Lux Mori

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Chapter 44

Chapter 44

Duncan and O’Brien had barely opened the doors to exit the underground when the wind smacked them in the face. It was cold and callous. O’Brien took a step back, fearing what may be waiting on the other side of the doors.

“Oh, would you quit being such a big baby?” Duncan teased, stepping out into the world. “C’mon, it’s not so bad.”

O’Brien tentatively stepped out, following Duncan’s footsteps. His courage grew the further from the door he walked. “Yeah, it ain’t so bad I guess. This shouldn’t be too hard.”

The two men turned, walking at a brisk pace, the wind now at their backs. “I hope we find Kai pretty quick. Don’t wanna be out here too awful long,” the words barely escaped O’brien’s mouth before they heard a rustling somewhere near them.

“What was that?” Duncan looked at O’Brien, fingering a makeshift weapon he’d brought along.

“I’ve heard there’s bears and stuff up here. Maybe it’s a bear.” O’brien’s voice trembled.

The two turned back toward the door, seemingly having the same thought. Run!

Before the men could take a few steps, however, they were ensnared by an unseen force.

“More of the tame ones,” one of the beings spoke. “These will be useful.”

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