Lux Mori

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Chapter 50

Ronin forced his way down the corridor, shoving through the crowds and cursing the “poor and wretched” that weren’t moving out of his way fast enough.

Finally, as he reached the Chief’s office to tell him what needed to be done immediately, the power went out, and the entire compound was blanketed in complete darkness.

Well done, I was coming to tell you that it was time to go…” but Ronin’s words were interrupted by shrieks, and before his mind could make sense of the violet orbs floating towards him, he was captured rather roughly by something much bigger and stronger than him.

“Your death will be slow and torturous. We will not keep, nor eat a traitorous murderer of one’s own kin.”

“I have millions, I’ll give you anything you want! I have transportation off this planet! You can have it all, just take me with you and let me live!” It went on for quite some time. His pleading, trying to buy his way out of trouble as always.

“Oh, we will have it all, and you will still be tortured Ronin.”

“How did you know my na…” but before Ronin could finish the sentence, the being had grown tired of his incessant begging as well as the sickening memories and thoughts flooding his memory banks from the human and he had knocked him unconscious with one well-placed punch between the eyes.

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