Lux Mori

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Chapter 37

When I awoke I was thirsty, confused, unsure of what was real versus what was a dream and I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. One of despair, of sheer pain and agony, of loss and regret. Instantly I knew I was channeling Kort. We had not shared that connection in so long I thought it was severed, but apparently, twins cannot shut one another out completely, nor forever.

Tears filled my eyes as I lowered my face to the cool water to wash it, and to take a few big gulps. Star nudged me, and I thought she was wanting me to move over so she could share the cool spring with me, instead, she was drawing attention to my watch which was blinking.

Immediately I thought of my men. Someone was out there alive! The file looked peculiar, however. Usually, messages came through as either text or hologram, but this appeared to be in video format, which we were told was a lost form of communication. No matter, I wanted to find out who it was. When I hit play, I fell back on my haunches. It was a video from Ellie, and she was speaking as if I was there. But I wasn’t there, I was very much still out here – so if I wasn’t there, had they replaced me as Sergeant? Or…

“No. No, he wouldn’t.”

I looked to Star.

“Do I send a message or do we go back, girl?”

She finished drinking and lowered her head enough to signify I should climb on.

“My thoughts exactly. Let’s go!”

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