Lux Mori

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Chapter 56

Indaya moved forward, pulling Ellie into a hug. The girls sat, devastated, trying to calm each other as their captor moved on to ready the other cages. “We’re going to find a way out of here, Indaya. Or we’re going to die trying.”

Griffin smirked as the aliens were engrossed in their own conversation. “We have honor,” he spoke up. “We honor our forefathers. We honor our customs. We honor the men and women who venture Topside and brave unknown dangers to find items to save us all.”

“That is not honor, human,” Enebrian spat out with disdain in his voice. “Honor requires doing something honorable. It requires sacrifice. It requires understanding, benevolence, and generosity. There is honor in fighting for something greater than yourself. You have no honor. You are disgraceful. As are the majority of your brethren.”

The Prime Minister was taken aback by Enebrian’s outburst. Never before had he been so insulted. “I would remind you, sir, that you are a guest here in our home.”

Enebrian leaned forward, his violet eyes peering into the soul of Griffin. “And I would remind you that guests do not need to enter uninvited,” he said. “We have been kind thus far. We do not have to be.”

Griffin took a seat. He had no power in this place and now he knew it. Enebrian and his men clearly had the upper hand.

“Prime Minister, if I may,” Duncan spoke up. “I believe that if anyone is set free, it should be Kai and Ellie. They are strong. They will ensure that our species doesn’t become extinct.”

He meant it, every word. He truly believed that Ellie and Kai were the only people capable of ensuring that the human race would thrive. And he owed it to Ellie. She may never hear of this or know what he’d suggested, but he knew it was the right thing.

Griffin scoffed at the remark. “You are speaking out of order, young man,” he said before Enebrian interrupted.

“This one has honor,” Enebrian said, pointing to Duncan.

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