Lux Mori

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Chapter 53

Enebrian stood like a commanding officer, not too set apart from any other leader that the Prime Minister had seen. At attention, tall, straight and proud. The thing that stood out the most, besides his violet eyes, was his massive size. He must have been close to nine feet tall, and his “people” as he had referred to them, they were even larger. Prime Minister Griffin supposed they had to be, since they were probably his muscle; Enebrian’s guard.

“If you will simply hand over as many as we can fit in cages, and on our ships for labor and food, then I will set you and your mate free once we reach our planet, but you will have to survive on your own. Or you could choose to free two others of your kind, so you do not die out as a species. You are too old to procreate.” He wasn’t passing judgment, he was merely making a statement. Enebrian paused, his head slightly inclined, and was listening to the Prime Minister’s thoughts.

“Myself and Demetria, my mate. I want us to be safe. I am their leader, and they need me to be safe.”

“This makes no sense, human. The only leaders they will have will be their masters when we get back to our home world. You will be less than nothing to them. You will not be able to free them, and if you try, you will be killed and put on a rotisserie. While we don’t normally eat tiny beings as yourself, because you’re better for labor, we will make an exception for a traitor. If we allow you freedom and you spit it back in our face by trying to go back on a deal that has been made, you will be made to suffer, and I assure you, the punishment is severe for that offense.”

“Okay. Okay. You have my word. I won’t try to free them.”

“This one is a coward.” One of the people at Enebrian’s back spoke gruffly. “He would rather give up his own people as a race, and allow them to die out, than to go down with the ship as any good leader should.”

“Self-preservation is highly regarded for the human race.”

“But there is no honor…”

“That’s right Levintroth, there is no honor among the humans. Not anymore.”

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