. I could see the stars jetting by me outside the windows. I remembered that the Great Mother had put them there and I marveled at their bright lights. They appeared to be beacons of hope against the darkness.

I was roused from my trance by an unfamiliar voice. “Admiral Jaymon, it’s nice to see you again.” A man appeared on a screen, speaking to someone standing in front of me. “I wanted to let you know that we met with the beings again and they have made us quite the lucrative offer. They’re willing to share their knowledge and their resources. We may be in luck.”

“Great work, Captain,” the man called Jaymon replied. “Keep me apprised of any updates. As it stands, we will journey to meet you and our new friends at your coordinates within the week.”

I had no idea what I was witnessing. I’d never been into space. I’d only ever seen pictures in some of Ellie’s old books. Still, the image stuck with me as the scene morphed once again. This time I was riding Star toward a house made of wood surrounded by green, thriving fields. I lost myself in that image and fell into a deep, sound sleep.

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