Lux Mori

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Chapter 55

Ellie and Indaya had been caged together.

“Caught together, caged together,” their new overlord laughed as he locked the door. “The two of you are fine female specimens. We have not had the benefit of locating many of your kind. You will make fine breeders.”

Ellie shuddered at the sound of his voice. “What do you mean breeders?” All she could think about was the being’s thin, cold fingers gliding over her skin. She looked up, catching his eyes. They were a beautiful shade of teal, like the sky she’d seen in pictures at dusk.

“Your thoughts are unnecessary. We will not touch you, not in the way you’re imagining. You seem repulsed, or perhaps it is something you desire.” He moved in more closely as he spoke.

“I desire that you let us out of this cage right now!” Ellie hit the door with her fists. Her captor took a step back.

“You are fierce for a female,” she could see the thought reflecting in his eyes. “You will bear strong stock. And her, she is intelligent,” he said pointing to Indaya. “She will bear thinkers.”

Indaya nearly choked when the words fell upon her ears. “I will do NO such thing,” she stammered. “I am not a human incubator!”

“No, not an incubator for humans,” he replied calmly. “An incubator for something much greater. We will implant the seeds within you once we reach our home.”

Ellie fell to her knees. She had been through so much as of late and she was drained. Is this all there is to life? She thought about all the pain that had been inflicted upon her. Am I only to be used and tormented and raped over and over again? If so, bring me death now.

“You are distraught,” the being tilted his head, looking down at Ellie. “You will not be harmed. You will not be raped, as you say. I assure you, the procedure is entirely clinical.”

“But it is rape, though, don’t you see?” Ellie spoke softly, fearing that her words would not be heard and understood anyway. “It is rape and brutality and torment to use a person’s body without their consent and permission. It doesn’t matter that the ’procedure is entirely clinical’. I do not want to bear your offspring. I’ll die before I do.”

The being leaned forward, running his fingers through the bars of the cage and placing them under Ellie’s chin, lifting her head so that her eyes would meet his. “You will do as you’re told, human. We all have a purpose. You’ve been given yours.”

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