Lux Mori

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Chapter 42

“Atlas, I’m telling you, we need to go now. I have the funds. Pay the people in electrical to cut the electricity. We’re going to need every scrap of energy we can muster to power that thing.” Ronin was stern in his demands. He knew that with Kai still alive out there somewhere, it was only a matter of time before he returned to find out everything that had happened in his absence. If they were going to make their escape, the time was now.

“Ronin, I need more time. We can’t just suddenly cut the power to the lower quadrants without inciting mass hysteria. Where do you think they will run when they realize their air supply is going to start running low, hmm?”

“Not that it’s my problem, but pay some people in engineering to enable the master locks. When the lights go out, the doors don’t open. Problem solved.”

“That’s murderous!” Atlas was appalled at the lack of empathy and concern Ronin had for his fellow human beings. He knew that he’d always been self-absorbed, but he’d never pegged him for a psychopath. “And where am I supposed to dig up the funds to pay these people anyway? It took you long enough just to get the money to pay off electrical.” He’d hoped that he bought himself some time in talking about their financial woes, enough time perhaps to find a different solution.

“I’ve recently come into my inheritance, Atlas. My parents had an unfortunate…accident,” Ronin walked toward Atlas looking him in the eye. “Money is no longer a concern. But you should be concerned if you don’t do as I say.”

Atlas felt a pit develop in the bottom of his stomach wide enough to swallow the entirety of the underground. It was one thing to hear Ronin threaten the lives of others, but now it was his own life at stake.

“Very well, Ronin. I’ll speak with the appropriate people. The Prime Minister will be sent into hysteria, not knowing what’s going on. What shall I do about that?”

“Oh, I have faith that you’ll figure it out, Atlas. You’re an intelligent man.” With that, Ronin left the room, slamming the door behind him. He paused and gave one last look down the corridor before heading back to his private hanger where his destiny awaited.

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