Lux Mori

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Chapter 48

“We work for some very powerful people,” Duncan said struggling against his bonds. “They can work with you, make a deal.” He would have said anything at that point to gain the attention of his captors. He just thought if they found him to be an asset, they’d set him free or let him live. O’Brien had found himself knocked out by a blow to the head after cursing the beings and kicking one in the knee. Apparently, they didn’t take kindly to that sort of violence.

“You do not work for them now. You work for us. You will work.” The being locking Duncan in his cell spoke plainly as he went about his business.

Duncan thought for a moment about the alien’s words. You will work, what does that mean? Are they building a labor force? Are we…are we to be slaves? The being looked through Duncan with his big purple eyes as if he knew what he was thinking. “You will work,” he replied.

Duncan gulped. “You need workers? There are plenty in the underground, where I’m from. You need workers, I can get you some workers.” Duncan’s mind was racing. He figured if he could get a few of them into the underground, the remaining Topsiders could gain control of the situation, take a few of them hostage. Then they’d be able to negotiate for the release of the others.

The being stared at him for a moment before another taller being entered the room.

“This one can get us more workers,” he said pointing to Duncan. “This one can get us inside.”

And just like that, Duncan found himself leading his captors into his home. He hoped like hell that his people had a contingency plan for this sort of thing. If not, he may have just doomed them all.

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