Lux Mori

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Chapter 57

Kort had managed to find his feet and began working his way down the dark corridor. His hope was that he would be able to make it to quadrant 4 and find Ellie in her room, safe. He didn’t have much faith that he’d be able to accomplish that mission since Ellie had been in such a hurry to leave and he was certain that she had. She was ferocious and stubborn. Still, he had to try.

He’d made it past the mess hall and turned toward the entryway into quadrant 4 when he saw them. They were tall, muscular, and their ears stuck out through the back of their hair as sharply as a blade. The beings were dragging Ronin through the corridor toward Topside.

Kort felt an ache in his stomach. Ronin was a cruel bastard, but he was still his brother and for some reason, Kort still felt a sense of duty in regard to protecting him. He watched as the beings made light work of dragging him up the slope toward the entrance. Pausing for a moment, his mind went to Ellie. She’s probably gone already anyway, he thought as he began to covertly follow the beings toward Topside.

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